Find The Stress Element In Your Life And Eliminate It

Whatever comes up in your mind while reading this article, is what’s driving you nuts with stress! As simple as this sounds, most people do not know what’s the stress element in their lives. Stay here for a while, and let’s embark on a journey through our screens, virtually looking for even the most minuscule stress element you encounter.

Mental vs. Physical Stress 

Mental vs. Physical Stress
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You would be wrong if you say that stress is only mental. It is ‘physical’ too. For example, a pregnant lady’s body during her third trimester is usually under stress. A runner’s calf muscles can be under stress after long training sessions. All that uneasiness is stress. It arises when the body is being taxed too much. Then there is the well-acquainted mental stress, which is due to constant worrying, over-analyzing, or overthinking.

Are You Stressed?

Are You Stressed?
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Anybody would be kidding if they said that they have never known of any stress. To some extent, it can be a joke too. Don’t take them seriously. Life, if seen by a bigger angle, is a juxtaposition of joy and sorrow. In these times of stress, we may hit rock bottom too. This nadir point or any slightest inconvenience can trigger stress. You can’t point out a stressed person in a group.

Every person has their own way to show that he/she is stressed and a whole together a different way to deal with it. This stress tackling method is called a coping mechanism. A tense person may be lost in his own la la land, maybe unusually quiet or talkative, chew at nails (his own of course), or just become overly sensitive, angry, or sentimental, to name a few. Reach out for help if you see such signals among your peer group and family.

Stress And Your Body’s Reaction To It

 Stress And Your Body's Reaction To It
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We all may have heard it at some point or the other, that stress brings about illness or unwanted and mostly negative changes. Both physical and mental stress are reflective of one another. A physically stressed person may not be able to concentrate mentally on any task or situation. At the same time, mental stress can take a toll on the body, which is evident from excessive hair fall or wrinkles or even allergies in some cases.

Finding the Root Cause Managing to get to know what’s bugging you is the final step. In fact, the only way to bust your stress bubble. Analyze and break down to the part of the day you dread doing the most. It can be anything, even as silly as washing your hair. Without even our knowledge, stress creeps into our lives and builds a nest. It’s synonymous with a parasite. Unwanted and bloodsucking. Red flag this part of your life or daily routine and read on to find how to tackle it.

Eliminate Stress All Together

Eliminate Stress All Together
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Whatever is bugging you is obviously the root cause of your stress. Hence, it is necessary to find that stress element. You can begin by figuring out how to deal with your root cause. If it is a problem, then find how to solve it. If it is a person, then find a way to deal with him/her. If it is a deadline, get down to complete it and get it over with. Whatever it is. Just try to sort it out. If you are unable to do it alone, seek help.

There are people around you who will prove resourceful enough to help eliminate any stress you face. Being concerned is on a whole different level than stressing about something is. There is a thin line between them. Live life being responsible, along with a healthy balance of being concerned and carefree. It is a hint to defeat stress. Hence, find what is the stress element in your life and eliminate it.

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