50 Best Adventure Camping in India

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India is without a doubt one of the top tourist destinations in the world. India’s menu has a bit of everything. The practice of camping in India is one of the most recent trends. Numerous diverse camping areas may be found here. Depending on the family size, location, money, and purpose of the camping trip, one may make a decision.

India’s precious gems are what gave rise to the nickname “Golden Sparrow.” India is proud of its natural riches, the varied and beautiful landscapes, aside from the pricey stones and jewels. The range of terrains here is endless, ranging from imposing mountains to vast deserts, from coastal shorelines to lush rainforests. Each of these landscapes and terrains has its allure and charm. India takes pleasure in these breathtaking vistas, whether the clear blue waters or the snow-capped mountains. 

Adventure camps are created to push participants outside their comfort zones. The best 25 camping adventures in India are listed here: 

50 Best Adventure Camping in India

1. Ladakh

Ladakh is the ideal location for an unforgettable camping trip. It has expansive skylines, breathtaking panoramas of the beautiful Himalayas, and unexpected lakes that stand out sharply against the surrounding dry landscape. Mystic Sangla Valley, West Ladakh Camp, and Tsomoriri Lake are a few of the greatest camping spots in Ladakh. Whatever you decide, though, be ready to see migrating bird groups swooping in, stunning sunsets, and soul-stirring natural beauty. Ladakh welcomes tourists from all over the world and provides a wide range of tourist activities, including apricot picking and rock climbing.

2. Rishikesh

This location is situated near the Ganges River and the foothills of the Himalayas. Rishikesh is more of a spiritual than an exciting destination. There are several outdoor activities available in the location, including camping, river rafting, hiking, and more. Get a cheap tent and enjoy the delicious meals and beverages that are provided at these camping areas. You may sit with other amiable campers and enjoy the warmth of a shared campfire while mixing, singing, and living as the sky grows black and displays the stars as decorations.

3. Kullu

The finest location for camping is in Kullu because of its rugged terrain. Camping here is most enjoyable during the height of summer. The best months are May and June. Bandrol, Sarsai, the Tirthan River Valley, Seobagh, Bradha, and other areas are prime locations to locate camp operators. The greatest sites in Kullu to set up tents are Serolsar Lake, the Tirthan River Valley, Jana Waterfalls, and others.

Snow camping is popular among campers during the late winter (February and March). Keep in mind that camping in the cold might have its challenges. If you enjoy camping a lot, you can do it in the wilderness. If not, it’s preferable to pick a specific location and set up camp together.

4. Madhya Pradesh

Camping in the bush is quite popular in Madhya Pradesh. The best locations in Madhya Pradesh for camping are Pachmarhi, Hanuwantiya Island, Sailani Tapu, and Pagara Reservoir. In addition to this, there is a tonne of upscale hotels that provide exclusive camping excursions.

Camping here is most popular from October to March. Make sure to abide by the rules when camping in areas with animals. Playing with wild animals is not always safe.

5. Sangla

The small Himalayan settlement Sangla is situated in Baspa Valley, nearer the Tibetan border. Both wild camping and camping resorts are options. The greatest camping resorts for first-timers are those that are situated in remote, gorgeous locations and have all the necessary facilities. You might opt to explore the Sangla Valley and choose your place if you want to go on a hike and set up a tent in the middle of nowhere.

Typically, visitors engage in adventurous activities in Kaza before setting off on foot to camp the next day in any picturesque location within the valley. The best months to go camping in Sangla are March through June and September through November.

6. Spiti Valley

The Spiti Valley is a little alpine valley in the Himalayas, in the eastern Himachal Pradesh region, with a terrain resembling a freezing desert. One of the few least inhabited areas in the nation is this valley and the areas around it. On the way from Manali over the Rohtang Pass, this valley is situated. You may hike along the Spiti River, discover pine valleys, and take in the culture of Hansi and the Dhankar Gompa, two small, vibrant communities. The three best places to camp are Kaza, Chandra Tal, and Kunzum La Pass. Wildlife safaris, mountain biking, bird viewing, trekking, and exploration are common leisure pursuits.

