7 Effective Skincare Tips No One Talks About

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Effective skincare tips

There are blogs and videos everywhere giving you the same 4 to 5 tips on achieving healthy skin, most of which include drinking plenty of water, washing your face, getting a good night’s sleep, and taking off your makeup before going to bed. These tips are so common that almost everyone has a reminder set in their phone to do all of these by the end of the day. 

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Taking care of your skin is just as high a priority as anything else. But that does not require high quality, brand new, expensive products to achieve. Sometimes the most effective methods are the easiest ones, which seem insignificant at first but make a massive difference over time.

You ask what are these simple, unelaborate, but highly and completely effective methods? Well, here they are!

7 Effective Skincare Tips No One Talks About

1. Keep Your Beauty Station Clean

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The environment that the products are kept in is as crucial as the products themselves. Whether it is on a sink, dresser, or in a cupboard, clean the space and the product containers regularly, so no bacteria is transferred to your skin when you use the products. Regularly clean and disinfect the skin care product along with the space they are kept in.

2. Dry Cleanse Your Skin 

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This may sound insane, but hear this out. 

Everyone uses the same method for cleansing their face- splash some water, lather up the cleanser, then rinse it off. It is, of course, the traditional method, and we are taught no other way of doing it. But unfortunately, this method is not as effective as one may think. The water creates a barrier between the skin and the cleanser, not allowing the cleanser to do its job to its full potential.

Instead, skip the initial step and massage the cleanser directly onto the skin. Then dampen your palms and massage your face once again. Lastly, rinse it off thoroughly. This method is guaranteed to pull out all the dirt and clear up any pimples or breakouts.

3. Use Toner Without Cotton Pads 

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Most people like to use toner as a secondary cleansing method. Which is fine as that is how the instructions on the bottle say, with a cotton pad, dab all the dirt off the skin. A better, more effective way to use toner is to pour it onto your palms and press it into your skin. This allows the toner to absorb deep into the skin. It works even better if the toner is in a spray bottle.

4. Wash Your Pillow Covers

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Pillow covers are something that our face spends hours resting on. And eight (or however many) hours of contact with bacteria results in acne and breakouts. Wash your pillow covers and bed sheets regularly.  

5. Clean Your Phone

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Apart from pillow covers, our cell phones are another thing that is in constant contact with our skin, and is rarely cleaned, if ever. Once in a while, take a cotton pad and some rubbing alcohol and wipe the bacteria off every side and button of your phone. 

6. Wash Your Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes are used every day without being cleaned. The result? Caked up makeup and, of course, bacteria growth in between the bristles. Hence, thoroughly wash your makeup brushes using soap and water to keep them fresh and keep your skin pimple-free.

7. Use Products With Vitamin C 

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Sometimes the most effective element of skincare products is not the product itself but the ingredients in them. If you wish to get rid of dark spots, brighten skin tone, smooth wrinkles, lighten scars, Vitamin C is one ingredient that does it all. Look for creams and serums that have Vitamin C as the main ingredient.  

If breakouts, acne, and similar skin problems are becoming your new normal, and the usual skin products are just not cutting it, then maybe the problems lie somewhere else. Adding these tips to a skincare routine may offer unexpected but satisfactory results.

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