Top 30 Fashion Designers In India

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Fashion Designers In India

There are countless designers with extraordinary talent. Every type of designer now has many more opportunities thanks to the developing runway scene. 

As a result, designer clothing is now more widely available and less expensive than it was a few years ago. Owning a lovely item of designer clothing is now simpler than ever, thanks to the expansion of flagship stores into retail locations in every city and the companies’ presentation of the newest collections on their official websites.

These are the top 30 fashion designers in India:

1. Manish Malhotra

The well-known Indian fashion designer began his career as a model. He streamlined himself into clothing, painting, and fashion design after failing as a model. He began his fashion career in Bollywood movies, and his creations had a significant impact on popularizing the field of fashion design. It, then, comes as no surprise that he comes in the first place!

Additionally, he was recognized as the best costume designer in 1999, 2002, 2005, and 2007. He is widely recognized for modernizing traditional clothing designs. His distinctive looks include intricate embroideries and one-of-a-kind Western trends like off-the-shoulder tops and floor-length ponchos.

2. Rohit Bal

He is renowned for his passionate interest in design as a fine art. It’s also important to emphasize his attention to detail! The stunning couture collections by Rohit Bal are all that are required to gain a sense of modern Indian fashion. This Srinagar-born designer has been creating since 1990, the same year he established his label. In addition to all of India’s main cities, he has held fashion shows in Paris, NYC, Singapore, Geneva, and more.

He has collaborated with numerous Indian and foreign companies, including Christian Louboutin, Kirtilal Jewelers, Zippo Lighters, and, most recently, Reid & Taylor, a global textile manufacturer.

3. Anita Dongre 

In the truest sense, both a dreamer and an achiever. She carefully considered the various needs of her customers when designing her labels. According to her, people should wear brands instead of the other way around.

For the designer, Indian culture, heritage, and craftsmanship have long served as sources of inspiration. She won a prize for excellence in fashion design in 2008. Four different brands—Anita Dongre, Anita Dongre Grassroot, AND, and Global Desi—sell her creations. Indian culture is very interesting to Anita Dongre. She adores working with eco-friendly fabrics, Indian handlooms, and textile weaves.

4. Sabyasachi Mukherjee 

One of the most well-known and renowned fashion designers, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, is well-known for his flawless bridal creations. Because of their flawless design and exquisite feel, Sabyasachi lehengas are practically every bride’s fantasy to acquire.

His specialty is traditional and Indian, and he draws inspiration from Kolkata’s picturesque surroundings. In addition to being traditional, he also has a keen understanding of Western culture, which is why he worked with Christian Louboutin to design embroidered Louboutin shoes.

5. Gaurav Gupta 

The designer from Delhi has a flawless approach to creating three-dimensional silhouettes. He is renowned for fusing many clothes. Western silhouettes are given a contemporary twist on haute couture in the majority of his creations. Additionally, the softest materials, such as chiffon, georgette organza, and silk, are used in his creations. The designer began his profession in 2006, and since then, he hasn’t looked back. He has created clothing for several famous people and has shops all around the world.

6. Bibhu Mohapatra 

Since he first picked up a sewing machine at the age of 12, Bibhu Mohapatra has carved out a name for himself by creating everything from nightgowns to evening attire. But he hasn’t stopped there. He is from Rourkela, a little village, and has carved up a name for himself by dressing some of the most powerful people, including Michelle Obama, the former first lady of New York. Along with his A-list fashion designs, he is currently working with De Beers and Forevermark to create luxury jewelry.

7. Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani 

In 1986, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla jointly decided to launch a label. The two have been collaborating for nearly 30 years.

It is commonly known that they are acquainted with the well-known Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan and his family. The Bachchan family wore ensembles created by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla to Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. The pair’s creation for the sangeet was worn by the bride herself. The film community is familiar with their brand.

8. Shyamal & Bhumika 

The pair began designing in 2000, and three years later, they launched their label. These designers deserve to be included in the list of top fashion designers in India because they have millions of social media followers and more than 18 years of professional experience. With over 2 million fans, the Shyamal & Bhumika page on Facebook is one of the most popular pages for designer brands.

Their love of fashion expanded alongside them. They employ artisan techniques and are deeply committed to the rebirth of several crafts, all with Indian influences. The designer couple is among the most recent in India to leave a lasting impression on the country’s haute couture sector with their meticulous creations.

9. Anamika Khanna 

The designer Anamika Khanna is widely recognized for fusing Western silhouettes with traditional Indian fabrics. Her design ethos emphasizes innovation in Indian style while keeping it utterly contemporary. She was also among the first women from India to exhibit her fashions during Paris Fashion Week. She is a designer who can assist someone in developing their sense of taste. Her creations are primarily a fusion of Indian style and technique with Western sensibilities. She created iconic designs, such as the timeless dhoti saree and the cape idea for Indian clothing.

