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Chakras: 7 Secret Channels of Spiritual Energy!

Basic guide to chakra meditation.

Hindu Pilgrimage: Sacred And Tranquil 4 Dhaams!

Moksha is the ultimate aim of human life. Each religion is the path one takes to achieve moksha or salvation. Every religion has a...

Jauhar: Unforgettable Tales of Rajput Veerangnas

India possesses an esteemed history of valor, courage, and sacrifice. History remembers the irrefutable tales of Jauhar by the Rajput Veerangnas, the brave lady...

6 Tales Around The Moon That Are Fascinating

A night sky is filled with numerous stars and the moon shining brightly. But a full moon at the night brings a calming and...

Would You Accept The Gift Of Immortality?

Quick question: if I offer you the gift of time – you’ll stay the same age, would you want to live forever? In grandma’s tales,...

5 Benefits Of Meditation You Must Know

How does meditation help humans?  With prolonged exposure to urban and semi-urban settings, most of us tend to lose connection with ourselves. We forget to...

Dreams Are Mind-Boggling And Cool: 8 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Dreams are fascinating. There is an underlying mystery behind dreams with regards to why we dream, why some dreams occur more than others and...

Self-Respect: Its Cruciality And 7 Powerful Ways To Attain And Maintain It

In today’s world, we are more used to knowing what Parker from Lincoln, Nebraska feels about himself, because he could post that on social...

Setting Goals And Obtaining Clarity To Achieve them

How many of you have a clear picture of what you want out of life? Sure, we know what we want but why do...

The Power of Habits: 3 Steps to a New You

“It's funny how so many of us want to die when we want to start living “ Akshay knew he was going to die. He didn’t...

Let’s Write Love Letters to Ourselves

“You are your only savior”. This is something I’ve read so many times and felt with an unfamiliar intensity every single time....

Practice Self Love in These Beautiful 8 Ways (They Work!)

Hey you! Yes you! Did you know your are the most unique and special person in this word?You are deserved to be loved, and...

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