Carve Out a ‘Me Time’ and Know Yourself Better

Me Time

We are so occupied in our mundane yet complicated life that carving out an all “me time” is a far-fetched reality. Lucky are those who are able to do what pleases them, appeals to their souls, and gives them insight. These people know themselves a little better than us, have more control over their emotions, and are more kind to themselves. This is what we all should strive for.

What Is “Me Time”?

‘Me Time’ should be a time of a day, a week, or a month (depending upon your schedule) cut out by you, for yourself. It is a good practice if you are able to schedule your me-time every day of the week. Do whatever you feel like, eat, sleep, talk, paint, knit, and the list is endless.

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Any activity you choose should bring you a step closer to yourself and break your mental block. Take yourself out on a coffee date, pamper yourself at a salon, charity at an NGO or whatever butters your crumpets.

Why Is It Important?

The way you know your body, your strong suit, your weaknesses, your physical attributes, your medical conditions, etc are all on the exterior. Make an attempt to dig deeper into your true inner self and ask deep scintillating questions. Plus be true to yourself. The impact your me-time activity or the revelations of your probing self questions will bring about is truly a reflection of your bare self. Knowing what is causing turbulence, inner turmoil, stress or anxiety will yield positive results beyond what you expected.

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From Where To Begin?

We always make attempts to know our partners, spouses, parents, siblings and friends. Little do we know that first we need to start with ourselves, and get to know ourselves better. It is totally fine if you are new to this. Many people are still unaware of this beneficial process. Let’s dive into how you commence processing of getting to know yourself better.

Spare a Few Minutes

For the beginner audience, it is crucial for you all to know that you don’t have the JOB to find a connection with yourself in the very first sessions. It takes days, months and sometimes years to get to know your true self. Do not rush or force yourself to do anything. Start by sparing a few minutes and then gradually increase the time if you like. In this time, where you attempt to know yourself, you can do whatever you feel is closer to your soul.

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Just to put across ideas, you can either pen down anything you feel like in your journal, pursue any hobbies, eat or drink your favorite food and beverages, indulge in a good read, peaceful mediation, involve in gardening, painting, etc.

Make it a Habit

Starting this practice of doing some soul searching will only yield positive results when carried religiously and made into a habit. Don’t leave it halfway. This journey of getting to knowing yourself a little closer might seem tough and boring too. But in the end it will be all worth it.

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Be True To Yourself

The very foundation of the getting to know yourself drill is TRUTH. Being true to nobody else but yourself is the ultimate goal here. Imagine that with each passing day into this exercise, a layer is peeled off. And each day you get closer to your core. If and only if you are honest, non judgmental and genuine will the layers come off easily. Remember you are doing this for you.

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What Results Can You Expect?

First and foremost, inner peace and transparency. When you are Transparent and sincerely with yourself, there can be no elements bothering you from within. It is this tranquility that will prove beneficial in times of distress. You can then be able to get a hold of yourself. You get to have control.

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Through these practices, you are definitely to come across and dig up an entirely wonderful new person from inside you. that person will be your companion for life, come what may.

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