10. Tarun Tahiliani 

One of the few fashion designers, Tarun Tahiliani, is renowned for his flawless fusion of European sartorial trends and Indian regal history. He was the first member of the Indian fashion industry to be asked to exhibit at Milan Fashion Week because of his beautiful designs. Tarun Tahiliani’s designs are inspired by the Indian monarchy, a sophisticated past, and panache. He gained fame as a renowned clothes designer by carefully fusing Indian tradition with European fashion. He is most known for his oddball assortment of bridal trunks.

11. Varun Bahl 

Our list of top fashion designers includes Varun Bahl. His clothing is stylish and distinctive because he is known for developing style signatures. His talent for fusing the traditional and modern produced enchanting fairy tale attire. He is also responsible for giving Indian bridal dresses a classic, modern twist. Additionally, take a look at his “Vintage Gardens” collection, which is one of our favorites.

Varun Bahl’s original clothing ranges in price from a few thousand to a maximum of about five lakh rupees. This designer deserves to be included on this list of the finest Indian fashion designers due to his over 17 years of expertise and the way he has modernized Indian bridal attire.

12. Neeta Lulla 

Neeta Lulla, who has contributed significantly to the Indian fashion industry for more than 20 years, is renowned for her exquisite couture designs and costume creations. Her iconic designs are what set her apart from the competition since they perfectly mix ethnic and modern fashion. For the 2002 movie Devdas, she created outfits for Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit. She has won the IIFA for Best Costume Design, Zee Cine Award, and National Film Award for Best Costume Design (er). Neeta Lulla is well-known for creating costumes for Bollywood films as well as her Paithani-style creations.

13. Ritu Kumar 

Ritu Kumar is a seasoned fashion designer from India who is credited with being one of the original entrepreneurs of boutiques in the country. She decorated it in an eclectic style and introduced millennials to old Indian designs. She has received the renowned “Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award” in recognition of her great contribution to the fashion industry. She made a significant contribution to the development of undeveloped areas by helping to resuscitate traditional trades. Ritu Kumar has created outfits for the contestants competing in Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Asia Pacific in addition to her collections.

14. Monisha Jaising 

One of India’s most innovative fashion designers, Monisha Jaising, creates looks that are both stylish and pleasant to wear. Her designs primarily consist of jackets, short dresses, and kurtis. She also creates fashion for numerous Bollywood superstars.

She began working in 1990 and hasn’t looked back since. She even created children’s clothing and introduced little versions of iconic polo shirts.

15. Shantanu & Nikhil

With their flawless craftsmanship and innovative design, another dynamic team has transformed Indian couture culture. By presenting their stylish and sophisticated designs, they have succeeded in urbane styling. They are experts at expressing design aestheticism through elaborate embroidery on Banarasi silks, lacy sheath shapes, and flashy sarees.

The Mumbai Indians’ jersey displays their collaboration with Adidas and their design prowess. They are some of India’s finest fashion designers, with more than five storefronts, a sizable fan base, and years of experience.

16. Anju Modi 

Anju Modi has been active in the field for more than 20 years, and her creations are sold all over the world. Anju Modi, her label favors more vintage and traditional looks. She is one of FDCI’s founders (Fashion Design Council of India).

The clothes that Deepika Padukone wore in the film Bajirao Mastani continue to be Anju Modi’s most well-known recent creations.

This designer more than deserves to be one of the top fashion designers in India, with more than 350K social media followers and several retail locations. She also believes that fashion should constantly change, improve its foundation, and introduce fresh elements!

17. Masaba Gupta 

She was born in 1989, and at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, she made her debut with her collection at the age of 19. She is one of the upcoming fashion designers who like to explore and develop original concepts. Masaba is renowned for creating unique patterns and prints that are unmatched by any other designer.

Masaba Gupta has garnered attention for her work as the youngest designer to win “The Most Promising Designer” at the Lakme India Fashion Week. She made sure that her work spoke for itself as a designer who has battled to rise the success ladder in the Indian fashion industry. Masaba is a talented fashion designer known for her unusual geometric and edgy shapes.

18. Falguni Shane 

They provide each of their creations with amazing attention to detail and distinctive and unconventional aesthetics. Feathers, patterns, and sequins are used frequently under the brand name. Even with their Summer/Resort 2017 collection, which included embellished capes and gowns covered in sequins, we could sense the designers’ distinctive aesthetic.

Falguni Shane Peacock’s outfits are ideal for social gatherings. Although the brand hasn’t yet expanded abroad, the designers in India are among the greatest.

19. Manav Gangwani 

With only 22K followers across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the designer doesn’t enjoy much social popularity. But he nonetheless made it to our list of top fashion designers because of his distinctive youthful opulence and status as a beloved Bollywood star attraction.

According to him, “My inspiration is a sensuous woman, who is inclined to make a statement and break all the standards,” he said in one of his interviews. This demonstrates how much he enjoys creating original, provocative, and sensual clothes.

