Depression Is Curable: Tackling The Silent Killer

Depression is the new talk of the town but it exists since mankind evolved. Depression is a common disease faced by anyone due to stress, a chemical imbalance in the brain, sleep deprivation, etc. Though it was not known to humans, today in 21st-century, depression has its own castle in the world of chaos. Yet, depression is curable if one knows how to address it properly.

Current Scenario

Source: Harvard Health – Harvard University

A study says depression is not treated as a disease in low/middle-income nations. The irony is, still, 264 million people are suffering from depression globally and 8 lac commits suicide every year due to the same.

Then why depression is still not considered as a disease??? Why mental health is not a subject in school or colleges? Why a person who sees a psychiatrist is called a PSYCHOPATH?

There are so many questions and problems related to it, but still, humans are ostracizing it which can turn more dangerous for the whole world. In fact, a nation like India which is also known as YOUNGISTAN ranks among the most depressed countries.

Research also says that the age group between 18-29 are more likely to be depressed. The world has grown so competitive that every human wants to stand out in the crowd due to which it’s hard to maintain mental health which is leading to uncountable deaths.

In remote areas, 90% of people are unaware of the term depression and in urban areas, one doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Society has made mental health a joke; it is so easy to reveal about cancer but difficult to talk about depression. Maybe because of peer pressure that society may pass loose comments which are hard to handle. In a nation like India mostly people commit suicide due to peer pressure, relationships, and rejections.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that to achieve big and huge dreams one has to be mentally prepared for the path full of obstacles. Due to the entertainment industry, people are knowing much about the disease and its consequences, etc. Being mentally fit is as important as being physically fit. In Mahabharata, Krishna said whenever a problem takes birth, the solution comes along with it. One has to understand there is always a way.

How Depression Digs In?

How Depression Digs In?
Source: SciTechDaily

Depression can knock at your door anytime without any warning. Even a healthy and happy person can also suffer from depression. Due to overthinking, stress, sleep deprivation, chemical imbalance and mental pressure, one can get depressed.

Symptoms are really common like fatigue, no desire to work or move, urge to isolate from the surroundings, extreme sadness, overthinking, irritation, anxiety, etc. It’s hard to differentiate between short-living emotional stress and depression. If not treated at the right time it can even kill the person. The victim doesn’t really realise that he/she is in depression but close ones or kins may notice the change. It has therapies, etc. It is so bad that the victim sees no other way out and only thinks of ending his life and in some cases, they even go to asylums.

Every Disease Is Curable, Then Why Not Depression?

Every Disease Is Curable, Then Why Not Depression?
Source: Healthline

If treated at the right time, depression is curable and the person can be full of life again. There are therapies, a lot many consultants and especially family and close ones who can act as the best warriors in the field. The best way to fight depression is by opening up to the people. Taking out all the trash out helps in relaxing the brain and body. Distraction and outdoor activities, walking and there are so many ways to get back to normal. One should directly consult a doctor if he sees any of its symptoms.

Society Has A Huge Contribution

Today social media plays a huge role in one’s life. Trolls, loose comments can affect the mental health of the person which is unhealthy for life. Society being prejudiced, barely leaves a person alone and happy, and keeps on putting pressure, pushing and pulling in the rat race. One can comment and pass by without thinking once but what impact it has on the other person can’t be expressed. Emotionally sensitive people are more prone to fall in depression. It is important for society to understand that if one is committing suicide due to peer pressure then it’s called a culpable homicide, which should be stopped immediately.


Source: Mental Health Matters

Socialising also plays a huge role in a person’s life. Socialising is the best way to connect with people, but it brings you closer to negativity too. Your social groups also attribute to your mental health. Any form of snide remarks (disguised as jokes) should not be neglected. Surround yourself with people who contribute positive growth to your mental health.

Meditation Is A Blessing In Disguise

Meditation Is A Blessing In Disguise
Source: Health Magazine

Mental peace can prevent depression, which can be attained by meditation. Meditation and yoga are some of our ancient techniques which are still considered as a healing process. By doing simple meditation for 15 mins every day can help in fighting depression and attaining mental peace. Yoga keeps the body and mind fit. Pranayam, Surya Namaskar, and chanting OM are one of the most basic and easiest forms of meditation. Negative thoughts can lead to depression and by this simple change in diet and yoga can prevent depression. Along with it, having an optimistic outlook is important because nothing is easy and readymade in this world.

Life is full of struggles and we humans are embedded with superpowers to fight all the evils. But the use of powers should be known similarly acknowledgment and acceptance are equally important. Depression is really common and even psychiatrists are doctors so let’s not make it a taboo.

Fight back all the evils, all the power is within.

Stay Safe.

Don’t end life. Reach out.

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