9 Epic Things To Add To Your Anti Bucket List

There is a bunch of things that call out our names. We will go to any lengths to at least do them once in a lifetime. Then there is those anti-bucket list stuff that everyone hopes of never ever, ever, doing it. One of my creators had “create a massive website” as a bucket list. Voila! Hintsoflife.com was given birth. Read through the most common anti-bucket list stuff, we have gathered for you here. Maybe add these to your “things never to do in life” list.

Yes. Why not? Why should bucket lists enjoy all the limelight? Its antithesis too should get all the attention it deserves. Opening oneself to experience is the virtue of a growing and progressive person. Totally agreeable. But learning from other people’s bad experiences or that of one’s own can give us a list of things never to do in whatever life is left. For example, one who has been left devastated by a failed marriage may have totally discarded the institution of two people bound together in holy matrimony. Or someone’s sibling might have had a terrible experience eating octopus. This will give others a hint to not try that for themselves.

Otherwise, anti bucket list can also comprise of things that scare the gobbledygook (Trust me this is a word) out of you. For example a number one in Rachel’s anti bucket list will be getting an eye surgery! (See, I am that good at FRIENDS) 

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Create your own anti bucket list, because of course the stuff you hate to do might be like-able my others. 

Also creating an anti bucket list is one thing and nurturing fear about every little thing is another. Throw in your phobias, some things that you feel aren’t cut out for you (like performing Crumping at a party), into this list. Don’t clutter your bucket with petty unnecessary stuff. 

Create a bucket list on paper, in your journal, or in a note on your phone. 

9 Epic Things To Add To Your Anti Bucket List

1. People Pleasing

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If one thing in life that I am positively not going to do is this. Pretentious behavior, going over the top to do stuff for others, making amends in your schedule to look for others convenience, killing your own desires just because others don’t like it, are some things to cut out completely and pour in your anti bucket list. 

2. Make Impromptu Plans for New Year’s

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This one is a real handy one. Keep a safe distance before making plans out of the station for the New Year. Why do you ask? Here is an interesting story. Just last year I and my friends decided to go to the hills for the new Year. What could go wrong? Well, everything! We went without making any reservations, or bookings of any sort, and on reaching there, had to watch out an entire budget to go down the drain. The accommodation around this time of the year is something that diamonds cost. Also, everything is jam-packed. 

3. Stop Plucking Flowers

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OK. Get Education. Know what plucking a flower does to a plant. And obviously, add this to your list. Also stop others from doing the same.

4. Going back to an Ex is Anti Bucket List For Sure

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It is downright stupid to fall for an ex. A handy reminder to myself. Your ex is your ex for a reason. Find a rebound love but never go down that lane that leads to an ex.

5. Never to Gamble

It is wise to put this on your bucket list. From now on, go to Vegas or a casino to take pride in your decision by looking at those losing faces. For sure the bright side of things is that you win. But is it certain? Nope. 

6. Visiting a Tourist Location Off-Season

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Many blogs on how to travel on a budget, suggest that it is cool to go visit a place off season. But that has not worked out quite well a lot of times. One might end up hating that destination. 

7. Buying Exotic Pets

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Pets are the light of our lives. But why get a pet which does not belong in your home? People get exotic birds, some kind of reptiles, people in Dubai keep big cats too and the list is endless. What’s the point ? You will be making the poor animal suffer, just so you can flaunt you power and money. Also get dogs that belong to your local climate. Dogs that belong in the Alps should be kept as pet down in the plains.

8. Watching a Horror Movie Alone

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Who does this? Someone give the brave hearts who watch a horror movie alone a medal. I am for one a faint heart definitely and would obviously pull up a buddy to watch a spooky movie with.

9. Losing Originality 

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This one is a more philosophical one. But it’s worth a shot. Nobody would like to lose the magic that makes them. Your essence lies in your originality. Losing this will leave you just with flesh and bones. Keep your spark intact through thick and thin. your potentialities and spark is what will motivate you.


After reading the most commonly listed things that belong in an anti-bucket list, jump straight to your desk and prepare this list today. Be sure to keep it interesting and do tell us in the comments section below.

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