7. Jaisalmer

Here, nature takes on a radically different appearance with a bleak expanse where the sun hits the sand in the center. Camping in Jaisalmer will leave you speechless as you take in the vastness and the starry skies.

The location, with its golden dunes, exquisitely maintained architecture, and rich history is known as the “golden city” for a reason. After dusk, go for a camel ride or a barefoot stroll on the beaches; savor delectable food, campfires under the stars, and regional folk performances. If you’re looking for stunning sunrises and starry nights, Jaisalmer is a great place to set up a tent.

8. Pushkar

We all know about the renowned Pushkar Fair because we are Indians. For those of us who don’t know, the Pushkar Fair is the biggest cattle fair in India and draws significant numbers of visitors from across the world as well as the local population. This charming desert getaway offers camping, safaris, and other adventure activities in desert areas near the main city. People choose the Camp Desert as their destination due to its proximity to Pushkar. It has a 6-acre footprint and was built entirely in the Rajasthani manner. The Pushkar fair, which provides you a chance to see the vibrant culture and way of life of Rajasthan, is the ideal time to visit this location.

9. Rann of Kutch

A family-run eco-resort with a reputation for giving its visitors a top-notch experience is The Rann Riders. These cottages, which draw inspiration from the nearby villages, put you close to country life. You may learn about and take pleasure in Kutch culture there. The Rann Riders are the organization for you if you’re searching for a chance to escape city life and discover what it’s like for individuals to live in rural areas. Additionally, they provide activities like Jeep Safaris, Horse Safaris, and Camels Safaris.

During this time, the festival of Rann Utsav is observed. Winter lasts from October to February. You can opt to self-camp or make use of any of the campgrounds that service providers offer.

10. Sonamarg

Sonamarg is a little town in a grassy area. With the immaculate backdrop of the snow-covered Himalayas, this area is one of the lovely green areas. The Sindh Sagar enhances the land’s beauty and fertility, making it an ideal location for camping. Choose Sonamarg if you’re seeking a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This town has good transportation connections to Jammu, Srinagar, and other areas.

If you go during the summer, the area is a wonderland with special hiking paths, opportunities to see glaciers, mountain biking, and water activities at places like Vishansar Lake, Gangabal Lake, and Krishnasar Lake. River rafting, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking are the best water sports to enjoy in the summer.

11. Kaudiyala

This is a beautiful location in Uttarakhand, where the Ganges River kisses the Garhwal mountain ranges. You may reach this tranquil hamlet by traveling along the Rishikesh-Badrinath route. Both established campgrounds and unorganized self-camping are options.

Numerous sports, including cliff leaping, bungee jumping, fast water rafting, flying fox, and others, are made possible by being adjacent to the River Ganges. The ideal location for stargazing and relaxation is just here. Here, you may enjoy the bliss of nature’s rays in both the winter and the summer thanks to the beautiful sky. Visitors searching for extreme sports and romantic getaways should go here.

12. Dehradun

The Dehradun hills are home to several organized campsites and free-camping locations. The ideal camping location is around 25 kilometers from Chakrata. Because step farms are closer to this area, the natural beauty will be at its best. This area is well-known for several mild to moderate adventure sports including mountain biking, mountaineering, and others, in addition to bonfires, exploring, and hiking activities. This location offers a variety of water sports, including river rafting, because of the clean River Yamuna.

13. Assam

It should be obvious from the name alone that this camp is entirely environmentally friendly. Because of its excellent location and commitment to environmental conservation, this camp has emerged as one of the most sought-after. It is situated in the Sonetpur district, which is home to Assam’s third national park. This camp is renowned for its many adventurous activities in addition to its beautiful setting. You may go hiking in the neighboring woods or go rafting on the thrilling Bhoroli River. The possibility of observing more than 300 kinds of birds is the finest feature of this location. This does sound like a haven for bird lovers.

