10 Most Common Breakfast Myths

Break the fast= Breakfast

Breakfast is the most debatable meal. Besides, you have heard many fitness influencers convincing you to start your day with a healthy breakfast. If you have skipped breakfast before, this pandemic has surely made you sit down to have a delicious ‘maa ke haath ka breakfast’.

10 Most Common Breakfast Myths

1. Desi food is not healthy

For some, Desi foods are not a breakfast option. We are greatly influenced by the Western breakfast culture of having an English/American style breakfast. But, there is no way that desi homemade foods are unhealthy. Poha, upma, idli/dosa are a few healthy breakfast meals we have grown up eating. Also, they are easy to prepare. If you think Desi food is unhealthy, so are waffles and sugar pastries.

2. Skipping breakfast aids in weight loss

I have heard many people say “I’m on a diet, so I skip breakfast” or ” skipping the morning meal will help me lose weight faster.” However, it doesn’t work that way. Having a sedentary lifestyle can lead you to eat packaged foods. Also, skipping breakfast will make you crave chips or sodas whenever your tummy rumbles.

3. It is stomach filling

We have all heard our mothers telling us to have breakfast as it is a stomach-filling meal and will fuel the day. Yes, it will stop you from snacking all day and instantly energize you.

4. Skipping your A.M meal can make you hungry

Many believe that skipping the breakfast meal can make you feel hungry at odd times of the day. Therefore, they tend to overeat at lunch and snack frequently. A research study states that there is no definite evidence that links skipping breakfast to people snacking throughout the day. If you feel hungry between your breakfast and lunch it probably means the lack of fibre foods in your breakfast.

5. Most important meal of the day

It is not completely true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the first meal you consume after your body has been in a fasted state all night. But, that is not the whole picture. What you eat throughout the day, is more important than when you eat it. 

6. Muscle loss

Will skipping breakfast make you lose muscles? The answer is NO

It is almost similar to not losing muscle if you skip one workout. The human body takes 16 hours of fasting to break down muscle mass. Hence, the morning meal does not lead to muscle loss.

7. It takes a lot of effort

Some easy-to-prepare breakfast options include fruit bowls, pancakes, rice crisps, peanut butter with brown bread, and oats. These breakfast ideas can be whipped in a matter of 10 minutes and some in a minute or two. It takes 10 minutes to plate scrambled eggs with toast and a cup of tea.

8. Orange juice is a healthy breakfast staple

According to an old jingle– the A.M meal without OJ is like a day without sunshine.

In contrast, doctors advise it is better to eat the actual orange fruit. This is because fruit juices are loaded with sugars twice the amount of that is present in the actual fruit. In addition to that, consuming an orange can give you enough fiber and Vitamin C.

9. Eating breakfast can aid in weight loss.

Just like skipping breakfast will not aid in weight loss, enjoying it will not make you lose weight. Avoid late-night snacking and include nuts and fruits in a bowl of oats as this can help you lose weight in the long term. However, this does not prove that eating breakfast will lead to weight loss. If you feel like skipping breakfast on specific days, go ahead and listen to your body.

10. Having breakfast improves metabolism

Having a morning meal does not necessarily increase metabolism. There is no connection between them both as metabolism depends on your total food consumption during the day. Also, studies have shown that you burn an equal amount of calories whether you skip your breakfast or not.

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