15 Fashion Pieces Made Popular Through Social Media

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fashion pieces made popular through social media

The fashion industry introduces new styles every season, but the industry wouldn’t be what it is today without the influential fashion icons. You can share it with friends, family, and fans on social media. But many of the women who invented these iconic styles didn’t have the same influence. We still love them. The fact that they are considered fashion icons means they must have known what they were doing!

15 Fashion Pieces Made Popular Through Social Media

1. Crochet Sets

The 70s fashion crochet kit is undoubtedly a runaway fashion trend fueled by Harry Styles and his pop culture phenomenon Watermelon Sugar. The clip features Styles and a rowdy group of people eating fruit on the beach while donning a wide range of colorful crochet, vintage printed swimwear, and his holiday wear. Ever since the video aired, crochet has continued to grow in popularity. According to the fashion search engine Lyst, searches for crochet clothes, especially crochet dresses and sets, have increased by 85% since last July.

2. Hoodie Under Blazer

One of the most popular styles rocking current fashion trends is the comfy hoodie.

Wearing a blazer over a hoodie is no longer just a street-style cut; it’s a mainstream style that has been around for generations.

Wearing a hoodie under a blazer adds a layer of style to the overall look. Look for a tapered hoodie. Preferably a darker, solid shade without too much embroidery or graphics. Team it with a plain dark blazer. You can use it properly depending on the scene, whether it is pants or denim.

3. Hats

We have long ignored the usefulness of hats and considered them obsolete. But as the heat of the sun rises, hats are back in fashion. Fashion influencers flaunt a variety of hats that enhance their overall look. Hats also protect us from the strong sun and help prevent skin damage. Berets are popular because they make you look more fashionable. 

4. Cardigan

Cardigans are no longer just for the elderly. Many brands are now producing colorful cardigans worn by the younger generation, fashion bloggers, and celebrities. Pair these youthful cardigans with bright skirts and thigh-high boots.

5. Micro Bag

If you think about a unique style, a bag is a must-have item that everyone wants to play with. Big bags are last as they have gotten significantly smaller in 2020. In recent years, micro bags of various shapes have become popular. From round shapes to micro mini bags, these little bags are setting new trends. These accessories make social media celebrities go crazy. Sonam Kapoor and others pioneered the trend of micro handbags.

6. Statement Sleeves

The best-dressed stars identified the electricity of the puffy sleeves. From puffy shoulders to outsized peasant sleeves, this year’s extent surely turned up. Oversized sleeves have been around as they may be mild and billowy in gentle colors, lustrous fabrics, and cheery designs. Among the celebrities, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja embraced old-international allure with mutton sleeves on her couture dress, even as Anushka Sharma preferred the fashion in a party-geared-up quick dress.

7. Sequin Sarees

Sequined sarees are the most versatile, elegant, and exquisite garments in our wardrobes. With the changing fashion trends, sequined sarees are the ultimate party wear. Among other celebrities, Malaika Arora, Janhvi Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and Kareena Kapoor have revolutionized the game by making this trendy saree famous.

8. Wide-Leg Pants

Fashion items from the past came back into vogue, and the first to gain popularity was wide-leg pants. They’re more comfortable than fitted jeans. Fashion influencers paired these pants with blazers and fitted tops for a flowing effect.

9. Casual Trench Coat

If you’re looking for something different, get a coat in faux leather and wear it with matching heels over a floral dress or ribbed wool turtleneck. The ultimate transitional outerwear is as good as the classic trench coat. There is no fashion season without the trench coat, and recent shows are no exception. The casual trench coat has been an iconic woman’s choice for decades, but Meghan Markle’s recent visit to the royal family brought it back to life. Team it with a cashmere turtleneck and Prada tractor-tread boots for a stylish yet military-inspired outerwear look.

10. Color Blocking

Combine pink with yellow, orange with blue, and green with black to create the most effective blocking effect.

Pair bright colors with bold greens, mix and match rainbows to stand out, and embrace classic suits and romantic ruffles. Color blocking is one of the most amazing ways to combine contrasting or otherwise unmatched colors to create eye-catching accents.

The secret to making it work is sticking to simple shapes, such as classic layers, maxis, and pencil skirts, and choosing shades that represent the exact opposite of the color wheel. Street style is also full of inspiring color stories. Current fashion trends see all-over browns mixed with primary and secondary colors such as Kelly green, fire engine red, and the most intense Pantone shades.

11. Monochrome Matrix

Wear a white shirt under a black mini dress and pair it with a plain scarf, belt, and other similar accessories.

The combination of black and white colors is child’s play. There’s nothing more classic than a white button-down paired with black pants, so when in doubt, go for black and white.

That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment when it’s black and white. From texturing and layering like Prada’s circle-cut knit to Louis Vuitton’s classic color blocking, there’s a monochrome style trick for everyone. Just choose one or the other.

12. Sickly Candy Pastel

Elevate this look with chunky white boots, a blazer or long jacket, a layered necklace, and a peekaboo turtleneck. Pastel is always a spring favorite, but this year’s style balances subtlety with boldness. Bubble ruffles and sheer tulle add romance to short and bold long styles. When everyone else is wearing loungewear, Sherbet Lemon Chiffon makes a radical statement. Historically popular in pajamas and loungewear, the contemporary pastel look transforms the 1990s Barbie girl into a controversial fashion powerhouse, crushing everything in her path.

Yes, the matching set and tracksuit can still be worn around the house, but the style is perfect for unconventional social occasions.

13. Tractor Trek-Sole Boots

Pair tractor boots with casual jogging pants and leggings for a casual look that is practical or quirky.

Apparently, designers and retailers everywhere, from Balenciaga to Zara, are taking their cues from the understated tractor boots that are making a big comeback. Featuring a comically rounded toe and a thick, sturdy sole, tractor-style boots are one of the most sought-after fashion trends this year.

Boots go well with long dresses and very short skirts. Call it Dougie Dad Runner, Chunky Street Kick, or even Ugly Sneak, whatever you want. This is a modern take on the platform, the sneaker look that has been used on both the catwalk and street style for the past two years. It’s a whole chunk, but without the sporty cheeks.

14. Chunky Loafers

Pair patent leather loafers with a vegan crocodile-effect leather bag to create another dimension for the modern rock and roll star.

Too early for boots, too cold for chic shoes, not in the mood for high heels? I covered you with my chunky loafers. With an overall classic look, these shoes always stand out from the mainstream. Sneakers and boots, along with loafers, ballet flats, and babydoll shoes, have been some of the most popular flat styles in recent years.

15. Vest

Try the current fashion trend chest of drawers (vest and shirt together) for an extra boost of style.

Waistcoats have long played an important role in fashion, both for utilitarian purposes and as part of the suit, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the waistcoat became the norm for women’s fashion. It became mainstream as casual workwear.

The Bottom Line

Hope you got to know about some fashion pieces made popular through social media. And surely, these outfits will give you an elegant look. Thank you!

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