5 Food Presentation Free Tips for your Home

If you are a foodie, you would definitely agree to the fact that food presentation is equally important. Your food might be toothsome but if not presented well, it can hamper the overall experience of eating.

We are here to give you every little detail on food presentation: the difference it can make and some handy food presentation techniques to get started with.

You ought to check the yummy stuff we have stacked up for you down below.

What is Food Presentation?

Food presentation means decorating, modifying, presenting, or arranging your food to enhance its overall appeal.

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The visual appeal of food matters the most. Ask any chefs or foodies around. They will agree to its relevance. Its not only about decorating the food, but making whats on the plate, exquisite enough for the senses. Customers love when the food is presented to them in aesthetic manner. It also showcases the standard of the restaurant. if you are cooking for family, artsy food presentation will showcase your creative side. Customers judge the hygiene standards, the quality as well as the taste. now the manner of food presentation also plays a major role.

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Thus presenting food in an aesthetic manner is essential for the dish as is its taste and flavor. With social media becoming an important part of our lives, there is an evergreen #foodporn. dishes are captured and uploaded on a plethora of platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube before anyone can take a slice. this is an unhealthy eating habit to chuck. read all about it here. Definitely they have become essential platform for food bloggers, to showcase their passion and skills. As these platforms are pretty influential, it is important for these bloggers to present the food in a aesthetic manner, so as to please the customer. Even diet food is made to look savory.

Importance of Food Presentation

Food presentation is important because, the success of a dish depends upon it. Food should call out to all your sense. the more beautiful it looks to the eyes, the more your brain will be willing to taste it. Food presentation is very important as it can make or break a dish. No matter how tasty the dish might be, if served in a dirty manner, you will definitely not be willing to put it in your mouth. Plus you won’t even recommend it to others.

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Adapt your food presentation according to the occasions. Like for eg: if you are preparing a dish for children’s party then choose a fun way to present it to them, as they would prefer more “fun” presentations rather than old or traditional ones .

Another important thing to look when you present your food, is the timing. There is no point in offering a fancy dish if its served cold.  Matching portion size and plate size is also important aspect of presenting food.

Thus one needs to keep all these aspects in mind, while presenting the food.

5 Techniques of Food Presentation

Plating and presenting food in an appetizing manner is an art that requires an eye for detail. Following are some tips to be kept in mind for food presentation-

1. Proportioning Food

Proportioning food is crucial if you want to plate it right. It’s the first tip in the book. Correct proportioning of the dish is important, not only for its presentation or attractiveness but also the cost of it, depends upon the proportion. The portion of each ingredient should be decided before hand.

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Choose the right plate size. The plate or bowl size should match the quantity of the food that is being served. It will look unprofessional if the plate is way too small for the portion of food that’s being served. It will make your dish look messy and overcrowded. Thus make sure you take the right size of the plate while you serve the food. with accurate proportioning cheat meals can be enjoyed even more.

2. Styling

The most important technique of food presentation is the way you style it. A rule of thumb for food presentation technique is the balance between variety and contrast. Overdecorating the dish will ruin it, and it will make it look hideous. 

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Positioning the main ingredient in the center can grab the attention of the customers. Also, pay attention to the colors. Herbs and veggies bring color and flavor to the dish, also it is tempting to the eyes. Play with the colors and textures of the dish, by adding or decorating it with different types of sauces. It’s due to the styling that everyone wants eat cake.

Do not go overboard by styling. Keep it simple. Less is always more!

3. Choose the Right Set of Tableware

A larger plate will give you more space to work with your creative skills. But keep in mind that do not fill the plate entirely, making it overcrowded and causing it to look messy.

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It doesn’t matter how delicious the food is, but no one will be tempted to eat if the plating is served in a very unattractive manner. Present plates according to the occasion. Also replace the broken or cracked plates. Once you are clear with what tableware to choose, then you can experiment with different sizes, shapes, and colors of the plate.

4. Timing 

Food plating depends all on the timing. Make sure that you do not invest more of your time decorating the plate. Because this will make your food get colder when you are supposed to serve it hot. Remember to include the plate timing and also inform your guests in how much time the food will be served.

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You can divide the dishes into the traditional clocking time, so serve the starters at 9 pm, then serve the main course at 9:45 then serve the dessert at 10 pm, this will allow you to decorate the dishes and also the customers can have food without feeling heavy because you are not serving the food back to back. Customers can enjoy the food and you are also presenting the food in time.

5. Garnish

The process of garnishing the dish will improve its texture and flavor of it. Though it might sound simple presenting food requires care and precision. The taste and feel of the garnish will add texture to the dish, and also be pleasing to the eyes of the customers. You can simply use a colorful ingredient or can use different sauces.

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In today’s world, foodies enjoy their meals through eyes more than their tongues. From this article, we hope that we provided you with some techniques of food presentation and the many ways you could adopt them in your kitchen.

Let us know if any of these techniques brought your food presentation to another standard.

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