15 Easy Hacks To Lose Weight

This appears to be the most sought question on Google. And why not? 

At some crossroads in our lives, we come across a demon named ‘overweight,’ where we struggle to lose that extra ounce. This war to lose weight is not only a cool alliteration that I came up with but is known to be a major issue people seem to face. To help you provide arms in this war against weight, we are here to give you some working hacks to lose weight and get fab!

Do You Need To Cut Weight?

Do You Need To Cut Weight?
Source: Cosmopolitan

Before embarking on your weight loss journey to the battlefield, make sure it’s your war and if weight is your enemy. In simple terms, you ought to be sure that you are overweight. This step is important because many of us have this bubble in our heads that they need to cut. Be sure. Get your doctor’s opinion on your weight based on the height and weight chart.

15 Hacks To Lose Weight

Set Your Goal!
Source: Long Life Hacks

To enter that weight loss zone, your body has to enter a calorie deficit. It means simply burning more calories than you consume.

This calorie deficit is possible if you burn more in your workout – working out to lose weight is different than working out to tone up those muscles. Understand and curate a workout regime specifically aimed at losing weight. Don’t just mimic others. Reach out to trainers and other platforms for help if needed.

1. Cardio Is Your Buddy

Cardio Is Your Buddy
Source: Healthline

You have heard repeatedly that doing cardio of any sort besides your workout regime is necessary. Cardio not only functions as a warm-up but as a fast and effective calorie burner. Check out skipping and running as cardio to add some groove to your mundane workout regime.

2. Hot Or Cold Water

Chug Hot Or Cold Water
Source: Verywell Health

This might sound silly, but there is scientific proof to it. Drinking hot or cold water burns calories. Having drinking water that is too hot or too cold besides normal room temperature gives the body a task to bring the water to the body’s temperature. This task in the process takes up stored body calories as fuel to work, and voila, you burn calories by drinking water.

3. Reach For Fat-Free Dairy

Reach For Fat Free Dairy
Source: PurelyB

Going for fat-free dairy is not just a celebrity-created fad. It is crucial to cut out fat if you are in a cutting phase. Go for fat-free milk, butter, less cheese, or cottage cheese. There are numerous options to choose from. The idea is to choose healthily.

4. Keep Moving!

Keep Moving!
Source: Medium

They say sitting is the new smoking because it makes you a couch potato and mostly lazy. Both result in weight gain. If you are bound to your workplace or home, be active. Be on your hooves for the maximum amount of time.

5. Low Carb, High Protein Diet

Low Carb, High Protein Diet
Source: Being Healthy Soul

Carbs or carbohydrates are not your foes, but only the good ones are your friends. Carbs give us the energy to function. Therefore, they cannot be cut out entirely from a diet. Reach out for foods low in carbs, high in fiber like fruits, and high in protein like lentils, fish, chicken breast, egg white, etc.

6. Learn To Portion Control

We should eat fewer processed foods, but our portion sizes are increasing. We are eating way too much at restaurants and ordering takeout. A single “portion” can often exceed your daily calorie needs. To avoid overeating, do not let the restaurant or package dictate your portion size – understand what you need and eat accordingly.

7. Cook Your Meals

When it comes to weight loss and healthy eating, cooking your food is the best way to begin. Pre-packaged food is not nourishing to your body. In addition, restaurants use excessive amounts of salt and butter to prepare their food to make it taste great.

8. Practice Good Sleep Habits

Food and calories aren’t the only factors that contribute to weight loss. It’s also about rest. Your body’s ability to function and what it craves depends on how much rest and sleep you get. A good night’s sleep gives your body more energy during the day, so you crave less sugar and carbs to stay awake.  

9. Use An App

Since we are constantly on our computers and phones, why not probably make sense to use technology to help us eat healthily. Invest in apps that will help you track the nutritional profile of your meals and the calories you consume. Tracking what you eat every day will be easier. You can also keep a food journal if apps don’t interest you.

Apps are a great way to get a baseline for how much food you’re eating and the quality of the food you choose. However, I don’t recommend calorie-counting as a sustainable part of a healthy lifestyle due to its tedious nature and lack of focus on how your body feels and behaves. 

One of my favorites is MyFitnessPal, although there are many options available.

10. Learn To Spot Sugar

Awareness of how much sugar your food contains and where it comes from is crucial to your health. Sugar can be found in various foods and drinks. Foods marketed as healthy contain sugar, including canned foods, junk foods, bread, and many snacks. Look out for anything that has added sugar, and read the label before buying it. Drinking water, making sauces, choosing whole foods, and so on can help you reduce sugar intake.

11. Spice Things Up

A healthy lifestyle isn’t fun if the food is boring and bland. It’s oddly common for health-conscious people to avoid adding spice or flavor to their food. Neither would anyone be able to survive on a diet that tasted bad. Make your life more exciting by adding spices, sauces, and marinades.

12. Shop Smart

To make your grocery shopping healthy and successful, follow these simple rules:  

  • Plan your shopping list       
  • Take advantage of sales       
  • Lastly, pay heed to the nutritional labels on all your purchases

13. Find Healthier Replacements

Replace the ingredients in your favorite recipes with healthy alternatives, and you won’t have to miss out on your favorite foods. The following are a few healthy alternatives I’ve used and found to work well:

  • all-purpose flour: whole wheat pastry flour, cassava flour, chickpea flour, almond flour, and coconut flour
  • white sugar or brown sugar: coconut sugar, raw honey, and pure maple syrup
  • butter: olive oil
  • mayo: greek yogurt (for salad dressings) or avocado or hummus.
  • Pasta: zucchini noodles, veggie noodles, brown rice pasta, quinoa noodles, etc.

14. Intermittent Fasting

Consuming your caloric needs each day does not mean not eating; it simply means controlling the times you eat. In this way, you can consume more food in the middle of the day if you are hungry most of the time.  

A person with diabetes or trouble regulating insulin levels, those with eating disorders or medical conditions for which ongoing medication is prescribed, and those with eating disorders and medical conditions for which continuous medication is prescribed should not attempt intermittent fasting.

15. Indulge On Occasion!

In addition to the different macronutrients within each meal, balance is essential for a healthy lifestyle. In light of this, “cheat meals” or “treat meals” can occasionally be a welcome option. 

Sometimes, despite loving healthy food, we crave something unhealthy. If you deny yourself, your cravings won’t go away; they might worsen. Feel free to indulge in sweets or comfort foods that satisfy your cravings.


These were some of the hacks to lose weight. But they come into action only with your dedication, self-control, and motivation. The vital elements will guide you in your weight loss journey.

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