5 Easy Ways to Become An Influencer

Ninarika Rajendra

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The world is taken aback by the influencer trend. Be it the social media platforms or any other place. But yeah, basically the social media platforms have become a hotspot for anyone to become an influencer. What it takes to become an influencer so positive and dedicated is the real question.

Want to now how you can scale up the ladder? Bare with us till the end.

What is This Fad All About?

Brands don’t rub a star directly now. They begin at the ground level. Here belong the social media Influencer. The influencer fashion has begun in India lately and had many like Akriti Rana, That Boho Girl, Malvika Sitlani, Pink Truck, Aashna Shroff and many others. Not just girls there are guys too. 

A social media Influencer basically influences your decisions be it related to shopping, eating, lifestyle choices, workout choices, technology related, so on and so forth. Basically, their presence enough is powerful to influence you. 

Its fun. Yes! 

The brands approach you, you get paid and a lot of other jazz, but basically it is a thing of responsibility as well. A ton of backlash can come your way, if something goes wrong. 

Millennials prefer social media advertising over traditional advertising.

How influencers promote brands?

The most famous platform for any influencers would be Instagram. Studies suggest that Instagram has the highest number of influencers i.e. nearly 13 million posts in the year 2017.

The main reasons for which brands collaborate with influencers are as follows:

  1. They generate sales.
  2. They create content.
  3. They build brand awareness.
  4. They are a trusted voice.
  5. They have authority and influence.
  6. They’re expert communicators.
  7. They are engaged with followers.
  8. They are creative
  9. They know their audience
  10. They’re excellent value for money.

all the above tricks are the various tricks that influencers make use of to sell their products. Their magnetic personality and strategies are powerful enough to draw your attention. If you want to try your hand at it, we bring you ways for the same too.

5 Easy Ways to Become An Influencer

Influencer marketing has become one of the effective strategies of marketing.

Influencers in basic terms would be a person who has the recognition as ‘expert’ in their respective industries.

1. Focus on niche

The first and the most important step to being an influencer is to focus on what is your passion. To be recognized as an authority figure your name should be linked to a particular niche.

Basically, you will need to eat, sleep and breathe your niche.

Ideally in time people will notice your niche, they’ll want to follow you on whatever outlets you use and be interested in what you have to say.

2. Share your knowledge

loosely defined, are people who have a large audience reach across social platforms and have built a Social media influencers, and a lot of trust in a specific industry. Because of this trust, they’re often able to persuade (or The answer to this is all of them. Because it’s a known fact that if there is an industry there will be an influencer Some industries totally depend on influencers for their marketing. Beauty and fashion are some examples of it. But influencer marketing benefits the industry to its core. To be recognized in the industry you need to create industry-centric content.

3. Have an opinion


To be an influencer you should have an opinion, it can either be about the brand as a whole or the products that it sells. Not that your thoughts should go out of the way to stir the pot, but it’s okay fr your thoughts to deviate from the norm.

People are attracted to those who have a voice of their own.

4. Network

Once you’ve established yourself to an extent you need to connect with others.
There are two ways you can build your network one is digitally and the other is in person.
The first way i.e. digital is obviously through social media platforms and commenting on their posts. The second way is to host public meetings, attend tradeshows, go to conferences, events, and such stuff. All in all, be visible.

5. Engage your audience

You should keep the communication going. People follow someone who tries to interact with their audience. They want to follow someone who is real, approachable, and accessible.

That’s why you should put in the effort to respond to comments or reply to messages on social media, thank people for reading or watching your content, etc.


To be honest, as easy as it sounds to be an influencer it takes more hard work and passion to be successful.

Even after you become an influencer you need to keep your foot on the ground and maintain your status. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth a while. You will not grow as soon as your start so be patient and let it go with the flow. You might face ups and downs but it shouldn’t let it affect your content or your career. In other words, the first stages are most difficult and time-consuming, but after you have established yourself you simply need to maintain your status.