Piercings Galore. Ultra Cool Ear Piercings To Try !

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Nothing shouts cool more than piercings. They add an X element to an otherwise mundane personality. Tattoos and piercings together are the “it” deal. Also stereotyped as the Gothic look, there is a special appeal to them. Piercing can be done anywhere in the body. Ear piercing, belly piercing, nose piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing and genital piercings are among the popular ones. Quite popular and painless one though is the ear piercing. these days most people do have at least one ear piercing. Right here right now we are going to glaze over 5 of the most cool and popular ear piercings. Who knows we might be able to convince you to get one!

Industrial Piercing

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‘Unconventional and ultra cool’ fits it perfectly. Industrial piercing is also known as Scaffold piercing. For this you have to have two holes drilled in your upper cartilage. After this (initially) a wire, then later a bar is made to pass horizontally and connect through both the holes. Très chic.

Conch Piercing

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Conch piercings are extremely popular among the Kashmiris. This one along with any other cartilage piercings are a little painful than normal lobe piercings. But whatever the cost be, they truly have a certainly appeal to it. Exquisite and bold at the same time.

Graduate Lobe Piercing

The name fairly signifies what this piercing is all about. As we graduate from one thing to the other, so does this piercing. Quite simply get one piercing on top of the other with equal gaps in between. For that ritzy look, we suggest you get the same stud or earring but in a different size. One size higher than the other will do. It will appear like a stack. For the same reason it is also called Stack Piercing.

Auricle Piercing

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If you are all in to flaunt those chain ear cuffs, then here is an impeccable choice. Auricle is the mid outer ear. It is highly sensitive too. A silver ear cuff with a barely there chain will look fabulous.

Lobe Piercing

They are the most prevalent one but can be styled in various ways as you already know. Either studs, shiny gems, dainty and intricate ones or bold statement earrings will suit this piercing. If you are thinking of getting a first ear piercing, go for the lobe piercing. Get the feel of it and then experiment further.

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Helix Piercing

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Its vibe is as cool as the name ! For this you get a hole drilled in the outer edge of your ear. the helix piercing whoops the 90s mood totally. Put in a small ear cuff or a dainty ring and get noticeable for flaunting that dashing ear.

Tragus Piercing

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After the industrial piercing, the Tragus is the most painful ear piercing to go for. Tragus is the cartilage covering the ear canal. A simple stud for this piercing looks hot and is mostly a safe bet against infections. Tragus like all cartilage piercings take upto 3-4 months for healing.

Any type of piercing will enliven your personality. But be responsible and get it done from a reputed place. Keeping in mind all aspects of sanitation and hygiene. Piercings if done correctly are stunning but are also prone to all kinds of infections. Take all necessary precautionary steps both before and after getting one.

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