Discover Bali and the Ravishing Island of Nusa Penida

The wanderlust within is always prompting me in those tiring tedious times for a fun getaway. So what if you can’t fly away right now, Hints of Life is here to give you a virtual tour of some of the most alluring and picturesque locations around the globe. Consider it as a virtual escape to all the places you have heard of and begin preparing for your next one with us. 

Kernel Travel Desire

To travel is to learn. With each trip I make be it solo travelling or in groups, the experience is life altering in many ways. Sure you familiarize yourself with many new people and places but that is just the minimalist essence of any travel.

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The quintessential zest of travelling lies with the experience and vibes you hold of the destination visited. Photographs and souvenirs are definitely going to stick with you but those firsthand experiences are what makes travelling worth the hype. 

Bali, Indonesia 

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Bali is an island located in Indonesia. Popularly known for the ‘it place’ by honeymooners, Bali has some very exquisite beaches and vast forest clad volcanic mountains. It houses the best of both beach and mountain taste. For vacations Bali is not that expensive too. You sure can spend on lavish hotels and experience world class hospitality but with it being dirt cheap roaming thrught the streests, renting a car and street shopping, all fall within budget.

Nusa Penida 

I have been to a handful of destinations in my home country India and abroad to Dubai, UAE as well. I place my safest bet on a beach destination when looking turn on my vacation mode. For the same reason, the place I most heartily admire and have wet dreams about is Nusa Penida Island, Bali. It is referred to as the Real Paradise of Bali and is located southwest of mainland Bali. This hidden ecstasy of Indonesia, is a small island just a 45 minute ferry ride from the mainland Bali. 

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This is a tranquil little secluded trinket of nature hidden away is among the least discovered island too. For this reason mainly, I desire to visit Nusa Penida. The inner wanderlust in me is all ears when it comes to both hiking and beach waves. Guess what? Nusa Penida is a combination of them both.

You have the beaches to where you have to hike down to. Let Hints of Life acquaint you to the most well known beaches of Nusa Penida that are a must visit and a major tourist attraction.

Angles Billabong

The clear blue and green waters with little sea minions in this place is a sight. Angles Billabong is famous for its natural swimming pool attached to the ocean. Call it Nature’s Made Infinity Pool !

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You can dive into the pool (at your own risk) when the tides are low. the locals however, are very adamant to see that no tourist gets down into the swimming pool when the waves are high. its wise to listen to what your guide has to suggest about getting clicked in the pool.

Broken Beach

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Broken? Sure. Beach ? Nah. Locally called Pantai Pasih Uug, this beach is literally broken. The waves have shown their effect, with continuously hitting the cliffs there and have created an arch right in between to allow the ocean to flow through the cliff into a pool. 

Kelingking Beach

The notoriously infamous Kelingking Beach, is shaped like a dinosaur’s head. You have to trek all the way down the mountain to reach the beach. There are no man made staircases. The locals have improvised and made some arrangements with bamboo. It is safe to climb down from here and most importantly, worth it!

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The beach at Kelingking is widely known for the sceneries. The sun ray’s making a very colorful compelling case both at sunrise and sunset.

Fun Tip – Get to know the locals. They have knowledge and access to some amazing secret spots.

Basically after going through all the Vlogs posted on YouTube for Nusa Penida, it is safe to assert that this is the most quaint place for some phenomenal photographs. The scenery is mind blowing plus Nusa Penida is pocket friendly. 
Once in my life I would certainly plan an excursion trip to this magnificent island. This dream of mine can wait until then.

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