14. Andaman Group Of Islands

People do not consider beaches to be suitable camping grounds. They do, however, provide the ideal atmosphere for camping. The greatest camping location in the Andaman is on Havelock Island. Similar lovely camping grounds may be found at Neil Island and other places. Most people choose the upscale beach camps that resorts offer.

Along with camping, these packages include several other activities. If you want to travel alone, you can set up a tent on any calm beach and take pleasure in camping. When it comes to Andaman camping, keep in mind that it’s crucial to pick a location that’s near areas with positive human activity.

15. Anjuna Beach

Goa as a whole is a paradise for hippies and campers. Anjuna Beach distinguishes itself as the premier camping destination. Camping and beach parties may be found here. Here, you may take part in a bonfire night with alcohol, dance, and music to experience the essence of Goan party culture. You may visit flea shops, churches, and of course all the beach attractions in addition to the Goa nightlife of glamping.

16. Bhandardara

The distance from Mumbai to this undiscovered highland station is about three hours. The area is situated roughly 2500 feet above sea level and is one of the best camping areas in the nation. The foliage seems like water-colored paintings, the waterfalls like crystals, and the air is wet with coolness… This location is the country’s finest camping location because of how near it is to Mumbai.

There are facilities for pitching a tent near the water, and the lakes are quite pleasant and invite swimming. There are several hot meal options and the residents are pleasant.

 17. Pune

Camping is not permitted in Pune’s main city. The greatest places for inexpensive camping in a beautiful natural setting are, however, those close to Pune. Panchgani, Wali, Lonavala, Uttan, Bordi Beach, Velhe, Bhor, Kass Plateau, Kundalika River, and more popular camping locations are close to Pune.

The majority of these locations are quiet and obscure. As a result, you may have a peaceful and enjoyable camping experience. Each location would be at its most attractive at certain periods. In general, the optimum periods to cover these camping areas are early winter and late monsoon.

18. Karnataka

Southern India is a region that is rarely considered while talking about camping. In reality, the southern region of the country has enough variation to allow for special camping occasions. The ideal location for mountain camping, trekking, hiking, and other activities is Mullayanagiri. Before going to their camps for the night, people stop at the campground in Karnataka to view the sunset.

The meadows of Tadiandamol are the ideal location for wild camping if you enjoy spending your nights in open spaces. Would you want to camp among the plantations in Sakleshpura for an unusual experience? Dandeli provides camping areas in the bush for thrill seekers. If you want to go camping in Karnataka, it is advisable to go between October and March.

19. Wayanad 

Wayanad is a stunning region in Kerala that is well-liked by tourists. The Banasura Dam, India’s largest earthen dam, is where the Seagate Camp is located. Its uniqueness stems only from this. Camping in the magnificent Wayanad region is a once-in-a-lifetime experience since it is surrounded by tropical rainforests. With a variety of activities available, including hiking, fishing, swimming, team-building exercises, and outdoor cooking, it is the ideal location for adventure seekers.

20. Coorg

Coorg is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the nation and is quite busy over the holidays. However, only a small percentage of these travelers consider staying in out-of-the-ordinary campsites to enhance their vacation. Eco-camp The Coorg Planter’s Camp was constructed smack dab in the heart of the woods. It gives you the chance to tour the well-known cardamom and coffee estates of Coorg. Simply taking a stroll through these plantations or relaxing next to a waterfall will allow you to feel the therapeutic power of nature.

21. Sarchu, Manali

The Sarchu campground is conveniently situated on the Manali-Leh route, around 220 kilometers from Manali. It’s the ideal place to spend the night when traveling to Manali. This is frequently where those who plan to tackle the challenging trek in the adjacent Zanskar area begin their expedition. With a separate dining tent and full electrical facilities, the camp is pretty pleasant. Due to the availability of birthday cakes upon request, it is also one of the unique locations to celebrate your birthday uniquely.

