4 Budget-friendly Low Maintenance Pets You Can Own

Everyone needs a pet in their lives at some point in time. But they are hesitant to get one due to its high demands and lack of time.

Having a pet can be a stress-buster, especially for people who live alone. Not everyone needs people around them to keep them happy; sometimes, all you need is a cute and loving pet!

Cats and dogs are quite common, but, at the same time, need a lot of attention and care. Finding budget-friendly low maintenance pets for an apartment or a problematic living situation is a very tough nut to crack. But we have got you covered!

Budget-friendly Low Maintenance Pets You Can Have

1. Hamster

4 budget-friendly low maintenance pets you can own
Source: Popsugar

Tell me one person who doesn’t smile after hearing the name of this cute, fluffy ball of happiness. Those tingling eyes are to die for!

These creatures are excellent pets and can go on for long periods without supervision. They perfectly fit the frame for people who are gone away for days for work. And the best part about a hamster is that they don’t even have a lot of demands – a comfy bed, food, cage, and lots of tumblers for them not to get bored.

Hamsters are light for the pocket. They survive for only two years, and it might be a big blow for you when they die. Beware of those adorable eyes, or you might never be able to say goodbye!

2. Turtle

Source: www.deviantart.com

When somebody said that few animals are fascinating and are ideal to be a pet, he was talking about a turtle for sure.

Another option as a pet for people who do not stay at home all day, turtles live a very long life with minimalistic needs – food and water. Make sure that you know your turtle right as different species might have varying demands to be fulfilled.

Get yourself a turtle if you can’t take losing a pet, for they fit the shoes perfectly.

3. Betta Fish

Betta Fish
Source: www.buildyouraquarium.com

If you thought that all kinds of fish are easy to take care of, then you are wrong. Many species of fish require a lot of care and attention and, most importantly, a lot of cleaning.

These vibrant Betta fishes prove to be good pets for people looking for budget-friendly low maintenance pets at home. All they need is a fishbowl and fish food. You don’t have to clean their water pots very often. Ask a fish consultant for what kind of floating vegetation they need, and you will be fine.

Get this beautiful and colorful underwater creature to adorn the tables of your home.

Beware of male betta fishes as they don’t like another male’s company, so do not put them in the same bowl.

4. Canary And Doves

Canary and doves
Source: www.mypetience.com

If you are a soft-spoken person and do not prefer loud birds like parrots, then Canary and doves are the best options. They tend to be skittish, so they always need a company of another bird.

When you decide to go for them, make sure you buy the biggest cage possible for their more effortless movement. These birds might not be so engaging like other birds, but their cute little chirps will make your day!

They might be low maintenance pets, but they surely need a lot of space to fly, toys for mental enrichment, clean cages, food, and water every day. Brace yourselves and your birds because it is going to be a long ride with them.

Before you choose to buy any of these pets, do keep a few things in mind. Your work schedule shouldn’t affect their health, and they have to be taken regularly to a vet for a checkup. Sure, these pets come under the low maintenance category, but one wrong step can end up killing them, do thorough research on their needs as it is utterly required. Do not go for the pets who require 24/7 care and attention if you are a newbie pet owner. You never know where you might want to shift to, leaving them behind.

So, which one of the above pets fits your picture? Let us know in the comments.

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