BreadTalk: Redefining The Bakery Sector In India

BreadTalk is Singapore’s leading lifestyle bakery chain. Founded in July 2000, the first outlet of BreadTalk opened at Bugis Junction, Singapore, and it has shown some significant growth since then, receiving thousands of franchise enquiries, being awarded the SPBA Most Promising Brand Award and voted as Most Popular Brand by customers, all only within 2 years of its foundation.

Now this franchise has acquired an exemplary presence in the Middle East as well as in Europe. The launch of this unique bakery has taken the art of bread-making to a whole new level. It has truly revolutionized the bakery industry not only in Asia, but throughout the world.  

World Famous 

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BreadTalk may have started in Singapore, but it certainly did not end there. In only a few years, this brand acquired global recognition and opened around 1000 outlets in 17 countries, hugely popular in South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines (to name a few) among many other regions across the world.

Bakery Layout

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Granted, there is no seating area in this bakery. It is a good spot to pick up some treats to nibble on later. If one fancied a look at the marvellous treats that this bakery puts on display, then you need not even set a foot inside this wondrous creation. Thanks to the vast open entrances and glass interiors, all passersby can get not only a whiff but also a peek of BreadTalk’s glorious baked products, enticing all the customers to treat their taste buds to the baked goodness.

Open Views

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One could say that BreadTalk hides nothing from the customers. It’s all about transparency. With the glass facade all across the interiors, one can clearly see all the products on display before even stepping in, preparing the customers for what’s in store for them- a blast of scrumptious baked delicacies. 

Unique Products

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From sweet to savoury, there is no limit to the variety of what can only be justifiably described as culinary magic served in this bakery. A wide assortment of Sweet and Savoury buns, Steam cakes, Dry cakes, Savoury puffs, loaves, cookies, and sandwiches are some of BreadTalk’s specialties, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. All products are one of a kind and each one is prepared by bakers with the best experience, skills and most of all, a love for baking.

Innovative Service

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The appealing interiors and mouth-watering treats are only half of what makes this bakery chain special. BreadTalk serves its customers with the use of the “Tong & Tray” and “Pick and Pay” service. The customers are provided with a tray so they can follow a path and select products on display on both sides, which are picked up and placed on the trays by the staff, and end up at the payment counter for the customers to pay for and enjoy their delicious choices.

Signature Products

BreadTalk makes its products using only the finest ingredients from all across the seven seas. While all of them are highly recommended, There are some that really take the cake (pun intended). Some of their signature creations comprise of:

Flosss Bun

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Yes, that’s “Flosss” with three S’s. BreadTalk launched its signature creation, the savoury Flosss Bun on the same day the brand was established, and has sold millions since then. 

Japanese Light Cheesecake

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A cheesecake so light you might as well be chewing on a cloud. This airy treat gives a melt-in-the-mouth sensation with every bite.

Ultimate Chocolate Messy Bun

Source- Breadtalk

There’s nothing more irresistible than a delicious chocolaty mess on your plate. So what is this ultimate goodness? It is a Danish pastry glazed with thick chocolate ganache, and it is worth getting messy over.

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Pair these up with their signature Kopi coffee and you have got yourself a feast!  

Did your mouth just start watering? Then what are you waiting for? This is your lucky day! BreadTalk opened up outlets in Select City Walk (Saket), Galleria Mall (Gurgaon), and Mall of India (Noida).

BreadTalk imparts fantastic offerings for both Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians, a culinary haven for all with a sweet (and savory) tooth.

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