5 Dresses For the Bride’s Best Friend

Nobody is more taxed, tensed and tipsy than that happy little helper i.e. brides best friend of the bride at a wedding. It is this best friend’s job to keep the bride and the wedding preparations together and calm those pre-wedding nerves too. As the bride walks down to her groom, the bridesmaid is there to accompany her. All eyes fall on the bride tribe. For the same their outfits should be chic and oh so stylish! The bride’s best friends’ outfits should have the right amount of oomph and subtlety. So that the bride always has the center stage.

 Dresses For the Bride's Best Friend
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5 Dresses For the Bride’s Best Friend

1. Saree 

Shares never go out of style. Especially at an Indian wedding affair, there will definitely be that girl showing off her curves in a saree. Sarees make an effortless style statement and are easily manageable too. Go for light colored sarees like lime or flaky blue. Obviously the black and white hues are a staple option. The bride will for sure wear a heavy outfit. To compliment and balance the group vibe, you should go for a lighter colored and sequined one.

To give off a more sexy appealing vibe, style your saree with a deep cut blouse or collect the remaining saree that is to fall over the shoulder really together to show that figure you got going on. 

2. Suits

 Dresses For the Bride's Best Friend
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There has been a wave that has swept off every Indian wedding with heavy Gharara and Sharara suits. The Pakistanis are to be thanked for this awe inspiring and graceful piece of clothing. A decent and a well stitched cinched kurti for the top, with the right amount of flare in the bottom is sure to make a statement and will work for you dear bestie. Lately it has been a trend in many weddings where the bride tribe wears the same color coordinated outfits. 

3. Lehengas

 Dresses For the Bride's Best Friend
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Every bride’s first choice is a lehenga. But when you being in the bride tribe finalize a lehenga for the main day, make sure your lehenga does not overpower that of the bride. Opt a soft color. These days pastels are very much in. Also girl style that blouse to the Gods ! A well stitched lehenga blouse with the perfect oomph factor will make your lehenga stick out. Also don’t go for a very big flared skirt. You got to dance and dazzle, alongside help your bride bestie with her chores on the D Day! 

4. Gown

 Dresses For the Bride's Best Friend
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Make yourself feel like the princess you are on your bestie’s big day. Lately, gowns have been trending and women of all age groups have been twirling in these gowns. Why do you ask? Gowns are effortless and comfy too. Plus you got a wide range of options to choose from. Sequinned or the classic pastels, make your choice and get ready to slay in your gown. 

5. Fusion Wear

Nowadays, fusion wear has legit taken the center stage. You can mix, match and fuse any item from the traditional section with contemporary clothing you own. This ethnic with a modern approach is sure to work in your favor and will do wonders if you can carry it confidently. A fine lehenga with a tucked-in shirt instead of a blouse is a safe choice to go with. Pair it up with boho or traditional jewelry to give that newfangled vibe. 

Go crazy this time! Coz why not? It’s your bestie’s wedding. Make a lasting impression with any outfit you want to go with from the above. With the right amount of glam, you will stand out from the crowd. The Indian wedding affair with its magnificence is a ball that you get to own with that shimmer and sparkle!

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