22. Chardham Camp, Kedarnath

The Chardham Camp, which is situated on the outskirts of Guptakashi on the road to Kedarnath, is well-titled. Those who walk to Kedarnath should particularly consider staying here. With a view of the snow-capped hills, which are even more captivating at sunrise and sunset, its position makes it a lovely camp. Awakening in the middle of a lush, flower-filled valley is like waking up in a dream. With all the necessary conveniences, the camp is fairly cozy.

23. Kolli Hill Resorts, Trichy

In the Trichy area, near Chennai, is where Kolli Hill Resorts are situated. The “Wild Orchard Camp” is a popular destination for astronomers, archaeologists, and environment enthusiasts. This location is adjacent to well-known tourist attractions such as the Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Mini Falls, Sandana Parai, and Siddhar Caves. This location is ideal for a quick break that allows you to unwind in the middle of nature. The constant aroma of cardamom, coffee, rice, and other spices is the best feature of this place.

24. Hornbill Camp, Thekkady

If you’ve never heard of Thekkady, it’s a stunning location in God’s Own Country (Kerala). You will undoubtedly fall in love with this location. You get a special experience at the Hornbill Camp since you are welcomed there by the sounds of many different birds right away. It is a camp that redefines simplicity since it is run locally, constructed of local resources, and leaves no room for your comfort throughout your stay. You may enjoy kayaking and canoeing in the adjacent Periyar River while staying here.

25. Camp Potter’s Hill, Shimla

At Camp Potter’s Hill, you may lose yourself in the sounds of nature and forget about your busy life. It is a little town nestled away in the middle of nature and beauty close to Shimla. The tents and cabins at Camp Potter’s Hill are expertly set up and properly furnished, making a stay there more than comfortable. There is nothing like relaxing in the middle of a forest. To comprehend it, you must first experience it. 

26. Chamba Deluxe Camping

A beautiful location called Chamba is where you can find campers from all over the world. The camp organizers will provide you with outstanding hospitality, polite service, excellent food, a roaring bonfire, and alcohol upon short notice. At 16000 feet, you can order a customized meal. In Chamba, camping is an entirely different experience. The camp offers fully furnished tents with hot and cold running water.

27. Sarchu

Sarchu would be the ideal location for camping if you were traveling to Leh via Manali. Amazing starry nights await you, and you’ll find it to be a key-stopping spot. The campsite of Sarchu is 222 kilometers away from Manali and is situated at an elevation of 4290 meters. It is also furnished with the standard amenities. There is no mobile network available here. It is also acknowledged as the starting point of the toughest trek into the Zanskar region.

8. Jim Corbett Campsite

Among these camping locations in India, staying in Jim Corbett National Park is a distinctive experience. Just picture drifting off to sleep at night with owls cooing and waking up to the peaceful sounds of birds chirping through your window. In Jim Corbett National Park, several lodges and resorts offer tented lodging and give visitors a more authentic taste of living in the wild.

29. Chandra Taal Lake

On this list of camping locations in India, this one is among the highest. Taal is located in the Spiti Valley at an elevation of 4,300 meters, and Lauhal, Chandra Taal Lake got its name from its hemispherical shape. Although it is currently forbidden to pitch tents on the banks of Taal Lake, people nevertheless go there and set up a few campers nearby and not exactly on the shores of Chandra Taal Lake.

30. Solang Valley

The Solang Valley is widely known for its paragliding aficionados and is regarded as an excellent place to learn the intricacies of the sport. Due to the wonderful space, a campaign is tremendously successful here. The grounds at the camping area in India typically allow for the installation of fewer tents for each season. In April, May, June, September, and October, you can enroll in the camps.

