Fancy Some 5 Natural Aphrodisiacs for that Action !

Don’t be intimidated, Aphrodisiacs are no new scientific development. It is a very commonly used word of everyday life. Aphrodisiacs are known to enhance or boost sexual power and are man made and occur naturally too. Here we explore some naturally occurring food items that rank among the top food items that are considered the best food Aphrodisiacs.


To put in straightforward simple language, Aphrodisiacs are elements that when taken will give you better sexual performance by promoting and stimulating your sex drive and arousal hormones. 

Not to be confused with viagra. Aphrodisiacs are not as intense as this man-made pill, but to some extent, these foods have the capacity to raise body temperature, physical energy, and heart rate which in turn will make you want to have raw, primal, wild, or sudden urge to have sex. 

Why Go With Aphrodisiacs?

Some of us are bad with names, and Aphrodisiac is one certainly that isn’t gonna stick. A simpler more catchy version of Aphrodisiacs is the Love Drug. 

Aphrodisiac derives its name from the very famous Greek Goddess Of Love Aphrodite. Aphrodite signifies love, beauty, pleasure, passionate and procreation. Hence everything that is induces sexual behavior both physically and mentally are known as Aphrodisiacs.

Do They Work?

The claim that Aphrodisiacs foster sensual and erotic senses is up in question every now and then. Before a very significant night, people tend to indulge in some Aphrodisiacs, oysters, strawberries and the like. But do these items really render what they claim? 

Aphrodisiacs play take their toll to increase sexual desire in two ways. Firstly by lowering impediments in the brain by calming the nerves (like alcohol and drugs. Which we don’t endorse). Secondly by soothing and influencing certain body parts. 

Aphrodisiac foods don’t work like magic. It is not something that will trigger sexual behaviour instantly. Some food items work faster than the other. But they all work in their own unique way. The results aren’t instant but certain and gradual. 

Famous Aphrodisiacs Foods 


These are the infamous “it food” for sexual performance and libido. Oysters have earned this fame by being massively used because of its high zinc content that is beneficial for to boost Male reproductive hormone testosterone. Along with this it comes packed with two very rare amino acids, which when combined will act as a mood enhancer and simulator. 

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But an oyster’s efficiency as an aphrodisiac totally depends on whether or not you trust its powers. In the end, it is all in the brain.


This little cute red fruit notoriously grace’s all romantic situations and set ups because of the nutritional goodness it has. Which in turn results in positively affecting your sex life. Strawberries are packed with folate, potassium and magnesium. Alongside it contains antioxidants that make you look young. Filled with Vitamin C, strawberries promote blood flow to all body parts, resulting in improved sexual behavior. No doubt you use both strawberries and chocolate when trying to reproduce a romantic surrounding. 


Citrus fruits like strawberries and watermelons have huge amounts of citric acid that improves blood flow throughout your body by relaxing muscles and dilating blood vessels.


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Figs are fruits packed with naturally appealing fragrances and texture. Besides this they are filled with amino acids and are a great source of iron and potassium. Figs are considered the original forbidden fruit. However, others say that the pomegranate was the one that made Eve sin. Due to its high nutritional value and usefulness, the fig is also regarded as the most sensual and erotic fruit. 


Asparagus is rich in folate like strawberries and along with vitamin B6 and E, asparagus is popular for its capabilities to have an arousal and an orgasm. These green veggies have a phallic look and are effective Aphrodisiacs, too. 

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