20. JJ Valaya 

Born and nurtured in the historical city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India’s leading fashion designer, JJ Valaya, has created a name for himself as one of the most innovative and inspired designers working today. The House of Valaya is known for its innovative mix of ancient crafts and modern haute couture, which results in seductive, urbane, one-of-a-kind artistry. Age-old Indian crafts have been revived and reimagined by Valaya as a lucrative niche in the global market, allowing the cherished artistic processes to continue despite the constraints of globalization.

21. Asmita Marwa 

Asmita Marwa is a sustainable fashion brand that produces its clothing while adhering to moral standards and procedures. We support regenerative design, often known as “Cradle-to-Cradle” design, which is comprehensive. We design solutions that are practically waste-free in addition to being effective. Asmita believes that recycling, upcycling, and sustainable fashion are the way of the future.

22. Surily Goel 

Goel pursued her education at the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Her line of apparel called “Surily” followed this. When she worked as Preity Zinta’s stylist in the Yash Raj Films production Salaam Namaste (2005), she made her debut in the Bollywood film industry. In 2006, Goel made her runway debut at Lakme Fashion Week. Roses Forever were the name of her collection. Salman Khan, Malaika Arora Khan, and the late actress Neelam have posed for her clothing line. Manish Malhotra, a fellow designer, trained Goel. In 2006’s Jaan-E-Mann, she styled Preity Zinta once more. She also collaborated with celebrated filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali on his movie Saawariya (2007).

23. Anand Kabra 

In 1997, Anand Kabra received his diploma from the London College of Fashion. Anand Kabra, his record label, was established in 2001. In October 2006, he debuted at India’s fashion week with his Spring Summer ’07 collection. Hyderabad, India, is where he lives and works.

24. Anupamaa Dayal

One of India’s most well-known fashion designers, Anupama Dayal, established her brand, Anupamaa, in 2004. She is taking part in Fashion Week events everywhere. She received the 2011 Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Award for Designer of the Year. Leading fashion publications, including Elle US, Style, Vogue, and others, have praised her.

25. Manish Arora 

Manish Arora is a fashion designer who has made numerous contributions to the global scene. He is well renowned for having introduced color to Indian fashion and for being one of the first to make an appearance at significant international fashion events.

26. Rajesh Pratap Singh 

A designer from Rajasthan has always favored basic designs that are influenced by his native country. One of the very few designers in India to start a label that catered to both men and women was him. After earning his degree from the Delhi-based NIFT, he worked for two years both domestically and internationally before launching a business under his name that has been successful for the past twenty years. His clothing’s overall design is opulent because of the designer’s meticulous attention to detail, delicacy, and modern shapes with an Indian influence. He has several partnerships for research and development and works closely with Indian fabric manufacturers.

27. Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna 

Another outstanding pair of designers who launched their company 20 years ago are Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. They have become a prominent name in the Indian cinema community, and the majority of their work has modern art influences. All of their designs focus on modest, refined, and minimalist styles that seem sophisticated and elegant. The majority of the important fashion shows that take place in India and overseas have included them. They are becoming more powerful than ever, with one parent brand and two fashionable brands that are premium yet ready to wear.

28. Kresha Bajaj 

In the fashion world, there is excitement around the name Kresha Bajaj. We’ll get to it in a moment. Koecsh is a brand that is quickly gaining popularity and is recognized for its customized bridal clothing. Speaking of custom, she designed a lehenga with their love story engraved on it for her wedding. She did this for her wedding and engagement as well, which completely surprised everyone. Now a significant portion of her label it. It was modified by an Indian actress and is now accessible to anyone with interest in this. Although to some, it can seem excessive, such ground-breaking designs are never excessive.

29. Ankur And Priyanka Modi 

Throughout the past 15 years, the pair has been redefining finesse by collaborating to enhance one another’s aesthetic sensibilities. It is the care they take to delicately balance the fabric with the color, the decorations with the design, and the surfaces with the silhouettes. Also, they are a brand that prioritizes cost and wearability over comfort and style. And it is what makes their premium fashionable and distinctive. They produce clothing of the highest caliber, and each piece is handmade. Elegance and elegance derive from a profound appreciation of the understated, which is why they can expand their audience as well as secure a permanent spot in their customers’ wardrobes.

30. Ridhi Mehra 

Another heartwarming tale of a young woman with enthusiasm. A young designer quickly rose to fame and began creating clothes for some of the biggest names in Bollywood. She rapidly became one of their favorite people. When actresses and other famous people on the Red Carpet responded with “Ridhi Mehra” when asked, “Who are you wearing,” it was obvious. She also hails from a family that is involved in the clothing industry. After completing a diploma in business management in the UK, she enrolled in a fashion designing program in Delhi. She then spent three years working as a shop assistant for her mother and aunt before founding her own company, with a particular focus on bridal clothing.


Fashion designers in India have developed into role models that people look forward to as the role of fashion in daily life grows for everyone, from fashionistas to the average person. Over the past few decades, Indian fashion, in particular, has experienced great growth, with inclusion and freedom of expression now being linked to one’s style.

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