15 Benefits of Meditation Your Way To Achieve Nirvana

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We all need a way to detox from our life’s hectic schedule. Every person should curate a way to vent out or de-stress. It can either be a hobby or following your passion or a simple practice of meditating. We are here to acquaint you with the surreal and tranquil practice that meditation is. You are about to embark on a quiet journey. So get your noise cancellation headphones out and read on.

What is Meditation?

The answer to this is known in and out. The practice of meditation is a concentration improvement technique and a soul-searching one if you please. Practicing meditation meticulously will reap its benefits and they will be pretty visible.

Meditation is used to get a hold of one’s psyche and find the flaws and solutions within. It helps you to be mindful of the happenings in your surroundings. Meditating just for 15-20 minutes a day can be your slice of heaven if you do it correctly.

What Can You Expect Out Of It?

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Peace and Calm! The answer is right there. This is no rocket science. You get to carve out time for yourself. You get to reflect and plunge deep into yourself. Through meditation expect nothing from yourself.

Indulge in it with all your heart and don’t be too inclined to just reap something out of it. Meditation is not taxing like bodybuilding. It is a subtle art. Over time you’ll see the difference for yourself.

15 Benefits of Meditation Your Way To Achieve Nirvana

Regular meditation is the key to an all-over healthy lifestyle. It’s a practice that can help you –

1. Resolve Concentration Issues 

It is through meditation that you can reach your zen. When you meditate with your eyes closed and shut all the background noise, it is that concentration that benefits in everyday life.

2. Cures Anxiety to a Great extent

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Anxiety is triggered through stress and when anticipation reaches its peak. We now know that meditation helps relieve stress, which will also help cure anxiety. If one suffers from anxiety in daily life, it is meditation that can prove beneficial. Meditation helps calm the mind and bring all the body chakras to align. 

3. Let’s You Face Your Inner Dilemma

Consider meditation as your me time. In this ‘me time’ go deeper into yourself layer by layer and interrogate to self if there exists something bothersome that matters and is causing unnecessary trauma. This exercise when meditating will be like looking into a mirror.

4. A Stress Buster

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Stress induces most medical problems and makes one look older with wrinkles, hair fall, dull skin, etc. meditating is the key to reducing stress and taking a trip down your inner self and coming up with solutions. Adding to that, we have brewed an article that can help you eliminate stress.

5. Attains Inner Peace

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When you are at peace with yourself, there is a feeling of contentment in you, and you remain calm and composed in the most stressful of situations. Also, your aura is positive and you give off positivity to those around you.

6. That Placid Corner to Meditate.

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you can choose or create your meditation corner anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors. A rising sun, on the other hand, a dark room can be amiable according to what suits you. Find that peaceful nook and just sit and relax. You can’t meditate in a crowded place for sure. Suit yourself in such a space where your mind is calm and stable with possibly no distraction. 

7. Helps better sleep

A good night’s sleep helps both our minds and bodies recharge. It keeps us healthy, happy, and sane. Meditating right before sleep has a profound and tangible impact. Before going to bed, we should practice some yoga to calm our nerves and relax.

8. Healthy eating habits

When we feel down or in a bad mood, we often crave unhealthy or comfort foods that temporarily soothe our minds. After developing a morning meditation habit, it becomes easier to cut back on extra sugar and fat.

9. Lowers Age-Related Memory Loss

The more you improve your attention and clarity of thinking, the younger your mind will feel. A technique for focusing thoughts is Kirtan Kriya, a meditation method that uses chants, mantras, and continuous finger motions.

10. Helps Prevent Addictions

Through meditation, you will increase your self-control and awareness of triggers for addictive behavior and develop a mental discipline that may assist you in breaking your dependency on such behaviors.

11. Helps to Control Pain

Our perception of pain depends on our state of mind, and it can increase in stressful situations. Functional MRI techniques were used in one study to monitor brain activity in participants who faced painful stimuli. 

Among the participants, some had been trained in mindfulness meditation for four days, while others had not. The results showed that meditation patients had increased activity in pain-controlling brain centers. 

12. Decrease Blood Pressure

 Heart conditions are usually the result of high blood pressure, which makes it hard for the heart to pump blood. 

Mediation appears to control blood pressure by relaxing the nerve muscles that direct heart function, keeping blood vessels relaxed, and raising alertness in stressful situations, all of which can contribute to high blood pressure. 

13. Fosters Creativity

Several studies have shown that open monitoring meditation ) had a positive effect on divergent thinking. When given instructions to come up with new ideas in a creative way, those who practiced this method performed better.

14. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

An early 2012 study involved 200 high-risk individuals who had to choose between taking a class promoting better exercise and diet or a course on Transcendental Meditation. 

Researchers found that those who took the meditation class reduced their risk of heart attacks, strokes, and death by 48% over the next five years. 

Patients with coronary heart disease were found to be at significantly lower risk of myocardial infarction, mortality, and stroke using meditation.

15. Reduces Inflammatory Disorders

Practicing mindfulness meditation can have several molecular and genetic effects on participants according to a study at the UW-Madison Waisman Center that was conducted in Spain and France. 

In addition, meditation increased physical recovery from stressful situations by reducing pro-inflammatory genes.

When Do You Need It The Most?

The life around us is spinning like crazy. There is no stop to the madness life causes. In these times, moments like meditation where you can just hear the jazz your mind is dancing to. 

That’s when you need it the most. Meditating if made a daily practice can become just the cure you need. Sketch out that time of day when you feel most at ease. Not a compulsory forced thing.

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