12 Disadvantages of Computer Gaming


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disadvantages of computer gaming

A user/gamer has to be very careful about the damages gaming can cause. Just to make sure that you know everything that gaming can provide, let us discuss some dangers one is exposed to while playing such hi-tech games.

12 Disadvantages of Computer Gaming

1. Eye Strain

Source: allaboutvision

It is the most common harm that one is likely to suffer while using such technological devices. While staring at the screen, our blinking rate decreases and the eyes are not able to keep their normal moisture level. As a result, people face eye dryness and other such optic problems.  

2. Physical Issues

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Increased hours of gaming leads to reduced physical workout as the person keeps on sitting in the same spot for several hours. As a result, people suffer from chronic back, neck, and spine problems. Moreover, there are higher chances of a heart attack as well! 

3. Cyber Bullying

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There are a huge number of toxic gamers and bullies online who will just start to behave rudely with other players facing defeat. Sometimes, for absolutely no reason, they start to spread hate and discrimination. This leads to a great loss of the victims’ self-esteem. 

4. Aggressiveness

Source: polygon

Sometimes, gamers are unable to accept defeat or find a level too hard to complete resulting in them becoming irritated and angry. The worst part is, they just burst out on their family members and friends for no reason. Also, there are many cases where such people broke their expensive tools and instruments out of anger. 

5. Addiction

Source: healerspsychiatry

Many people face this issue of addiction where they just sit in front of the monitor screen for several hours subconsciously knowing that they are doing it in excess. They find it too hard to leave that controller or keyboard and remain seated for hours and hours.  

6. Time Wastage

Source: ventureacademy

As discussed above, people keep on playing the games for non-stop hours. This kills all of their precious time and when they realize it, it becomes too late to fix everything. As a result, many people have even ruined their careers! 

7. Money Wastage

Source: indiatoday

Some gaming industries provide some attractive in-game purchases to make profits. People even give a lot of money to buy these outfits that are of no use. In a way, they just waste hard-earned money for in-game ‘gun skins’ and stuff like that.  

8. Prone To Chronic Diseases

Source: synapsepain

Being in a harmful posture for hours can provide nothing except diseases including chronic ones! People even face heart diseases due to the addiction that makes you sit in that one position. Nothing can be worst than facing such dangerous issues because of the ‘sit-n-play’ of extended hours.  

9. Poor Academic Performance

Source: collegetransitions

Children who should play outside for the proper growth of their bones and brain are found sitting in front of the gaming screen. This results in obstructed growth of their brain and bones and the overall impact is that they become really poor at academics.  

10. Affected Study Hours

Source: mombehindthecurtain

Many children who play games are the students who must study for a better future. But instead of doing what they should, they give all of their energy and important hours to gaming. This leads to both destruction and wastage of the vital part of their life.

11. Affected Relationships

Source: goodtherapy

People give no time to their family as they are too busy playing games. That is why many families face problems like quarreling on small and normal things for no reason. These quarrels increase day by day. As a result, the relationship begins to ruin instead of growing.  

12. Mental Issues

Source: yotalks

Severely ill-managed gaming can lead to psychological issues like seizures! Looking at the flash on the screen for long hours can cause harm to the brain. Also, it could lead to a weakened memorizing power. 


Well, every coin has two sides. Similarly, gaming has some benefits and other harms. Playing games within the limit is fine, and doing so can provide many benefits. But it could destroy a normal life as one could face many problems starting from health issues to poor academic performance to ruined relationships! So there is no harm in playing games until we do so for a limited time and in a properly managed manner.  

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