31. Sonmarg camping

The world over, Kashmir is a breathtakingly gorgeous region. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a location where snow can be found all year long. For locations close to Thajiwas Glacier, Sonmarg offers some wonderful camping spots in India. The journey from Srinagar Airport takes two hours. The famed Alpine Lake walk, which passes via Krishansar Lake, Vishansar Lake, Gadsar Lake, and Gangabal Lake, starts at this camping location in India.

32. Kasol Camping

This campground, which is included in this list of camping locations in India, is located in Kasol, a hill town in the Kullu district of the Parvati Valley, at an elevation of 1460 meters. Trekkers ascending the Pin Parvati route, Kheer Ganga, Yanker Pass, and Sar Pass frequent several tiny camps on the banks of the Parvati River.

33. Kinner Camps in Sangla

This exquisite and the most picturesque Sangla Valley, which is more than six hours away from Shimla, is regarded as the last green area before you enter the desolate mountain region of Spiti and Lahaul, where you can camp. A leisurely lengthy vacation is worth the camping setup on the Himalayan peaks with its lush cedar and pine forests. Sangla is regarded as one of India’s top camping locations.

34. The Oberoi Vanyavilas Camping – Ranthambhore

Not many hotels compare to this one if you wish to enjoy a holiday safari in hotel-style comfort. All 25 of the tents are air-conditioned and equipped with a four-poster king bed, internet connection, a CD/DVD player, satellite television, a phone, and a personal refrigerator. A library bar, business center, heated pool, sauna, meeting rooms, fitness center, and a multi-cuisine restaurant are all located outside. The business center also offers a selection of cigars, alcohol, and literature on wildlife.

35. JAWAI Leopard Camps – Rajasthan

Leopards can be seen here roaming freely, prowling around the towns, and taking naps inside the temples. The stay at JAWAI Leopard camps is made authentic and harsh by this environment. This camp offers ten canvas tents in a contemporary style, each with a private deck for unrestricted views of the wilderness. Along with a magnificent organic garden, conventional amenities like a gym and a swimming pool are provided. JAWAI is a birder’s paradise. Numerous flamingos and sarus cranes are attracted to the nearby reservoir.

36. Bhandardara Camp near Mumbai

This is a little, undiscovered hill station that can be reached from Mumbai in 4 hours by car and is one of the most picturesque places in India to go camping. This hidden gem is in a fantastic location close to Mumbai because it is located at a height of around 2,500 feet above sea level, with pure air, a clear sky, waterfalls, and lush vegetation.

37. Matheran campaign

Due to the absence of vehicles, the Matheran campgrounds are stunning and experience lovely weather. Numerous activities and tourist attractions can be found in the Sylvan wilds. You can take in the scenery, embark on various treks, ride horses, and admire old colonial structures. It is a lovely location with breathtaking views of the Western Ghats’ vast hills, which are spaced out so that there are several viewing areas to visit.

38. Kolli Hill camping resort

The WOC or Wild Orchid Camps are situated at Kolli Resort and are located in the middle of Tamil Nadu. They are a terrific place to relax, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. Campaigns are always fun, and people enjoy learning new things while they are campaigning. The best camping areas in India are located here. Eco-friendly lodging is provided in Swiss tents surrounded by lush forests. The resort’s gardens grow coffee, rice, spices, and other fragrant plants. Just 320 km separate it from Chennai.

39. Mahsheer Fishing Campaign in Kumaon

There are exciting fishing camps available in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park, which is 280 km from Delhi. With your family, you can enjoy and discover small fishing tours here. Along with hiking, safaris into the forest, fishing, and other adventurous pursuits, the area’s breathtaking natural beauty is available for your enjoyment.

40. Watermark campaign

The Pangong Lake, one of the highest saltwater lakes in the world, is where this site is situated. Camps at Watermark look out into the enormous Changchenmo range. One of the most breathtaking experiences you will ever have is when you live near this lake and see the water’s color shift from blue to black and shades of some green. This lake’s 150 km length and the fact that more than two-thirds of it is outside of India are two of its interesting characteristics.

