20 Most Expensive Water Brands In The World

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expensive water brands in the world

Water is one of the Earth’s defining features. It is the driving force behind nearly every aspect of life, and without it, almost everything we know would cease to exist. The efforts people make to get the best water on Earth seem endless. Whether you’re scouring the furthest islands, harvesting giant icebergs, or siphoning water directly from the air in the Amazon rainforest, creativity doesn’t end there.

Counterintuitively, some of the world’s most expensive water bottles don’t focus on what’s inside. Instead, they combine creative touches with extravagant materials such as diamonds and other gemstones to create priceless works of art.

20 Most Expensive Water Brands In The World

1. Acqua Panna

Acqua Panna is an Italian mineral water brand, and it is one of the world’s largest mineral water brands. Acqua Panna is named after Villa Panna in the Tuscan hills, where natural hot springs were first discovered. This water was first bottled by him in 1880 and later became the first non-carbonated water produced in PET bottles within the Italian borders.

2. Agua Mineral Salus

Agua Mineral Salus is a patented mineral water brand manufactured by Salus SA. Its industrial base is in Uruguay’s Lavalleja department. This facility is located in a mineral spring area 110 kilometers (68 miles) northeast of Montevideo and 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) west of Minas.

3. Apenta

Apenta is a quiet, sparkling Hungarian aperitif. Its main ingredients are magnesium sulfate and soda. The source of the water was the Uzi Hunyadi spring in Buda

4. Aqua Pura

It is a mineral water brand from Cumbria, England. Aqua Pura means “pure water” in Latin. They are based in Armathwaite. With an 8.2% share of the bottled water market, it is second only to Evian and is the UK’s leading natural mineral water brand in the grocery market. It is currently worth around $9 million and distributes around 1 million bottles at sporting events each year. They are owned by Roxane UK.

5. Aquafina

Aquafina, an American brand of purified bottled water made by PepsiCo, consists of both bland and flavored water. The brand name is also licensed for use in several skincare products, including lip balm and wrinkle balm. First delivered in Wichita, Kansas, in 1994, it has since expanded to the United States, Canada, Spain, Peru (known as “San Carlos”), Lebanon, Turkey, GCC countries, Iran, Morocco, Egypt, Vietnam, Pakistan, and India.

In 2009, Aquafina accounted for 13.4% of domestic bottled water sales, making it the top bottled water brand by retail sales. It also consistently ranks among the top water brands to buy.

6. Ballygowan

Ballygowan is an Irish mineral water brand. Bottled in Newcastle West, Co Limerick, near the site of the sacred well believed to have been used by the Knights Templar. Ballygowan is the Irish market’s leading water brand.

7. Bisleri

Bisleri International (formerly Parle Exports and Parle Bisleri) is an Indian company best known for its eponymous brand of mineral water. The company was founded by Ramesh Chauhan in the 1970s and sells bottled water and soft drinks. 

8. Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a brand of purified bottled water owned by Solerex Water Technologies Inc., founded in the Philippines in 1990.

9. Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain is a bottled water brand owned by Blue Triton Brands and manufactured and sold primarily in the Midwestern United States. Ice Mountain gets its water from two groundwater wells at Sanctuary Springs in Mecosta County, Michigan, and/or Evert Springs in Evert, Michigan. Water is pumped from underground springs using pump technology. Bottling takes place at the Stanwood, Michigan facility. 

10. Iceland Spring Water

Iceland Spring Water is an Icelandic bottled water brand bottled by Iceland Spring EHF. The water comes from Hazemoke, the same source as Reykjavik city tap water. Bottled in Iceland, it is more expensive than elsewhere as an import. Icelandic springs claim the water to be chemically basic, with a pH of 8.88.

11. Nestle Pure Life

Nestlé Pure Life is a bottled water brand owned by Nestlé Waters worldwide and the Blue Triton brand in North America. The brand was first established in Pakistan in 1998 and is now sold in 21 countries across Asia, America, Africa, and Europe.

12. Poland Spring 

This is a brand of bottled water made in Poland, Maine. It was named after the original natural hot springs from which it was drawn in the city of Poland, Maine. The fountain was first developed commercially in 1859 by Hiram W. Ricker, owner of a nearby inn. The brand’s water comes from multiple sources in Maine, including Poland Spring and Garden Spring in Maine, Clear Spring in Hollis, Evergreen Spring in Freiburg, Pierce Pond Township Spruce springs, Dallas white cedar springs, and more.

13. Kinley

Kinley is another big name on the list of packaged water companies in India. It holds 17% of the total market share of packaged water bottles. The company was introduced to the Indian market by Coca-Cola in 2000 and has since become one of the top drinking water brands in India. You can decide how much water you need in a day. Mineral water companies offer different package sizes from 200 ml to 5 liters. Also, the starting price of a bottle is 10 rupees. In some cases, it can go up to 45 rupees.

14. Bailey

This is one of the highest-rated brands on our list of water company names after Bisleri. In addition, for many, Bailey is a symbol of water purity. Some offices use only Bailey drinking water. There are about 52 different plants spread across India. This will provide packaging and delivery of pure water to communities under the Bailey name.

15. Himalayan Mineral Water

Himalayan is a new Indian bottled mineral water brand that is part of the Tata Global Beverages Group. The company started providing clean water to India in 1997. Since then, there has been no competition for quality when it comes to providing pure water from natural sources. The name already tells us where the water comes from. For many people, the Himalayas are sacred places. Himachal people worship mountains. Therefore, having a company that supplies water from the sacred mountains is invaluable to the locals.

The company sources its water from the Shivalik Mountains in the Himalayas. The water has been automatically filtered in nature for 23 years. You can get their packaged mineral water bottles in sizes of 300ml, 1 liter, and 2 liters. And they don’t have big plants or machines to provide clean water. As a result, the price of water bottles is very low, and everyone can afford them.

16. Kingfisher Mineral Water

Okay, I know this is a name you didn’t expect to make the list of bottled water brand names, but the truth is, India’s most popular beer is one of his brands. Kingfisher started packaging bottled water in 1998 and is headquartered in Mumbai. According to the latest estimates, the company earns around $50 million from selling clean water in India.

Mineral water packages come in several sizes, from 200 ml to 20 liters.

17. Qua Mineral Water

Qua is another bottled water brand headquartered in Maharashtra. Narang Group owns this mineral water company in India. The company uses a unique French technique to fill mineral water bottles. In addition, just like Himalayan mineral water, Qua also offers clean water sourced from the Himalayas. Comparing the price per liter of mineral water, Qua is the most affordable. This is one of the reasons for their success in the Indian market.

18. Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus is a joint venture of two global beverage giants. The first is PepsiCo and the second is Tata Global Beverages. The two companies merged in 2010 to form Tata Water Plus. The company produces 20 million liters of pure water per year.

19. Contrex

Contrex is a mineral water brand owned by Nestlé Waters, a subsidiary of the Swiss Nestlé Group, since 1992 and part of the mineral water company Vittel, which owns Vittel and Epal. With its source in Contrexéville, Vosges, France, the water was discovered by Charles Bagard, the first physician to Louis XV.

20. Deep Spring

Deep Spring Water is a spring water brand available in Australia and New Zealand. It is a division of Coca-Cola Amatil.


These were the top 20 expensive water brands in the world. We hope this article gave you some knowledge about popular water brands. Thank you!

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