5 Grooming Tips for A Long Lasting Impression

First impressions matter a lot. We all know that. It is what we are taught in school, college, workplace, at home- yes, everywhere. We make more impressions everyday than we care to remember. While all of them are not necessarily crucial, there are places and times where a good impression is a matter of life and death (figuratively speaking, of course). 

But contrary to popular belief, you do not have to follow all the videos and guides or buy expensive clothing items to achieve this goal. The goal is to look good, not to put a price tag on yourself.

5 Grooming Tips for A Long Lasting Impression

1. Check Your Teeth

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A beautiful smile makes you look like a million bucks. It makes you seem approachable, and positive even if you are not feeling the same. And positivity attracts positivity in return. But things can go south with even a small mistake. Whether it’s a preplanned meeting or an unexpected one, take a few seconds before stepping out the door to stand in front of a mirror and check your pearly whites are spotless.   

2. Clean Your Shoes

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Yes, we know what you are thinking. Shoes? That is the last place someone’s eyes are gonna focus on! Well, what do you know? Shoes are just as important as your clothes when it comes to grooming tips. Dirty shoes can also draw one’s eyes away from the rest of your ensemble, making your outfit, no matter how to put together you look, utterly pointless. What a person is wearing on their feet says a lot about them. 

So take a few minutes and use a spare cloth to remove any dirt or grime from every side, knook, and cranny of your shoes. If you are willing to go walk the extra mile (pun not intended), polish and buff out your shoes to add an extra touch of shine to them.

3. Keep Your Clothes Neat

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Clothes play a crucial role in making an impression. There is no debate about it. Most people simply throw on something fancy and pay no attention to their attire for the rest of the day. Make sure your outfit is tidy, well-coordinated, and well fitting. Ignoring any of these tips can make you look shabby and frumpy. Keep in mind that you don’t need expensive designer clothes to look good. Working with what you have is easy and effective if you know what you are doing.

4. Keep Some Mints Mandy

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Imagine meeting someone for the first time and their breath smells like onions. Not a very pleasant thought, is it? You immediately end up making a negative judgement about that person. Now imagine switching places with that person. Imagine someone else making the same judgement about you, especially someone important. To avoid this, keep a pack of mints in your pocket at all times and pop one in on the event of a meeting.  

5. Keep Your Hands Clean 

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Hand hygiene is extremely imperial whether you are meeting someone for the first time or for the hundredth, chances are that the first greeting you would go for is a handshake. That being said, it is crucial to keep your hands clean and free of dirt and/or sweat. 

Keep a handkerchief or a wad of tissues handy for emergencies. Running your hands under cold water also works when it comes to sweating. Sweaty palms can also be a result of nervousness. So try to calm your nerves by deep breathing or any other method that works for you.   

Yes, inner beauty is more important than looking like a million bucks. Unfortunately, the way you look, dress, and hold yourself up comes into play when making an impression. But that does not require you to look like a million bucks either. These tips will do just the trick. It is amazing how only a few tweaks and adjustments can make such a remarkable difference in one’s. 

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