41. Kareri Lake camps

This lake, which is in the Himachal Pradesh state, is around 9 km from Dharamshala and is thought to have pure, clear water. The camps around Kareri Lake are lovely and designed for locals. You’ll witness a variety of dense conifers as well as numerous kinds of perennial blooms that provide your eyes with a restful experience.

42. Chandram camp at Joshimath

This is the ideal location for a campaign and a trek to the holiest site, Kedarnath. It is situated on the Kedarnath route and in Guptakashi’s outlying territories. This campground is simply excellent.

43. Ananthagiri Hills, Telangana

Ananthagiri Hills is a densely forested region in Telangana. The Musi River, which originates in these hills and passes through Hyderabad before joining the Krishna River, was born here. A river that runs through the hills has endowed the area with beautiful waterfalls, some of which have not yet been discovered.

44. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

The Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh is formed by the convergence of the Ananthagiri Hills, which extend eastward. Your favorite camping spot in Andhra Pradesh will be the Araku Valley thanks to its abundance of natural, cultural, and scenic features. The vast valley offers breathtaking waterfalls, enigmatic caves, and a distant vista of the Ananthagiri Hills.

45. Sakleshpur, Karnataka

Sakleshpur is a hill town in Karnataka and a hotspot for biodiversity. Tea, coffee, and spice farms abound on its slopes, and its terrain is graced with all-year-round vegetation. You can walk to the Jenukallu Gudda Summit or the Bisle Reserve Forest. Many elephants, deers, cobras, and birds traverse Sakleshpur’s lush forest, which is home to a diversity of flora and fauna.

46. Munnar, Kerala

There are several sprawling tea fields, captivating waterfalls, and forest lodges in the hill region of Munnar. In Munnar, you may choose from a wide range of camping packages, including glamping, which is camping’s glam cousin. But whatever your decision, you will always see the same verdant Munnar hills outside. We are confident that the scene outside your tent will convince you to fall in love with the ‘Kashmir of South India’.

47. Nameri Eco Camp, Assam

Camping in a national park is the real way to get in touch with nature. We now arrive at Nameri Eco Camps. This camp, which is situated in the Assam National Park, is well-known for both its beautiful setting and its range of adventurous pursuits. There are 300 different types of birds in the area, so go hiking in the neighboring woods, go rafting on the Bhoroli River, or go bird watching. While camping here, reconnect with nature.

48. Orchard Tents, Pushkar

In Pushkar’s Ganahera campsites, Orchard Tents have been erected. Its name is fitting considering how wonderfully it has been constructed amidst the amla (gooseberry) orchards. The entire place has a rose-scented atmosphere thanks to the fifteen well-kept luxury tents that are encircled by rose gardens. These tents have a living space, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a porch.

49. Camp Temgarh, Pune

Camp Temgarh is tucked away in the tiny village of Mulshi taluk, 30 kilometers from Pune along the meandering roads. With trees to plant, dogs to play ball with, streams to plunge into, and mountains to climb, it’s a spot to spend special time with your family. It is the ultimate weekend break from the busy city and will leave you feeling refreshed in the middle of nature. A gazebo, tents, and cottages are set up on a hilltop amid a peaceful natural setting. 

50. Mirvana, Jodhpur

Because of its exceptional position, Miravana is a highly sought-after camp and is located 55 km from Jaisalmer. Travel aficionados who seek out unusual experiences adore this location. The nicest getaway you can find in this arid region is this camping resort. It has a plethora of fruits and vegetables grown in its orchard.


One of the finest ways to feel connected to nature in India is by camping. Nothing compares to the experience of living in a tent, sleeping beneath the stars, and enjoying the basic pleasures of life. Camping is a fantastic experience to get away from the city and feel fortunate in the middle of nature. It’s therapeutic and a terrific stress reliever. 

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