Books Vs. Kindle: Which is Better and How to Choose

Books Vs. Kindle, a choice that every bibliophile faces at least once in their lives. Though E-book readers are all the rage right now, Paperbacks and Hardcovers have been the reigning classics of the reader-world; however, readers are now divided between the two mediums- electronic and physical. The biggest question that plagues them is whether buying a kindle is worth it at all. They are often confused in choosing the option that fits their needs better. However, like all other things in life, this issue also doesn’t have one definite solution. Different people have different lifestyles and should make the decision accordingly. 

What Is A Kindle?

Before deciding between Books Vs. Kindle, first let’s know more about what a Kindle is. A Kindle is an electronic reader which mimics a book. The main advantage of a kindle that differentiates it from a phone or a tablet is its screen. The screen of a Kindle is eye-friendly and behaves like a physical book. No minimal backlight is required while reading a Kindle under sunlight. 

Books Vs. Kindle, Which Is Better?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Which is better in the battle of Books Vs. Kindle? There is nothing inherently better about a book or a kindle; it all depends upon your personal preferences. However, some factors have been considered to create a pros and cons list, which might help you make a judgment.

1. Feel

If you are a person who gives importance to how the reading material feels, then Physical books are your way to go. They have an inherent fragrance, which only gets more delicious with time. If you are an avid reader, then you definitely know what it means! The pages turn yellow with time and become more beautiful. In this aspect, kindle is a little boring. It is not much different from a phone or a tablet (except in its screen built). There is no fragrance or feel.

2. Portability

Some readers can carry volumes of books with them, but if you are someone who likes to pack light, then kindle is the way to go. There are no second thoughts between choosing one among Books Vs. Kindle, as Kindle surely wins here in the case of ease of portability. 

3. Economically

If you are someone who likes to have a cost-benefit analysis, it will be tricky for you to decide between Books Vs. Kindle. It depends upon how much you read- if you are a super avid reader who finishes ten books a month, then kindle would be the right choice for you. But for someone who reads about 3-4 books every two months, the poll sways either way- both Kindle and Physical books would cost approximately the same. On the other hand, if you read occasionally, and finish about 3-4 books a year, then physical copies of books are your way to go!

Also, it is only beneficial if you have your books in PDF forms already with you; otherwise, you first purchase a Kindle and then a Kindle e-book.

4. Notes

If you are a student and habitually make annotations, both options can work. You can easily highlight in a kindle and make notes as quickly as in a paperback with a pencil. However, it might be a little challenging to scan through your notes for a second reading. A book, on the other hand, is much easy to flip and find annotations. 

5. Academia

For people who are into research-related courses, between Books Vs. Kindle, the latter is more beneficial. Researchers read an immense number of books, and a kindle will surely help with that. 

6. Environment

Kindle is hailed as being environmentally friendly; however, this assertion is debatable. While paper books contribute to deforestation, the production process of a kindle consumes its own sweet amount of natural resources. The disposal of electronic items also becomes tricky. You can always choose to buy second-hand physical copies of books if buying new ones makes you uncomfortable. So it is up to you to decide which way you want to go. 

7. Time

If you mainly read during the night time or while traveling, reading books can be uncomfortable because of the lack of light. But in a Kindle, a backlight allows you to read even in complete darkness.

Nothing can beat a physical book, but lives have changed in this world of 2021, and the judgment only depends upon your lifestyle and needs. I hope this article helped you in concluding the battle between Books Vs. Kindle for you. Whichever medium you end up choosing, I wish you a Happy Reading!

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