5 Ways How to build Healthy Relationships

Relationships are fragile. A lot of relationships start out with so much love, joy, and respect but many somehow still fall apart- it could be a relationship between the best of friends, the strongest of lovers, the most admired colleagues, and even complete families.

There are points in our relationships – when we feel completed and consistent and everything seems great and sorted, but, there are some points where our relationships just seem to go down a spiral, like that of a tornado destroying our wellbeing and priorities.

Why is it important to build efficient relationships?

forming healthy relationships

It is important to note that humans have an inherent desire to be close to someone. It is often due to our need to be heard and seen that we end up having relationships that turn out to be unhealthy in the long run in their own ways, so it is important to develop loving and nourishing relationships.

A healthy relationship leads to an overall healthy life. It is crucial to our survival since it supports our mental and emotional wellbeing. You might have heard about Nikola Tesla’s last moments. A man so remarkable died talking a pigeon which was a figment of his imagination.

5 Ways How to build Healthy Relationships

When it comes to building healthy relationships you should start with:

1. Reflection


Most of us have had at least one relationship (of any kind) that went well, was positive and healthy. So when you are out there looking for a companion or wish to be around someone you find interesting, list up all the things you did, said or acted on and eventually list up all the points that went wrong. Give everything positive to this relationship you are pursuing and don’t commit the same mistakes again.

2. Listen and understand

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A lot of relationships which end are tagged inefficient because one of the two doesn’t feel heard, let alone be understood. You must have heard about this countless times but acting on this is brings a whole new set of circumstances. In a relationship, it is important to listen and understand your companion. Tackle the problems together. And more important is listening without any judgment or prejudice.

3. Making time

making time

We have some beautiful friendships but somehow, we don’t really invest time in them to take them on a higher level. We should try making time for each other by making sincere calls and talks. One should engage in memorable activities that give you experiences you cherish forever.

4. Cut off toxic people in 3, 2, 1!

It is important to differentiate between people who actually have challenges and those who complain and are negative most of the time. Toxic are those people who dump their negativity on your plate and successfully burst your positive bubble. Don’t put up with these people anymore.

5. Not everyone is important

You know this yourself. Not everyone needs to be entertained. Don’t go draining your energy after people; don’t be a people pleaser just because you need company; this is one of the many reason why people end up having failed relationships (99% of time).

Focus on people you find interesting, positive, who push you to do better and have something worth learning from.

Making and having healthy relationships takes effort and time but it’s worth it and contributes significantly to a healthy lifestyle.

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