11 Dreamy Indian TV Series Worth Binge-Watching

Most Indian TV series or shows have a reputation for being long and monotonous, some running for as long as ten years. Somewhere along with the weekly twists and TRP highs and lows, the storyline often loses its appeal.

But there are some short series with high-quality content and impressive storylines worth watching on repeat! The cast, the music, and the setting will refresh your memory of the era that has passed.

11 Dreamy Indian TV Series Worth Binge-Watching

1. Pyaar ki Ek Kahani

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A romantic love story, with a thriller-cum-horror show inkling. Pia is a new admission to a posh college in Dehradun, embodies harmony and simplicity. When a vampire, Abhay, an angry and egoistic senior at college, invokes her curiosity. Abhay struggles with his past and present, loss, and identity, and tries to keep Pia at bay, while Pia struggles with her fledgling feelings for him. In this story spread over 331 episodes, Abhay and Pia suffer at the hands of destiny and their enemies before finding a way to be with each other.

2. Kaleerein

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This well admired Zee Tv series started on February 5, 2018, and tells the story of a young, independent girl-Meera Dhingra. While her mother wants nothing more than to see Meera getting married, Meera rejects proposals left and right, hoping to find someone who can accept her with her imperfections.

Things become complicated when Vivaan, a successful NRI businessman, returns to India searching for his biological mother. His ancestral house is in the care of the Dingra family, thus bringing the two protagonists in one frame and unleashing endless misunderstandings.

As each protagonist combats with his/her intrinsic conflicts and struggles to accomplish their life goals, their differences become evident and complementary to each other. Their on-stage chemistry, funny bickering and coinciding beliefs make it an entertaining watch.

3. Ishqbaaz

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When arrogant business tycoon Shivaay Sing Oberoi clashes with a free-spirited, middle-class girl Anika, an intense battle of words and actions ensues. Unbeknownst to each other, they share a sense of practicality and a fierce love for their family. Watching the bond of brotherhood between the Oberoi brothers- Shivay, Omkara, and Rudra, despite their dysfunctional family is heartwarming.

What makes it noteworthy are the quirky quarrels between Annika and Shivay and the portrayal of family love and unity. Annika became a household name in the TV industry, winning seas of audience. A Star Plus TV series began on June 27, 2016, and is available on Hotstar.

4. Bepanah

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Destiny tragically unites Aditya and Zoya when their spouses die in an accident, bringing to light the sad reality of their spouses’ affair. Aaditya’s grief turns into anger, while Zoya’s into denial. The clash rages between the two as they take over Zosh Events. As they struggle to come to terms with the betrayal, starting afresh with a changed focus, they remain prime suspects in the alleged murder.

From hatred to friendship to love, Aditya and Zoya, separated by conspiracies, are brought together by destiny. But all is never well. A Colors TV series, it started on March 19, 2018, and is a suspense thriller romance that is sure to swoon your heart.

5. Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

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The magical love story of a courtesan, Roshani Ahmed, who has the heart of an angel, and a rich Nawab, Aman Junaid Khan, who has the mark of a Jinn, will hit you right in the feels. The cute Junaid family dynamics, the misunderstanding, the Aww moments, and Baazigar, everything pulls you into the fantasy fiction storyline.

In a world of troubled family dynamics, this family will fill your heart with love. Aman and Roshni are adorable individually, but together they present intense chemistry. Mr. Chotu’s presence is a cherry on the top. The beautiful melodies are both dreamy and romantic.

As the Junaid family battles betrayals and enemies- magical and non-magical alike, their love for each other proves to be the real magic. 

6. Kahan Hum Kahan Tum

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With a total of 198 episodes, the Star-Plus TV series aired on June 17, 2019. A marked perspective clash ensues when a successful TV actress Sonali Rastogi crosses path with Dr 100%— a renowned cardiologist, Dr. Rohit Sippy. Growing up in a family of doctors, Rohit is nothing if not practical. Meanwhile, surrounded by the TV industry’s drama and fiction, Sonakshi appreciates the beauty of stories.

The experience of watching the differences ebb away and love finding a way into their lives is heartwarming despite the complications. Experience this feel-good show on Hotstar.

7. Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du?

TV series
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An emotional, soft-hearted, and childlike Khushi gets bound in a contract with a short-tempered, ambitious, and ruthless business tycoon, Arnab Singh Raizada. On June 6, 2011, these memorable characters first appeared on the small screen on Star Plus.
A little understanding, misunderstanding, love, and jealousy, and they end up getting married forcibly.

The never-ending disputes merged with moments of concern for each other, slowly eat away at the misunderstandings. Love, betrayal, and Indian cultural values make this TV series a must-watch.

8. Saraswatichandra

Indian TV series
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Set in a well-depicted Gujarati village, the story follows Kumud, a strong, traditional, and beautiful girl, who reluctantly falls in love with Saraswatichandra. Well-versed with technology, Kumud is the most educated girl in the village and has a keen business sense; while being shadowed in the pain of losing his mother to suicide and the loss of childhood at the hands of her cruel stepmother. Saras, on the other hand, is averse to marriages and is a workaholic.

Each story has to survive its struggle before fruition. An arranged marriage on the verge of becoming a love story suddenly becomes a painful saga at the hands of destiny.  Stretching across 444 episodes, this TV series is available on Hotstar. 

9. Navy…Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal.

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Navya, a simple and culturally-oriented girl, falls in love with a handsome boy Anant, who belongs to an influential family. The family background and orthodox thinking of both families clash at every point. As they struggle for a perfect relationship, a cute love story is born.

The lead played by the charismatic Shaheer Sheikh, adds to the dreaminess of the series. This Star Plus TV series with 331 episodes is available on Hotstar.

10. Tere Shahar Mein

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A story of rich heiresses gone bankrupt in the wake of suicide committed by their father! Their shift from the glamours of Mumbai to the simplicity of Banaras, the struggle of adjusting to a new city while the bittersweet past looms over is tragedy laced with comedy.

Complications follow when the sensible Amaya Mathur falls for the polar opposite local— Rafi. Destiny packs some surprises for her. The bonding of sisters and the sacrifice of love are spiced-up with unexpected turns in this saga. The TV series is available on Hotstar with 222 episodes.

11. Dosti…Yaariyan…Manmarziyan…

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It is a story based on unconditional friendship, love-hate chemistry, and revenge.
Radhika is a sophisticated girl with big dreams. The mesmerizing life of Mumbai is her dream come true. A talented writer, she receives a job in Samaira’s s office, which changes their lives forever. Radhika Mishra and Samaira are polar apart, yet they become friends.

As misunderstandings sabotage their friendship, Radhika sacrifices her dreams for Samaira. Will Samaria discover the truth? Catch the TV series on Hotstar, spread over 118 episodes

Their charming storylines, unique characters, and the timeless concept of love-conquers-all of Indian Tv series give them a feel-good appeal. The heart-warming and soothing songs are a bonus. The characters, their roles, and unique stories will compel you to watch them again and again.

As cinema houses are in lockdown and movie-making is on the down-low, watch these evergreen romantic TV series to keep yourself entertained!

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