12 Flooring Types for Home Decor


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12 Flooring Types for Home Decor

Flooring is defined as a lower surface that encloses spaces. They are a part of the ground/floor. It is a durable covering placed over the floor.

12 Flooring Types for Home Decor

1. Laminate flooring

It is slowly gaining the status quo for being sturdy and durable. Laminate flooring is easy to install and resistant to water and stains. On the negative side, this type of floor cannot be redone. While shopping, look out for slip-resistant laminate flooring among the other types.

2. Vinyl flooring

It is another aesthetic flooring option. It is one of the inexpensive options in India. They are used instead of the cold hardwood stone flooring material. However, it is susceptible to rubber and easily discolors.

3. Hardwood flooring

It is a common home decor option. The floors are available in different patterns like stripes, planks and parquets and require high maintenance. In addition to the above pattern, this floor offers shades like walnut and cherry.

4. Bamboo flooring

It resembles hardwood flooring. These floorings are easy to clean as they are water-resistant and stain-resistant. However, they scratch and tear easily. Bamboo flooring is most likely used in dry conditions as it can plump up due to humidity.

5. Marble flooring

Marble is associated with style and opulence. It is available in many colors pink, green, white, etc. Marble has porous properties and is easy to clean and maintain. They usually last for above 25 years. One of its downsides is that it yellows over time. Due to its natural occurrence, its availability is limited.

6. Terrazzo flooring

It is also known as mosaic flooring. It is none other than the flooring that we have grown up observing in our grandparent’s homes. This flooring is made from chipped granite and marbles which are then placed in concrete. It is durable and low maintenance flooring.

7. Brick flooring

They give a rustic aesthetic to a home. Also acts as a natural room heater. It can be laid out in many patterns such as weaves and staggered wave weaves.

8. Red oxide flooring

 It is cost-effective and loved for its timeless and elegant look. They are most popular in warm and tropical climates. Blue, green, yellow, and black some available shades in this type of flooring. However, it is difficult to install and requires skilled laborers.

9. Cork flooring

This type of flooring is water-resistant. It is made out of renewable material that is suitable for a range of spaces such as basement and bathroom installation. It is similar to laminate flooring. Cork flooring is clicked together or glued before fitting. This close provides warmth and flexibility. However, they can easily be damaged by sharp objects

10. Carpet flooring

Carpet flooring upper layer of pile attached to a backing. Usually, the pile is made of wool or fibers like nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. They are twisted together into tufts and heat-treated. This flooring is durable and easy to maintain. It has many varieties of texture and color. These carpets easily and can be damaged by water and dampness.

11. Tile flooring

This flooring is of two types

Porcelain or ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are available in many colors, textures, and finishes. They are very difficult to scratch. Hence, ceramic tiles are suitable for wet environments. It is difficult to install easily if there is a lack of support beneath it.

Natural stone tiles:

Natural stone flooring is more expensive in contrast to porcelain or ceramic flooring. However, natural stone tiles are aesthetically pleasing. While installing, make sure that the tiles are properly sealed.

12. Rubber flooring

It is made from natural or synthetic materials recycled rubber tiles. Rubber flooring is categorized as a resilient type of flooring. The main feature of rubber flooring is elasticity or bounce. It is suitable for dance floors, restaurants places where foot fatigue and slippage can occur. You can also install this flooring in children’s playrooms, bathrooms, garages, and home gyms.

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