15 Essential Skincare Tips To Follow This Summer


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essential skincare tips to follow this summer

Summers are sweaty; the raised temperature with high humidity results in augmented oil production in the skin, which leads to clogged pores and increased breakouts. The added pollution with the heat of the scorching sun takes away the glow of your natural skin and makes it dull and blemished.

15 Essential Skincare Tips To Follow This Summer

1. Stay Hydrated

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The most important thing to do during this season is to consume lots of fluids, which helps keep your health and body in good shape. The sweltering heat with your hectic schedule may induce dehydration in the body, making your skin dry, itchy, and dull-looking. Drinking fluids benefits the skin by reducing pore size, clearing acne, tightening skin, and sustaining pH balance. 

2. Exfoliate your skin

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Exfoliating your skin should be done daily; it helps clear the dulling skin debris and dead cells from the skin, which may have occurred due to pollution. Regular exfoliating helps your skin in nurturing its natural glow. You can easily do your exfoliation with a natural home remedy by utilizing ingredients such as coffee grounds mingled with salt and oil. 

3. Wear Sunscreen

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UV rays can cause premature skin aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Sunscreens help reduce UV-induced wrinkles. Sunburn is a widespread and painful issue, as we all know, which is the outcome of UV radiation-induced solar damage. Sunscreens absorb the UV rays before they have a chance to cause harm to your skin. It helps prevent discoloration and dark spots from sun damage, helping you maintain a smoother and more even skin tone.

4. Switch to Healthy Eating

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Your skin quality is the result of what you eat. Fruits and vegetables benefit your skin as the potent antioxidants protect the skin from damage caused by the sun. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Add this to the diet to balance the immune system, help in creating glowing skin, and help heal blemishes. According to research, people who eat foods high in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and age-related dry skin than those who don’t. Strawberries, red peppers, and grapefruit are all excellent sources of vitamin C. 

5. Use Serum Sheet masks

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Use a serum sheet mask to give your skin an extra boost of moisture during summers. Applying a sheet mask after a hectic day can help relieve stress, activate your skin, and help to feel fresh. You can also use a natural homemade mask to provide your skin with an instant boost. They give your face a natural shine while also removing excess oil. It aids in the reduction of acne scars as well as the removal of flaky and dry skin. Regardless of your skin type – oily or dry, a face mask will fix your problems.

6. Change your Moisturizer

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The end of winter does not mean that your skin won’t crave for moisturizers. All you need to do is change the type of your moisturizers to a lighter cream, which could help your skin stay hydrated and soft. Summer causes increased humidity resulting in more sweat released from the skin. It creates dry skin and asks for a weather-appropriate, lightweight, non-greasy product. Make a habit of cleaning, toning, and moisturizing your skin before bed. You may use milk and honey, both excellent natural skin moisturizers.

7. Do not wear too much makeup

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Wearing too much makeup can clog pores, resulting in more pimples and acne at this time of year. High temperature reduces the skin’s capacity to breathe, causing it to become stressed. To prevent oil from collecting in open pores, use toners; they keep your face clean and oil-free while also minimizing the appearance of pores.

8. Take care of your feet

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Don’t forget to look after your feet as well. They, too, require the same care as your face and hands. Scrubbing your feet regularly is the best way to maintain cleanliness and avoid illness. Also, it aids in the removal of dead cells and improves blood circulation, both of which assist in relieving acne. 

9. Maintain Hygiene

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Hygiene is one of the factors that helps clean your body and maintain good health. Bathing for more than 10 to 15 minutes might produce dry and irritated skin. Therefore, avoid taking baths longer than that. Adding neem leaves into your bathing bucket helps get an instant coolness with immunity, curing acne, black spots, and other non-infectious skin diseases. Taking a bath with neem leaves also helps in removing odor.

10. Wear comfortable fabrics

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Sweat results in making the body more prone to infections. Avoid wearing tight clothes and go for comfortable loose clothes. It will help your body breathe; wearing tight clothes can make the skin dry and irritable and cause redness and rashes. Cotton and lightweight textiles are the best options for dealing with heat.

11. Sleep Cycle

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Your sleep cycle does have an impact on your skin. Inadequate sleep raises cortisol levels, creating inflammation in the body and breaking down the protein that keeps your skin smooth and bright. It also lowers your pH levels, which can contribute to dry skin. So, sleep on time and allow your skin to heal and rejuvenate over the night.

12. Wash your face

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Your face is the most prominent part of your body. Therefore, keeping your face clean becomes more important. All you need to do is follow a proper skincare routine during the summer. To keep your skin fresh and glowing, apply moisture carrying essential nutrients. Washing your face eliminates pollutants, giving your skin a clean appearance. Furthermore, cleaning your face assists the skin and maintains optimum moisture.

13. Use a clean pillow

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Not changing your pillow covers or bed sheet can cause acne as it contains the accumulation of oil, dirt, and bacteria. As a result, there will be breakouts on your skin, pimples, and infections on your face. Change bed sheets and pillowcases at least twice a week with clean sheets.

14. Face towel

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Avoid using the same towel for both your face and your body. Your face is very delicate and prone to getting infections. Maintaining a separate face towel helps to avoid the spread of bacteria. These bacteria can clog pores, induce breakouts, and cause irritation or rashes in rare cases. Also, it helps in clearer, brighter and smoother skin.

15. Keep the Essentials

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Always keep the essentials in your bags like hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and sunscreen. We always directly or indirectly touch our face, and our hands contain all the bacteria, viruses, dust, and dirt that can cause pimples on our face. 

Keep your routine as simple as possible. If you want healthy, bright skin all season, you’ll need to stick to a summer skincare program and make a few lifestyle modifications. Wear sunglasses and use a scarf to cover your face and prevent your skin from harmful rays. Remember to moisturize your skin; it is the most crucial part of skincare. Keep your skin clean and avoid oily food intake. This will help to keep your skin’s health and texture. 

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