Easy To Follow Morning Skincare Routine For Beginners

A Night-time skincare routine is essential without any doubt, as it deals with skincare issues before the regenerative process of sleep begins. But a good morning skincare routine cannot be ignored because it protects and preserves your skin. As there is no way to generate good skin out of thin air, a good skincare routine aims to repair and maintain your good skin.

There is no such thing as too many steps when it comes to skincare. But when you’ve just started paying attention to your skin, you’ll want the steps to be easy and economical. Though a few products and steps of your morning routine may change due to the seasons and state of your skin, some steps are always common. So, here is an easy skincare morning routine that you must follow.

1. Cleaning Oil

Source – healthline.com

As every nighttime skincare routine includes oil-based products, oil cleansing is necessary. It completely removes the products from your skin and also all the oils secreted by your skin overnight.

Take two pumps of the product on the palm of your hand, but do not apply the product directly. Rub your hands together to heat up and activate the product. Then gently massage your face with it. Take a few minutes to work the product as it will also help stimulate blood circulation.

Rinse the product with warm water and leave the skin damp for the next step.

2. Water-Based Cleanser

Source – chicagotribune.com

Want to deep clean your skin without dealing with the redness caused afterward? Well, in that case, a low pH water-based cleanser is your answer.

While your face is still damp, apply your foamy water-based cleanser to your skin. Let it sit as a mask on your skin for about five minutes. Then gently dry your face with a clean cloth. Mask sure you do not rub the cloth on your skin.

3. Toner

Source – beautyharbour

Toner is way too underrated with all its benefits. It works as a barrier between all the products that you use and your skin. It balances the pH of your skin. And if that was not enough, it also hydrates your skin.

Make sure you do not use a cotton pad to apply the toner or any other product, for that matter. Using cotton pads increases the chances of infection and irritation. So take a few drops of the product and apply it evenly all over your face.

4. Serum

Source – 100percentpure

We all live a very stressful life with our hectic schedule and unavoidable contact with dirt and pollution, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles. But you don’t need to worry as you’ve got your serum as the first line of defense.  

The serum is the most critical step in your skincare routine after sun protection. Every time you buy a serum, make sure it is rich in antioxidants.

The best part about the serum is even if you have it in very little quantity, it will go on for a long time. So press a couple of pumps in your freshly toned, soft, and well-hydrated skin. Make sure you let the product get fully absorbed before you move on to the next step.

5. Moisturizer

Source – thethreetomatoes

Hydrating your skin is essential, and there is no such thing as too much hydration. Some people do not apply moisturizers as they think that their sunscreen is enough, but both are very different and significant products and must be used separately.

So press your favorite moisturizer on your skin in a thin layer and allow it to absorb.

6. Sun Protection

Source – today

Many people skip this crucial step, but daily sun protection is as unavoidable as drinking water. So make no excuse to skip this step and gently apply sunscreen on your face and neck.

7. Primer

Source – allure

Primer is important for both your makeup and skincare routine. On the one hand, it makes the application of foundation flawless, and on the other, it stands as a barrier to protect your skin.

Use a clean foundation brush with natural hair bristles. Swipe an even layer on your skin and pat it in with the brush.

Now that you are done with all the steps, you are good to apply make-up or step out with your natural skin. Have a beautiful day!

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