22 Essential Items To Keep In A Woman’s Bag

A woman’s bag is a hidden treasure. There is nothing that you won’t find in it. When a woman goes out, she has to carry the world with her. In today’s time and age, there can be an emergency situation anytime and anywhere, and being the multi-tasking girl-bosses that women are, they have to be prepared for any kind of situation.

So, what are the absolute essentials a woman should keep in her bag? Read along to find out!

22 Essential Items To Keep In A Woman’s Bag

1. Water

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No matter what the season is, water should always be in your bag. As we have heard countless times from our parents, elders, doctors, and even our favourite influencers, water is the solution to almost every problem. So, keep a bottle of water in your bag and keep refilling it throughout the day. Make sure you drink at least 2-3 bottles or more each day. No excuses shall be entertained.

2. Hand Sanitizer

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This one is a no-brainer! There are germs and virus everywhere and you don’t want to get that dirt on your face and on your food. And with the pandemic, now is the time to be more careful than ever. So, it is absolutely necessary to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag. When you don’t have access to soap and water, use a hand sanitizer to keep yourself safe and sanitize your hands frequently.

3. Face Mask

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Dirt and pollution have always been here. Wearing a face mask helps filter out the dirt and pollution particles and prevents nasty skin issues like pimples, acne, and tanning. Keeping an extra mask in your bag is essential, especially nowadays.

4. ID Card

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You never know when you might need your ID card. Be it to enter your college or your workspace, the ID card is an absolute necessity. There might also be unprecedented situations, so, always remember to keep your ID proof in your bag.

5. Comb

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Combs can in handy in any situations. Maybe your hair has become ruffled on your way to college or work, or you might need to freshen up your look right before a presentation. The comb is your best friend to tame down all that frizz.

6. Hair Ties

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Hair tie is another essential item. Our hair has a mind of its own and refuses to cooperate with us when we need it to look the best. To tame those locks, a hair tie is all you need. If halfway across your day your hair behaves unruly, a hair tie and a comb is all you need.

7. Hair Pins

Source- Dhgate

We keep losing these pins and it’s a fact that almost every girl will agree with. These small little things make a big difference in our hairstyles. These pins are the game changer for your mid-day hair fixes. So, keep a few of these in your bag and you will thank yourself later!

8. Wet Wipes

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Wet wipes are an absolute necessity in the hot sultry summers. They come in handy for a quick refresh to the face and can also be used to wipe clean the tables and chairs.

9. Tissues

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Accidental spills of food or water can be scary, especially on your clothes. Keeping a small pack of tissues in your bag will help in these emergency situations.

10. Wallet

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It is impossible to leave home without your wallet. Not only does it contain your precious money and credit cards, but other important documents like your driver’s license too! It is an absolute necessity which needs no separate introduction.

11. Band Aid

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Band aids are those hidden gems on which we don’t emphasize enough. Blisters from shoes are one of the situations when we need it the most. Band aids are also needed for small cuts like paper cuts. Keeping a small box of band aids is a life saver!

12. Safety Pins

Source- Artnews

Safety pins, as its name suggests, is your safety guard. There might be situations when a button fell off your dress and it is impossible to sit down and stich the button. Or there might be a minor tear in your dress. To save yourself from these dress malfunctions, safety pins are your best friend.

13. Pads Or Tampons

Source- Aliveholistichealth

“Madam flow” often catches you when your guard is low. For those unexpected situations keep a pad or tampon in your bag. Your female friend or colleague might also need one so you can help them out as well.

14. Power Bank

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In the digital world, it is essential to keep our devices charged all the time. Keeping a fully charged power bank is needed for those long days at college or work. An absolute essential!

15. Lip Balm

Source- Beautylifestylefandom

We all hate chapped lips, don’t we? A lip balm should always be kept in the bag for those moments when you feel like your lips are as dry as the desert. A tinted lip balm may also be kept to touch up lipsticks midday.

16. Small Mirror

Source- Graphic Pear

In need of a quick make-up fix or quick touch-up? Compact mirrors are a great item for minor touch-ups and makeup fixes.

17. Deodorant

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No one wants to smell bad. Travelling in public transport makes us sweaty and no one wants to smell bad while entering the class or office. So, if we have a deodorant, we can freshen up and enter the room smelling great!

18. Mints Or Gum

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We don’t want to lose our confidence due to a bad-smelling mouths. Being out and about requires us to talk to people and having bad breath means that the opposite person may feel uncomfortable. Chewing on mints or gums will help to freshen our breath and voila you can be confident again!

19. Earphones

Source- Apple

Earphones are our companions on those busy buses and train rides. Listening to songs at the end of the day makes for a little ‘me’ time and acts as a reset button from a stressful day.

20. Snacks

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There can be times when classes or meetings may take up your lunchtime. And you definitely don’t want to keep yourself starving. Keep a pack of biscuits or dry fruits and make sure to have it when you get time. Don’t run yourself on an empty stomach.

21. Emergency Meds

Source- Better Homes & Gardens

Those pesky headaches, acid reflux, or allergies can be daunting, especially when you have a long day ahead. Make yourself a small pouch of emergency medicines and keep it in your bag at all times. Whenever you see that you have run out of a tablet, set a reminder in your phone to refill it as soon as possible.

22. Pepper Spray

Source- Spy

Pepper spray has become an essential life saver for women nowadays. Self-protection is often the best protection. So, keep a pepper spray in your bag and make sure it is in an accessible position.

So do you agree when I said that a woman’s bag is a hidden treasure? Or should I reframe it as Doraemon’s pouch? xoxo

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