9 Dos and Don’ts on How To Do Cheat Meal

Are you overweight? Or do you like to maintain your body and for that are you doing any particular workout that’s bought your body to follow a strict diet?

Well anyone who works out and follows a strict diet will surely once in a while will notice that hand going to a large double cheese pizza. These are called cravings for “junk” food. It’s obviously a human tendency to play with our tastes. So what do you do? We at hints of life will tell you how to deal with this. Let’s see what a cheat meal is.

A cheat meal is something that you can consume only once in the entire day. This will help you maintain and work towards your goal and obviously will not gain you much weight. We don’t only eat food to control our weight but also to be healthy. As we see nowadays, we have so many toxins in food that can cause various health effects, so it’s better to follow a strict diet rather than fall ill eating junk.

There is something called a “cheat” day which means you eat all types of food that you were keeping away from, the entire day. This should be noted that you are allowed to cheat but not that frequently! Cheat meals should be once in a month or maybe in 2 months, but calling every day a cheat day will serve you no good. 

So it’s necessary to have a planned diet, that will help you achieve your goals. For example plan what you will eat in a day, plan when you would like to call it a cheat day or have a cheat meal, set up your calendar, and mark the days you have been following your plan.

9 Dos and Don’ts on How To Do Cheat Meal

1. Bonding First

For example, it’s your mom’s birthday or your family wants to go out for lunch so you can break your diet once in a while. Because why not! Don’t be a prick. Nobody likes a prick or a healthy diet freak. For the happiness of the family also it will help you bond with them and you will be feeling refreshed.

2. Do a Cardio or Some Kind of Exercise

working out

After fluffing your food pleasure, you can do  30-40 mins cardio, this will help you to burn down the fat and also will not divert you towards a goal.

3. Try to keep a calorie count

cheat meal calorie counter

When your out for a birthday party, or a family function be sure how much calories you are taking. So for example if you want to eat cake then don’t go for pizza or pasta.

4. Try Not To Have Anything Before Your Cheat Meal

This will help you to consume a cheat meal as a ‘break’ that means keep you tummy empty and then just eat your cheat meal. Don’t forget to workout after eating your cheat meal.

5. Eat limited

It’s hard for your body to react to a wonderful lunch or meal, but its very important to have self-control too. Because certainly, you don’t want to have this cheat meal break your workout and diet regime. Remember eating healthy is the secret to a healthy diet.

6. Don’t consume food with guilt

cheating meal in guilt

After eating their favorite meal, many have faced the guilt of questioning their bad food choices. Scary questions like, will my weight increase because I ate this? Or will I ever be able to follow and work towards my goals?

Answer to all these questions is that you have eaten your cheat meal only once in the day and maybe now you will only eat it after a month, so the only concern for you after eating your cheat meal should not be there. Get up and move on.

You will have to work out more for a day or so to burn off that cheat meal you had. but all that jazz is going to push your body to be fit. So don’t let guilt trip slide in.

7. Don’t Turn Your Cheat Meal Into a Cheat day/month/year!

You will start off with having your favorite food in the morning, and because of your petty self-control, your mind will keep nagging you that it’s cool to go for a round Deux. This becomes an entire cycle and you end up in a tub of Nutella.

So to avoid this thinking or one bad decision to take the better of you, GET UP WORK OUT AND BURN OFF that cheat meal sugar or fat.

8. Don’t Let That Peer Pressure Affect You

Say you have to head out with your friends for brunch this Sunday so you will first eat bananas and berries before heading for lunch with them. And when you’re at the restaurant you will also make a similar choice that you had before so you would order some banana salad or an avocado toast. If your friends tell you to eat an 80-calorie cheesecake you can agree with them but have a cheesecake that has fewer calories, like a banana pie cake that could only be made of banana and some amount of sugar-free powder. You are not only eating for yourself but your friends are happy too because you agreed with them.

9. Don’t Skip Your Workouts

workout after cheat meal

If you feel your body has drained out too much and that you cannot work out anymore, try not to stop. Instead, go to the gym 3 days a week and don’t quit.

Your body will also be fit and there will be blood circulation in the body. If too tired you can take a break but the break should be for like a day or two, but not more than that.


In the end its all about self control ad good choices. See where you can make any possible changes in your diet and stick to it. Treat yourself with cheat meals and do it the right way by following the do’s and don’ts from above.

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