Crying & the 5 Huge Benefits That You Get!

They are there when you are happy. They are there when you are sad (obviously). When crying, tears roll out for no apparent reason somehow at times too. They are not you physical friends but we are here to talk about them tears today. Isn’t it crazy how talking about crying and tears can make you feel weird. But it shouldn’t. Considering that crying is such a natural and the most basic human instinct, people need to be aware of how crying works.There are some positive benefits of it that is going to discuss . 

Views on Crying

It is allegedly believed that crying can stimulate the brain’s parasympathetic nervous system (PN). It is this PN that which plays a crucial role to recover and relax you. Them tears can trigger to release chemicals like Oxycontin and endogenous opioids which are the natural opioids the human body produces. As compared to men in the US, women cry about 3.5 times more every month, as per data. There are so many theories associated with crying.

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It is not just something that will make you feel weak or petty in front of others. Be proud if you cry. People cry and there are more than one reasons. Some people also desperately induce tears to feel better. Plus after an emotional catharsis, you feel content somewhere as far as emotional state of mind is concerned.
Hints of Life sheds some much needed benefits of crying.

Stress Reduction

As seen above those parasympathetic nervous system (PN) helps to send some waves of calmness across the body. If following what a study in 2014 found out that crying when stressed people relax and cope better. Tears flood automatically when in stress, but then there its aftermath too. After a certain time, you begin to feel better. 

We won’t ask you to try it though! Lol

Toxin Removal 

This one is a pretty evident and physical thing that induces tears to flow. If there are some debris, like smoke and dust, it will also remove them. Them toxins and negativity which adds up during stress is something that crying will help to resolve.

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It is needed to flush out toxins from the body. Toxins are like unneeded people who do collect over time but it is required to do away with them for a better and much cleaner life. 

Getting Mood Swings Straight 

Mood swings are those roller coasters that once you ride, it ends with mixed feelings. It is weird that those mood swings can come and go however they please. Let’s call them moody tenants. These moody tenants can become moody because of their pet cat called manganese. 

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Let me put it in simple terms for those of you scratching your head, mood swings can be triggered because of excess of manganese in your body. Crying helps to release stress and along with those tears manganese also oozes out. As a consequence, you feel tranquil and at ease.

Crying for that Maintained Blood Pressure 

All the implications that are attached with high blood pressure are very well known. You get free of cost heart failure, stroke, heart attack, dementia, kidney failure too

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But just like all weird facts are backed up by science and studies, it is now proven that low to moderate crying can cause your blood pressure to be normalized. But be alert, because in times of intense crying a danger of a steady pulse is also there.


Pain, both physical and emotional will automatically activate the reflex action of tears. Tears are natural in physical pain. But in times of emotional pain, tears that fill up our eyes are good as they bring about an effect of self-soothing. This is due to the fact that Oxycontin and endorphins are released. As seen above, both them chemicals are feel good ones. 

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So the next time you cry, don’t think that it’s just been a total waste of time. You earned for yourself the above benefits and that too unplanned

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