4 Classified Causes of Mental Illness

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World metal health day

The physical wounds and their challenges could be seen, but what about the invisible marks of mental impact over them? No one is dealing with it, even not aware. Remember, a physical wound doesn’t harm much as a cognitive impairment does. This World Mental Health Day, let us further educate ourselves.

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Life is a war where fate is decided by just a right or wrong action. It is not about victory or defeat; it’s about those hundreds of wounds that were left.

People are dealing with anxiety, loneliness, distress, depression, fear, isolation, restriction, and uncertainty; and telling, “I am OK, what about you?”

This day, 10th October, deal with all your hidden issues and realise that we are with you. You are not alone. The day is celebrated as World Mental Health Day, victory over mental illness.


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It is a World Federation for Mental Health program that was initiated on 10th October 1992.
It raises awareness in the global community about all the critical mental health conditions and the efforts that we can make together.

According to a survey, 415 million people across the world currently have a mental illness. 13% of the total burden of diseases is contributed by mental illness, one of the most ignored disorders.

Mental illness refers to mental disorders which bring behavioural, emotional, and psychological health changes. Thus, illness is very ordinary; a person continues their life only with minor modifications and helps from professionals if required.

It is very tragic to know that every 40 seconds that pass by, someone takes someone by suicide.
Also, apart from this, many recorded suicide attempts leave an even worse impact than suicide.

Aim Of World Mental Health Day

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Mental stability and health is a fundamental human right, and it must be accomplished by every person, whether poor or rich.

The world mental day aims to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).
UHC explains access to quality mental health services, financial help, and all the facilities they need in this global health emergency.

It is essential to financially help these people as it is observed that generally, the victims belong to low or middle-class developing countries.

The theme for World Mental Health Day 2020 is
Mental health for all: greater investment, greater access

Every single contribution matters; each effort brings a tornado of change. People need your help, so invest more so they can access more.

Practical aspects of WMHD include suicide prevention, providing access to mental health treatments, and arising campaigns on your own. We can help by organising drives at the workplace, sparing time for people who are affected, and sharing lime green badges.

Symptoms And Causes Of Mental Illness

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Symptoms of mental illness vary among people; however, some are common.
In the beginning, there is fluctuation and emotions, thoughts, and behaviour.

Meanwhile, they start feeling down, confused, not concentrated at a point, excess guilt, excess fear, mood swings, low energy, hallucination, sleeping problems, addiction to alcohol and drugs, and suicidal thoughts. They withdraw from their hobbies and people.

They may be various causes for mental illness as illustrated:

1. Inherited Characteristics

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A family history of mental illness can bring the same to you. There are various genes for controlling mental disorders, so you must be cautious for self-care and routine check-ups if you already have a family history.

2. Stress And Problems

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If you are dealing with a difficult phase of your life, and it’s giving you a lot of stress and sleeplessness, you should take it as a warning alarm for the deteriorating mental conditions.

3. Mental Disorders

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Certain chemicals in our brains are known as neurotransmitters that carry signals from our body to the brain and vice versa. Any manipulation in their concentration can initiate a mental disorder.

4. Pre-Birth Side Effects

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If a pregnant woman consumes drugs, alcohol, or any other toxic substance, then it can leave a permanent neural disorder in the fetus. As soon as the baby takes birth, he may develop the symptoms according to the situation.


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Eat well for better mental health, mostly the fruits and vegetables containing Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, beans, and nuts.

Keep yourself active, do regular exercise, It will help your brain and other organs to stay healthy and concentrate. Also, it would help you to achieve good sleep.

AVOID consuming toxic substances, ask for help, take a break from your monotonous schedule, and talk about your feelings with your loved ones. Visit a psychiatrist or a specialised doctor.

Don’t isolate yourself; it’s OK to have some hardships in life; fight them!

DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR HELP! You do not have to go through hard times alone. Take the help of friends and family and therapists. Nothing can replace going to therapy and working on yourself.

Contribute to this World Mental Health Day with some time and donations. Spend time with your friends, family, colleagues, and yourself too.

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