11 Best Types Of Honey From Different Brands


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11 Best Types Of Honey From Different Brands

The diversity of honey depends upon the flower and the location from where the honey is extracted. India has been known for its varied climate and varied terrains. These aid in hosting different flora, ultimately leading to the breeding of many varieties of honey. Due to this, one can find several forms and types of honey in the country.

The different honey varieties differ in their aroma, taste and have their own characteristics.

11 Best Types Of Honey From Different Brands

1. Clover honey

This is very popular in America. It is originally from New Zealand and Canada. It is best suited for baking, sauces, and dressing as it has floral, sweet with a hint of a sour aftertaste. It is available in amber color or water white. Clover honey is a thick, rich syrup made by honeybees that assemble the nectar of clover plants. It’s mild and smooth in flavor and light in color, making it a favorite choice among honey lovers.

2. Acacia honey

It has a light amber color. It has a sweet taste with floral accents. It does not alter the taste of tea or oatmeal once added. Acacia honey is high in fructose and low in glucose, making it good for diabetics, acne, and skin conditions. Acacia honey is great for sweetening without modifying the taste or the aroma of beverages. The honey is collected from Robinia pseudoacacia and not from the acacia family.

3. Manuka honey

It is produced in New Zealand from tea tree flowers and is a mono-floral honey. It is rare dark-colored honey. It is often used to stimulate the recovery of burns and even diabetic ulcers, sore throats as it acts as an antibacterial agent.

4. Wildflower honey

It is produced by combining nectar from many different wildflowers. It varies considerably in color, aroma, and taste. It is fruity and light. This acts as a cough suppressant. It reduces inflammation in the gut and is beneficial in improving overall health.

5. Eucalyptus honey

Originally from Australia and is gathered from the honey dew present on the bark of Eucalyptus trees. It smells and tastes as you expected, which is herbal medicinal with menthol. Benefits are- it helps to fight inflammation, heal wounds and cure colds and flu.

6. Buckwheat honey

It is said to be better than Manuka honey. Research shows that buckwheat honey variants from Canada can kill multi-drug-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) as well as other pathogens. It has antioxidant properties. 

7. Sage honey

 The color appears to be light or dark and is produced in California. It is thicker than other honey varieties. Sage honey has antioxidant, expectant, and digestive properties.

8. Jamun honey

As the name suggests, it is made from Jamun extracts and is low in glycemic index. It has a strong aroma of Jamuns. This honey boosts energy due to the presence of natural unprocessed sugars in it.

9. White honey

It is pristine white with a sweet taste. Made from bees that suck cotton flower nectar. A rare type of white honey is Kiawe honey. Sage, alfalfa, fireweed and white clover flowers also produce white honey.

10. Alfalfa honey

Alfalfa honey is produced in Canada and the United States. It is made from purple blossoms and is light in color. This honey has a satisfying mild floral aroma and taste. It can be used in baked goods. Aids in digestion and anemia.

11. Litchi honey

It is gluten-free honey. In India, it is sourced from organic litchi orchards of Muzaffarpur and is very pale. Add it to your tea, cereals, salads or use as a garnish for bread and pancakes.

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