8 Effective Hacks on How to Train a Dog

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Effective Hacks on How to Train a Dog

Training a dog without a proper trainer may be a tedious job of the day because, for that, you have to first train yourself properly.

Dogs are quick learners as they grow above 6 months. They are cute, lovely, and loyal. But they can be dangerous too if they are not properly trained!

Hence training is essential, and to be a calm, patient, and absolute home trainer you need to be careful too. Are you also struggling to train a dog? Why training a pet is so important?

How can we train basic commands to our dog without a proper trainer? What are the must-do steps to train a dog efficiently?

Why training is essential?

Different pets have different personalities. Some are too aggressive, too calm, too lazy, too alert, too naughty or too defensive. Everyone needs guidance to earn an ethical life, and dogs are no exception.

They have to adapt their nature according to their surroundings. It is also necessary for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Without proper training, they might unwillingly hurt you and your family, especially kids. It establishes good communication between the dog and the owner.

It is necessary for self-protection too, there might be some difficult situations of which dogs may not even be aware of and that could be dangerous for the dog who has no idea what to do next.

8 Effective Hacks on How to Train a Dog

1. Selection of the name

One deserves to have a name that represents one’s personality. A name and its pronunciation determine the impact of it on the dog.

Psychologically a pet should be provided a small and common name taken respectfully that is soothing to his ears as well. But if your dog is an older dog, there is no point in changing his/her name because they are used to that one name you have been calling him/her and they will just get confused with the number of names you have been calling them.

2. Making things crystal clear

Just before having a pet, decide with your family what are the dos and don’ts for your dog. Like at which places it is allowed to visit and which not. Setting certain boundaries and ensuring that your dog does not cross it is.

This would make things clear for both of you and there would be no confusion. Setting ground rules are extremely important, and you should make sure that you, yourself are not lax with the rules.

3. Providing a well-suited home

Likewise, we are most comfortable in our home, dogs are comfortable in a place that suits their needs and an atmosphere that they are comfortable in.
As soon as you bring a puppy, provide it a bed of its own, that belongs only to him/her.
It would relax him and provide him with privacy that everyone must respect. You should also make sure that your house is pet friendly, as well as make sure that the size of your house is big enough as compared to the size of your dog.

4. The reward for nice behavior

To teach the difference between right and wrong; you have to reward your dog for good deeds.
They should be able to distinguish between right and wrong.
It would also encourage your dog to follow your instructions and do the correct thing. While it is important to reward your pet, it is equally important to ensure that you do not go overboard with treating your pet for his/her good behavior.

5. Prohibit jumping-off behavior

Dogs have a habit of jumping off in excitement. Dogs are prone to jumping in excitement but while it is important to curb the overzealous actions of excitement and love, you will have to also make sure that you do not turn your dog submissive or change the personality of your dog altogether.

They greet each other from nose to nose and hence want to repeat the same with humans too, so they jump off.

This could be dangerous and may result in severe injuries.

So when they try to do so, just avoid them and do not reward anything.

6. Teach them to obey instructions

There are a few basic commands like to sit, stay, lie down, stop, drop, etc.

Explaining these commands and training to follow them is quite easy.

Be calm, positive, and patient while giving instructions; you have to match his capability of learning. This will help your dog immensely and will also discipline your pet.

Always reward on the point, so that he learns the worth of the right habits.

7. Consistent and punctual training

Just select a particular time of training according to the dog’s comfort zone.

Be consistent with it, so the dog may adapt to the training in the same manner as you convey.

Having a fixed training time and duration would allow the dog to already be mentally prepared. Being consistent will help your dog understand the importance and will also help you discipline your dog better once you have your dog anticipating their training.

8. Training of basic commands


It is one of the easiest commands to teach. Bring the treat close to his nose; then, gradually move your hand up and allow his head to follow the same direction.

As soon as he sits down, reward him quickly, and do practice a few times. It is important to be regular and consistent in your training to make sure that they do not forget what they have learned.


First, open your palm in front of the dog, then take a few steps back, day by day gradually increase the number of steps. As soon as he stops, reward him and practice for a few days.


This is one of the important steps a dog must learn. First, put a collar on his neck and then go down. Now gently pull the belt towards you and ask him to come, when he follows your instruction, reward him.

Lie down

First, hold the treat in your fist, hold up your hand, and let him sniff. Now move down your fist slowly and slide your hand on the ground, as soon as does the same, reward him.

Dogs are very easy and cute animals to have as pets. Many people are dog lovers, but they can’t manage them and their anger.

Hence, to train a dog efficiently at least some basic commands a needed. It is not a very difficult task to do so, just follow some simple tricks as soon as the puppy attains the age of 6 months and go ahead. Another important thing to remember is that if your dog is older, it would be better if you do not try to change his name, as well as be gentle with him, yet firm at the same time,

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