Top 29 Essential Items To Keep In A Women’s Bag

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essential items to keep in a women's bag:

Have you ever wondered what you carry in your handbag every day? Does everything work under the hood, or are there things that don’t make much sense and can be replaced?

Pack everything in your handbag to stay organized and ready for any situation or event. What you need and what you don’t! In the process of carrying non-essential items, you may forget to pack important items and miss them in desperate times.

Top 29 Essential Items To Keep In A Women’s Bag

1. Wallet/Cash

Well, that doesn’t mean you have to carry around a lot of cash. It’s definitely paper money that matters, not plastic.

2. Phone and charger

Hmm, this needs no explanation. Mobile phones are such a big part of our lives that life without them is unimaginable.

3. Power bank 

If you don’t have one yet, buy one. Power banks come to your rescue in an emergency (yes, they happen to be our best!).

4. Headphones

We have days when we wake up and feel like we can’t go to work. Your headphones are for days like this. A little jam session on your commute is sure to energize you and set you up for the day.

5. Hand sanitizer

Just because you have hand sanitizer in your pocket doesn’t mean you’re a tidy person.

6. Wet wipes

Keep both dry and wet tissues on hand to keep you feeling fresh on hot or sunny days. And we know you don’t want to miss any of these when you feel the sneeze.

7. Notepad and pen

Imagine your best employees ready to take on any task at any time. Having a notepad and pen at your fingertips not only shows your boss that you’re doing things right, but it also ensures that you’re doing your job right. 

8. Safety pin

Wardrobe breakdowns and clothing problems can happen to anyone. So having a few safety pins can definitely prevent blushing when undoing buttons and seams.

9. Pepper spray

Ladies, the day and age we live in warrants wearing some form of protection. I’m here. 

10. Lip balm

Chapped lips make the whole look messy. So keep this “baby” by your side at all times. Your lips will thank you!

11. Band-aid

As well as cuts and scrapes, bandages protect your heels from heel pain. It can also be used to hide nails with chipped nail polish.

12. A small bottle of water

The bag is a bit bulky and heavy, but carrying a small water bottle will help you stay hydrated during your trip.

13. Pads/Tampons

Keep a tampon/napkin or two in your pocket. Not only are these useful in an emergency, but they can also be someone else’s “period fairies.”

14. Headband and comb

These are useful when you want to keep your hair out of your face. And we all know that when you desperately need a headband, you struggle without it. Always keep a few extras in your wallet. I will be very happy to find you next time.

15. Medicines 

Always carry essential medicines in your bag, such as Crocin for headaches, Ondem for vomiting, and Dolo 650 for fever.

16. Healthy snacks

Whatever you call it, we’ve all experienced it. Overwhelming irritability that takes over when we haven’t eaten for too long. So always keep healthy snacks in your bag.

17. Mouth freshener

Bad breath is a turn-off in any situation. So it’s wise to keep mints and gum in your wallet.

18. Perfume

It’s important to keep a small amount of perfume in your bag to keep you smelling fresh at all times of the day. Also, don’t forget to give the bag a few drops of spray to keep it scented.

19. Umbrella

Getting wet in the rain looks cute in the movies, but it’s not so funny in real life. Therefore, an umbrella should always be your perfect companion. And you know it’s likely to rain when you’re having a nice day.

20. Identification

For various reasons, you should always carry your ID with you. So always keep a copy of your Aadhar card or passport in your pocket.

21. Scarf and stoles

Protect your hair from harmful rays, dust, and pollution, and deliver clean, fresh hair to its destination.

22. Sunglasses

An absolute must-have for squinting wrinkle-causing eyes and preventing freckles and blemishes around the eyes. Protect your eyes from harmful UV damage, dust, dirt, bugs, and more.

23. Replacement mask

To replace a dirty mask with a clean one (or if your face mask strap breaks!), place a clean spare mask or two neatly in a ziplock bag, and you’re good to go.

As a general rule, if you need to remove your mask to eat, drink, or for any other reason, sanitize your hands first, both before touching the mask and after removing it. Remove the mask so that the outside does not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Disposable face masks must be placed directly into the bin. If it’s washable, put it in a plastic bag and wash it as soon as you get home!

24. Disposable underwear

Someone suggested that I include this as a handbag must-have. It didn’t sound very appealing to start with, but after much thought, I now find it to be such a fantastic suggestion! Disposable underwear is very practical and convenient to have. They can be worn and thrown, and are an essential handbag item, that too in so many situations like:

  • In emergencies

Like periods leaks, periods along with long days at work/outdoors, then for those suffering from urinary incontinence, in a dire emergency like diarrhea, or when there is a need to attend a party/function after work, and you want to arrive smelling fresh (just toss out the worn one and get changed into a new one).

  • While traveling

As they are lightweight, compact, and can be discarded, thereby reducing the space/weight of your bag. During travel or camping trips, they save the time and trouble of washing your regular underwear and then finding a space in the hotel room to dry them out. Especially when traveling during winters and rainy days, clothes do take longer to dry (which just means carrying around damp/smelly underwear).

  • During hospitalization

For an illness, post-maternity, when you’ve just had a baby, are bleeding, or right after surgery, in situations where it’s impossible, inconvenient, or impractical to wash underwear – they come very handy. 

Disposable panties keep your daily underwear from getting ruined while you’re at the spa while getting a body massage (grease stains are hard to wash off).

25. Makeup compact

Carry a makeup case with a good mirror for touch-ups along the way. If you have a mirror in the can, you don’t need to carry a separate mirror. Regular touch-ups will keep you looking fresh all day long.

26. Keys

This should always be at the top of everyone’s list, but somehow we can all forget this and get locked out. If you have a spare set, why not keep it in your bag?

27. Portable panic alarm 

Portable panic alarms like this can make a high-decibel noise when pressed in an emergency. These alarms are compact and can also be used as a keychain. An absolute must-have item. If you don’t have it yet, get it as soon as possible.

28. Feminine products

Surprises are nice, but not the day you decide to wear skinny white jeans. Always keep all women’s products within reach to avoid disaster. 

29. Books

Picking up a book can transport you to another world whenever you want. Books are great to have in your pocket, whether you’re on a park bench or on your lunch break at work because they allow you to forget your worries for a moment and escape reality.

After reading the article, you will get to know the top 29 essential items to keep in a women’s bag. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for all women. Thank you!

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