11 Dos And Donts During Menstruation

While you are on your periods, you must keep a check on many things, which help with dealing with cramps to keep you safe. It is crucial to check up on the things you do and eat while you menstruate. There are a few things to keep away from and a few things to follow.

11 Dos And Donts During Menstruation

1. Yoga

Yoga is the best and most natural method to get relief from cramps during periods. Engaging yourself in yoga will relieve your cramps and improve your mood and blood circulation. Don’t go for extreme yoga for 1-2 hours. Instead, practice yoga for 15 minutes early in the morning. It will ease your period cramps.

2. Include Lots Of Fruits And Veggies To Your Diet

During menstruation, always avoid having junk food, fatty foods, dairy products, and fried foods. Instead, you can opt for fruits, juices and lots of green veggies. Having wholesome and nutrition-rich food helps you feel physically strong, and having juices will make you feel fresh. Also be sure not to eat pickles as it may increase the period cramps.

3. Change Sanitary Napkins/Tampons Regularly

Using a single sanitary pad for long hours increases the chances of infection and rotten odour during the menstruation cycle. You need to change your pads during heavy flow every two hours. Or else, you can change your sanitary napkin after every three to four hours.

4. Opt For Alternatives To Pads

The safer and more cost-effective option is to use menstrual cups, discs, cloth pads, period panties, etc., which are reusable, hence safer for the environment, your pocket, and pose close to no risks than pads and tampons. Remember to empty discs and cups as required and always sterilise before use.

5. Grace The Outdoors

When you’re on your period, you may not feel like exercising or doing yoga. All you may want to do is lie on the couch, eat chocolates and binge watch Netflix. In such case one of the best things you can do is go on a walk. Being outside can supercharge your mood, energise you and reduce stress.

While it is essential to listen to your body during menstruation, it is also necessary to get fresh air and a small amount of activity, rejuvenating and relieving you.

6. Speak About Your Flow

During menses, those who menstruate face a lot of problems. But due to a symbol of disgrace about periods in society, they feel unconfident to talk about periods. If you’re forced not to discuss periods, your problems will remain silent, which will, in turn, lead to an unhygienic menstruation cycle.

There is an immediate need to change the misconception about menstruation and talk openly about their flow like a normal bodily function.

7. Limit Intake Of Salty Food

Many people who menstruate experience bloating during their periods, which is why it’s best to avoid high amounts of sodium. At the same time, if you have already fallen down the sodium hole and are feeling a bit puffy, drink plenty of water so that you flush out the excess salt and your body can return to its normal state.

Cravings are understandable, and giving in to those cravings, while not a sign of weakness, is definitely something to avoid.

8. Say No To Cleansers With Artificial Fragrance

Using soaps, sprays, or creams with artificial fragrance can cause vaginal annoyance and should not be preferred. If you have a strong unpleasant vaginal odour, it is advised to see your gynaecologist if there is an infection or imbalance in your pH level that they can quickly treat.

Use unscented products, or opt for good old water; your vagina is self-cleansing and does not require any aid.

9. No Waxing

Skin becomes delicate during periods, so it is advised that you should not wax during menstruating as it will create rashes and might leave your skin rough. Sport those hairy legs and arms if you wish to; you look fabulous regardless of body hair!

10. Do Not Skip The Workout

It unquestionably feels better to stay on your couch all day rather than going to spin class, but practising your regular workout can help you feel better. It will help to re-energize you as well as help you with menstrual cramps.

If unable to follow your daily routine, opt for low-impact alternatives or anything that will keep your body moving at your own pace.

11. Avoid Painkillers

Many folks who menstruate can’t bear the pain and end up taking painkillers. It may give you temporary relief but can harm your health. Severe menstrual cramps are also pretty common in young adults. Taking even two painkillers a day during the first two days of the cycle is safe in such situations.

In case you need to take more than two painkillers each day of your period, you may seek an appointment with your gynaecologist. Instead, you can take a hot water bag and place it on your belly, which can ease your period cramps.

There is no doubt that those who menstruate know their body well and know what works for them. This article will help you navigate through your periods and give you a general idea of what is to be and not to be done.

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