Coffee Deserves All The Love In The World


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Coffee Deserves All The Love In The World

My favourite TV mom, Lorelai Gilmore said,

And I have never related to a set of words more. Coffee is, without a doubt, life. It is essentially the best thing in life.

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When I say this, I do not mean to offend fellow tea lovers. But coffee truly deserves all the love in the world. Coffee is just this zing of energy that wakes you up like no one else. It soothes you from within, taking away the blues with every sip of your drink. It is this frothy, creamy shot of goodness, zest, and energy that sways over your feet like a cool wave on the seashore.

History of coffee’s journey around the globe

Our tryst with coffee begins from the ancient coffee forests that can be traced back to Ethiopia. Word spread, and coffee plantations reached heights in the Arabian Peninsula. It soon became a popular drink served not only in homes but also in coffee houses called ‘Qahveh Khaneh’, open to the public, where coffee was enjoyed with conversations, music, performances, games, etc. It kindled a flame, brightening the social milieu as is evident from its popularity in the area. These coffee houses were pegged as ‘Schools of the Wise’, a storehouse of the important and current.

Pilgrims to the holy city of Mecca, brought this ‘Wine of Arab’ to different parts of the world, including India.

The coffee plantation can be credited to the Indian Sufi saint, Baba Budan who on his pilgrimage, brought some of the famous coffee beans back to his homeland from Mocha (Yes! The source of the tasty mocha coffee beans.) Who knew these beans were going to moch(a) us crazy? Pun Intended.

The coffee plantation began from his courtyard in his home in Karnataka from where it spread to the hills known as Baba Budan Hills.

And this is how we were blessed with the sweet taste of coffee.

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Why coffee?

Coffee is a blessing and here are some reasons why you should go for it.

First and foremost, it is tasty. Nothing can beat the taste of a glass of cold coffee on a hot scorching summer day. It acts as a respite, energizing the very soul of one. Espresso can be your partner on those all-nighters you pull in the future. Your date needs a spark, and that spark, besides your chemistry, of course, can be a latte or a cappuccino. Coffee in and with cakes is a wonder, and everybody deserves a taste of this goodness.

Secondly, it can help fight diseases given the presence of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are simply your protective shield against diseases, possible illnesses, and weaknesses. Owing to the rich presence of chlorogenic acid in coffee, this has to be your new best friend. All in all, it is a protective remedy that actually tastes good.

Thirdly, coffee can give you a memory boost. Studies have found that it tends to affect parts of the brain that can lead to a short-term memory boost.

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Fourth, coffee not only energizes you but also helps improve the body’s endurance, thereby aiding in exercise. Basically, it acts as a band-aid on the pain from the exercise and strengthens muscle contraction. Thus, it improves endurance and drives away fatigue.

Fifth, there have been studies that have shown a connection between coffee drinking and lower rates of depression. The studies suggest coffee drinkers have a lower risk of depression. There is no surety as to how this works but caffeine, dopamine, and serotonin, all of which are found in coffee is considered as effective in controlling mood.

Sixth, it can double as a skincare remedy. It has properties that prevent skin inflammation and acne breakouts. A coffee face mask can help in firming your skin, exfoliate your skin by removing the dirt and unwanted particles, and freshen up your face.

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Take care to ensure that your coffee drinking does not exceed limits; after all, too much of anything is not good.

All in all, this wonderful drink is just what you need right now. Let us get going. Pick up that cup of coffee, lounge with your favorite book, and drive your boredom away.

And right now, more than ever,

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