9 Cocktail Attires You Can Wear At Cocktail Party

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What happens when you get invited to cocktail parties? While wearing a tracksuit may seem like an ideal fashion statement, do not do that. The dress code mentioned in the invitation gives a start, but what if there is none? What do you do then? The cocktail guide that will suit your liking, and more importantly your personality is hard to find, but not exactly an impossible task. Read this complete guide to cocktail attire for men before you choose something that will not go well with the occasion in hand. 

9 Cocktail Attires You Can Wear At Cocktail Party

1. Subtle Suits

Tuxedos and cocktail parties do not make a good fit. Make sure that you have kept the nature of the cocktail party in mind, and clock your clothes around the theme. A cocktail party is an informal party, which only means that the attire you choose to wear should follow that message as well. With a slight inclination in the more formal direction, dressing up too formally would be a mistake.

So, wearing a suit with a tie and well-fitted trouser pants would be a good idea, but to wear a three-piece tuxedo would be over the top. If you are going to a party to enjoy, the attire you choose should be comfortable as well. This also means that you should not be found wearing something too casual like joggers and a t-shirt or jersey and shorts.

So, keep in mind to choose something that will be extremely comfortable. For example, if you are at a wedding party, you do not want to overdo it or even underdo it and insult the host. Taking away the attention of the groom would not be your best idea.

2. White Button-down Shirt

There are certain items that every individual must have in their closet. When it comes to men, it is a white shirt that is a classic and can be worn with trousers and shoes to obtain different looks ranging from casual, semi-formal, or formal. A white shirt saves the perfect outfit for almost all occasions. Throw in the correct shoes and blazer to bring a look. A classy tie or bowtie would be the right accessory to don along with it.

Fitted white or powder blues for trendy and chic evening costumes make a perfect fit. A classic or luminous patterned button shirt can lend cocktail clothing a new edge as long as they are not over the top and it does not make you look as though you wore all the clothes in your closet. Do not be scared of presenting styled shirts with a traditionalistic feel.

3. Right Trousers

Trousers can make or break the look. The correct pair of trousers can craft you the talk of the party. Although a pair of jeans ideally go with every look and occasion, it might just not work out here. Wearing a pair of jeans in cocktail attire would make it an outfit for an outdoor adventure and not one for a formal, semi-formal social gathering.

You should also pay close attention to the fit of the trousers, and decide which one is the best suited for your body type, and what makes you feel comfortable. Therefore, pair semi-formal trousers with a white shirt or colour-coordinate them with the blazer of choice. Choose a complimentary pair of shoes for a good look.

4. Shoes

Like every other menswear, the perfect pair of shoes adds a tinge of elegance to your overall look and can take your look from zero to ten. Never compromise when it comes to shoes. A typical Oxford round toe leather is a timeless classic, this is the pair of shoes to own. Choose loafers if the party is less formal. Remember to select grey, navy, and black shoes to add class and chic to the entire outfit.

Do not go for funky-coloured sneakers, even for an informal gathering. Go for subtle colours when it comes to your sneakers, like tan, black, or brown. Play safe and wear leather platform shoes or loafers. Make sure that you do not go for funky colours unless you know for a fact that you can pull it off well along with your outfit.

5. A Tie

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A tie with a few prints is a casual and attractive look for formal occasions, and works around the clock. It is a smart and classic approach, provided that it gives the necessary effortlessness to a cocktail appearance. Slim ties can be a cocktail-handy item. Incorporating textured connections and going for lighter blues, reds, or greens gives an illusion of colour that is neither misleading nor gaudy. You can always remove it later as the night proceeds, but it has to be there just to make sure that you look put together at least at the start of the party.

Investing in a bow tie is a good start. Bow ties or ties offer variety in beautiful patterns and textures. For those who do not have a collection yet, it is never too late to begin and experiment!

6. Cocktail Socks

A pair of socks for cocktail attire in men can make or break the outfit. If the theme is formal, no sweaty pins should show, so investing in a pair of over-the-calf socks is necessary. While choosing the socks, coordinate the sock colour to your pant colour to make them safe. Match or contrast your sock colour with your suit.

If the socks show, that should not ruin your outfit. Hence, choose what you are going to wear quite carefully. You could even opt for contrasting colours, but make sure that they go well with the outfit and you are confident enough to pull it off and know that you can make it work.

7. Color The Shirts

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The white shirt has always been a lifesaver and can be worn for any event, formal or informal. It is a classic and best-suited choice for a cocktail event. If you feel like you can pull off an experiment or are in the mood to experiment, you can always go for colors and patterns of shirts.

The safe choice is a light color, but a dark-colored shirt can serve as a statement. The color of the shirt should complement the color and texture of the jacket or blazer. This will also say a lot about your style so make sure that you choose a well fitted shirt, or a style that goes along with your personality and your body type.

8. Belts

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Let the classic brown be, black be the party holder. Invest heartily to avoid going over the hassle for a long time. Choose good quality leather and suede, stripes, and various other textures that will, without doubt, up to your outfit and give that very edge your attire needs.

9. Accessories

Choose accessories that complement your attire. Too fancy it takes the attention away, or too dull, it makes for a boring or disorganized vibe to the dress. Your accessories could include pocket squares, wallets, watches, scents, and everything in between. These accessories should add that edge, drama, and wow factor to your outfit.

Try the power of leather without going overboard with your accessories. Going overboard with your accessories could make you the laughter stock of the party. Choose comfort, originality, and what represents your style the best. 

The classic pocket square can be perfect. A matching shirt and pocket square shades is the best way to go. If you have never used a pocket square but are inclined to indulge in one, the right time is now what are you waiting for? Begin with the classic choice of going with the white pocket square. You could also add a couple of cuff-links or a smartwatch.

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Wearing a tuxedo can be a bit too much; a semi-formal jacket paired with trousers can be the perfect cocktail attire when sorted per the event timings in mind. Choose the cuff links you can pull. Shoes exhibit the personality of a man. Carefully experiment with patterns like whole-cut or double monk.

It will be smart to research the kind of party you get invited to, and more importantly, to know the cuts and styles that suit your personality and body type. These two factors will elevate your look and add to your confidence with the knowledge that this dress compliments you.

If you are curious about the best way to dress up a casual cocktail, the aesthetics is super easy and comfortable. It includes a clean, well-fitted shirt with a pair of tailored trouser pants. The quality of cut, fabric, material, color, and most importantly, the attire fit is the secret to a successful cocktail party. Still confused, go for a jacket, a pair of dress shoes, and a non-descriptive tie.

Voila! You are ready to steal hearts with your fashion.

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