12 First Aid Home Remedies For Effective Treatment

Whether it is a workaholic you or naughty children; either it is a lady engrossed in the kitchen or the extra warm Sun, we all are susceptible to wounds. Cuts, sunburns, itching, swellings, wounds, and acne; are some invited routine guests of us.

Whenever any wound occurs, we do panic and rush toward first aid kits. But, if you do not have a first aid kit right there, what would you do? Just go to your pantry, all that you need lies already there! There are many quick and easy home remedies for any minor healings. All that you need is to discover them, right here!

Here are 12 first aid remedies to use for treatment:

1. Baking Soda

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If a buzzing bee suddenly stings you, then don’t panic, just make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it directly over the spot. It reduces pain and inflammation in just a few minutes.

2. Basil

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Basils are a traditional remedy to soothe mosquito bites’ affected parts. Just rub some fresh leaves, over the spot. The oil released from basil is mosquito repellent too. So, it would be a wise step to have a basil plant in the garden.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

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Minor kitchen burns, sunburns, mild rashes, and minor cuts can be effectively healed by aloe vera gel. It helps in soothing skin, moisturizing, healing, and cooling the affected part. It has great cooling properties.

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4. Witch Hazel

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It is a natural astringent, used in liquid form. First, ice a bruise, then elevate if possible, and then soak a cloth in witch hazel liquid. Now, apply it for soothing itchy skin, decreasing swelling, treating acne, and speedy healing.

5. Arnica

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If mild bumps, sore muscles, and bruises are bothering you, then pluck an Arnica from the garden. You can take it orally in pill form or topically to get rid of inflammation, swelling. Maximum usage of 6 times a day will provide speedy healing.

6. Honey

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If you are suffering from pollen allergies, then it is the best cure. Intake of 1 tsp. honey daily until allergy vanishes, can help you. It is a boon with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, hence, treats cute, scrape, and deeper wounds. Just blend 1 tbsp. honey with aloe gel and apply.

7. Turmeric

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Consumption of ½ tablespoon turmeric powder with half cup curd helps to treat diarrhea. Taking a few spoons of turmeric powder daily prevents diabetes.

8. Neem

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Take leaves of Neem and grind them to make a paste, apply the mixture over acnes, dark spots till they completely vanish. It also helps to prevent ulcers.

9. Lemon

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Gargling with lemon juice in sore throat relieves. For an upset stomach, slightly heat half lemon that has black pepper and black salt, and lick it for few minutes, until finished. It helps immediately.

10. Vinegar

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Make a paste of vinegar and water in an equal ratios. Soak the towel in it and apply directly to sunburn for a few minutes. Vinegar paste with baking soda will reduce fluids and swelling from sunburn too.

11. Half Used Mildly-heated Tea Bags

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It has antioxidants and astringents, thus for a black and pink eye, putting them over the eyes for some time, would reduce swollen tissue and narrow blood vessels.

12. Garlic

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Earaches are irritating. To help, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil, then pour in a bowl and add crushed garlic in it. Let it rest for a few minutes, then dip a cotton ball in the liquid and put it in ear for 40 minutes. It will surely help you.

Ayurveda has always believed in natural, chemical-free home remedies. They have no side effects. Every person might not have proper first aid at home, but Everyone has a kitchen. So, just be wise and quick, to ease normal troubles at home only!

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