9 Fantastic Health Benefits of Kiwi

A brilliant colored tasty fruits basket is just the way to kick start your morning. Something healthy, nutritious, and fresh- Kiwi is your answer. A pinch of the tangy and sweet flavors is enough to wake you up thoroughly.

Kiwi is popularly known as Chinese gooseberry and finds its origin in the far East, China. It traveled to New Zealand in the 20th century and later to Taiwan and California. Owing to its abundant nutrients and delicious taste, it became quite well-known within a short span. The abundant fiber, essential minerals, and low-calories make kiwis quite a choice among fitness enthusiasts. But that isn’t all.

9 Fantastic Health Benefits of Kiwi

1. Hair Caretaker

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The abundance of nutrient zinc in Kiwis promotes the growth of hair. It helps in the reduction of hair loss and saves the scalp from damage. The presence of vitamins enhances blood flow to the scalp, which prevents baldness. Not only does it brings back hair health, but it also removes flaky dandruff.

2. Diet-friendly fruit

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The enrichment from high water content and numerous minerals regulates the cholesterol levels of the body. Moreover, it strengthens gut health and plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat. This fat metabolism aids weight loss without causing any weakness in the body. It is a cholesterol-free and light fruit to have in the diet.

3. Vision magnifier

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Kiwi possesses many eye vitamin synthesizing precursors. So, it promotes the development of Vitamin A, essential for eye fitness. Therefore, leading to the prevention of macular degeneration and absorption of all the excess light falling over the retina. Hence, it prevents vision loss. It also strengthens the optic nervous system and inhibits cataract, the most common eye disease.

4. Immunity Booster

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Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it protects body cells from degeneration caused by oxidative stress radicals. Protecting cells leads to the growth and repair of tissues and maintenance of the body.

Further, it breaks down inflammatory complexes and protein, thus reducing swelling in the body. This property makes kiwi extremely advantageous for arthritis patients to heal their joint pains caused by synovial inflammations.

5. Safeguarding the Heart

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Edible mini black seeds and kiwi are rich in vitamin E and potassium ions. It reduces the chances of heart stroke and diseases. Vitamin K in kiwi helps in preventing blood loss during an injury by aiding quick clot formation. The vitamin also helps in the breakdown of fat.

The fruit plays a vital role in preventing platelet aggregation. It allows smooth and unrestricted blood flow in the capillaries, keeping blood pressure in check, reducing the risk of hypertension.

Regulation of blood pressure of the body thereby maintains the temperature, blood flow tendency, and ensures the absence of any cardiovascular damage. Routine consumption of this fruit can rid you of aspirin too!

6. Healthy and hydrated skin

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Plenty of antioxidants present in kiwi aids collagen formation, which is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. It keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. It not only eliminates acne but also prevents sebum production in pores. Thus, it keeps your glowing skin oil-free, scar free, hydrated, and healthy.

7. Combating Cancer

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Kiwi has a unique ability to prevent the synthesis of malignant cells that lead to cancer. Being capable of repairing the damaged and ruptured DNA, it may prevent the development of cancer. It restores contact inhibition enzymes, thereby decreasing the risk of cancer.

8. Bone Health

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Kiwi provides 154% Vitamin C, 4% Magnesium, 3% Calcium, and a high quantity of Vitamin A per 100 gm. For unwavering bone health, these nutrients in optimum amounts are essential in your diet. Calcium helps to rebuild the bone structure, and other nutrients facilitate bone salt complex formation. So, kiwi helps stimulate bones’ strength and density, especially for women suffering from bone degradation in their mid-ages.

9. Fetal Development

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A pregnant woman requires 400- 800 microgram folic acid in her daily diet for a healthy fetus. Folic acid plays a major role in the growth and development of the fetus’s brain. Kiwi is extremely rich in folates, which reduces the risk of any neural disorder and empowers brain development. Consumption of kiwi by expecting mothers ensures sound and healthy fetal growth.

Kiwi ensures 61 calories per 100 gm for you. It contains 312 mg of potassium, 3 mg of sodium, 12% dietary fibre, 154% Vitamin C, 1% iron, 2% protein, and 0% cholesterol per 100 gm. Hence, it is highly nutritious in such a small quantity. Consumption of 2 to 3 Kiwis per day early morning on an empty stomach is highly beneficial for health.

Kiwi has always been a rich source of detoxifying agents, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein-digesting enzymes, and low-calorie dietary supplements. Its juicy greenish flesh and tiny black seeds are both tasty and nutritious. Apart from this, it also regulates blood sugar spikes, eases digestion, reduces asthma symptoms, and prevents DNA damage.

It is a fantastic one-stop nutrition bowl of the day!

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