Workout At Home VS Gym

Avneet Oberoi

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Workout At Home VS Gym

Your girl is seriously addicted to working and sweating it out. Those deltoids and carved back just don’t happen overnight. They need a lot of reps, crying on the inside when saying “no” to that extra cheese pizza, staying always on your toes, and eating those greens to the extent that you question your red meat-loving ass. Getting those curves or them beefy biceps and abs is not something you go and purchase over at a gym. There circulates a misconception that going to the gym will get you your dream body. With many avantgarde workout regimes surfacing every now and then, there is an open buffet to make your pick. Going to the gym, lifting weights, or running on a treadmill in a robotic fashion is not what Workouts should be like. Plus you have to pay that hefty gym fee. Why not workout at home to lose weight? 

Do You Have Options Besides A Gym? 

We are programmed into thinking that weight loss or exercising equals gym Let me put it in an equation for you. 

Weight Loss + Workout = Gym 

To your surprise the above equation is wrong hence the strike through. There is no hard and fast rule which states that a gym is an official place for exercising. You have the liberty to workout anywhere you feel like. You have your backyard, your garage, your garden, your rooftop, your long mile runs on the road You have your entire house to yourself See ! All these alternatives exist and you still keep doing the same cha cha cha at the gym. There is nothing like a crazy exercise routine early in the morning. You sweat your b**** out, you get to enjoy the fresh crisp morning air, all that gym fees money can be put to better productive use. Plus you get to call yourself an aesthetic nature lover who lives for those morning workouts. 

Enhance Your Outside Gym Workout 

I know stating that there are a lot of better places to workout other than gym will give me a lot of backlash but it is true to some extent. Obviously gym has those fancy equipment, that air conditioning expensive feel to it, those testosterone-y dudes and curvaceous girls and not to forget that vibe which gives off super amounts adrenaline needed to kick start our workouts. Take all this and bring it outside the gym. Voila! Not literally though. Read on to see how you can make little changes here and there. 

Good playlist 

It’s the music, those punching lyrics that motivate you to run an extra 5 minutes. Music is your first and most important tool to create your own workout space. Decide on your own if it’s going to be speakers or headphones or earbuds or whatever. It’s you who gets a say on what stays and what not. 


With the amount of cash you spare as an excuse for a gym fee or membership per month will be enough money to buy yourself a new set of running kicks, treadmill (obviously the manual one), trampoline, high end skipping rope, sets of dumbbells, stretching bands, yoga outfits and mat, foam rollers and everything else you can think of. For those huge equipment like the Smith machine and stair master, begin saving.

If you wanna get out, not incorporate any equipment, that is totally cool too. This way you can save even more. Equipment are just to assist you. In everyday life we can make amends to use stuff we come across. For example, a filled water bottle in place of dumbbells, an ordinary rope instead of those expensive speed ropes. 

Set Your Station

Most important of all, (probably I should have places it at the beginning) is picking out your workout spot. Just like entrepreneurs take a full scan of a place before erecting a gym, you should do the same. No no you don’t have to do everything the gym chains go through like marketing and all that jazz!

Firstly see how much space you will need. What kind of workout will you be executing here? Do you need 4 walls or 3 walls + 1 mirror wall or no walls altogether and if or not your large equipment would fit. Look for a place in your home or outside or in a park or somewhere you feel like working out would be apt. Remember to have enough space to move. Now don’t go looking for a grand spot. You are not buying a plot. 

Benefits of Not Working Out in a Gym 

• You get to save extra cash which you would have otherwise spent to pay for the gym. 

• Working out in a gym binds you to a particular time line if you are a working person. Outsides, you just carry your workouts as per your convenience. 

• Now for the gym you gotta dress accordingly. There will be fellow gym freaks so you put an extra effort to look presentable. This is not the case when you workout at home or in your own crafted place somewhere. 

• When you work at a place other than the gym there won’t be people eyeing you. Do that stretching, weird yoga asanas, or make that stressed up face when lifting; nobody will be there to look and lol. 

• Your equipment is solely yours. Nobody will block your regime in your time. No turn-takings so automatically no time wastage. 

Exercise in whatever location, through whatever routine, following any mentor or guide. Working out is quintessential. Sweating it out is your way to a healthy and fit lifestyle.