5 Benefits and Meaning of Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga is a therapeutic way of finding a connection with your inner and outer body. It is a lot different from traditional yoga practices as it allows a body to focus more on body/mind awareness and calmness than achieving a perfect yoga posture. The approach of bringing mindfulness into any task you do has a dramatic impact on the human body and soul. Mindful Yoga, or mindful exercise, requires a person to be fully observant in every movement their body makes.

Mindful yoga.
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Mindful Yoga or Mindfulness Yoga is a Buddhist style to provide a means of exercise that is also meditative and helpful for reducing stress. Mindful yoga is becoming a new-age necessity for everyone dealing with any breakdown, mental issues, and even depression. Here are some of the significant benefits of practising mindfulness.

5 Benefits of mindful yoga

1. A Deep Sense Of Self Awareness

mindful yoga
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A sense of keen-mind awareness is a result of mindful yoga. The practice of mindfulness helps to provide elaboration of your understanding of your existence.

Self-awareness is the key to understand our senses that are habitual patterns of reactivity. For example, holding our breath during a yoga posture or sensing the aggression when you try to achieve any specific pose. The deep sense of awareness towards one’s body and mind is the ultimate way of shifting away from any particular characteristics rather than holding back our growth. Training our awareness helps us lead a better lifestyle and human behaviour which are important in our lives.

2. Helps To Face Day To Day Problems

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Practising Mindful yoga encourages patience and calmness. These two things are helpful for you to deal with rough days in your relationships, work-life, social life. The increased sense of patience in your behaviour helps you navigate your problems easily and energize your thinking process off and on the mat.

3. Heightened Sense Of Acceptance

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Through Mindful Yoga we know how to let things go and accept the situations as they are. Acceptance is an incredible thing to learn and it is important in our day-to-day life besides yoga practices. For a person who is suffering from depression and when they feel losing their power, acceptance can be a good practice to acknowledge the current situation. During the Mindful yoga session as well as in your casual life, you are not aware of what is going to happen but definitely, you can prepare yourself to take the bad with the good.

4. Compassion & Empathy To The Self And Others


Compassion, empathy, and kindness all are important in our daily existence that can be achieved through mindful yoga. Mindful Yoga teaches the art of ‘Heart opening’ emotionally when you connect with other people with a higher sense of compassion and kindness. Being empathetic towards oneself and others is an art of living a healthier life. Mindful Yoga practices also aim to support the Heart Chakra related to giving and receiving love.

5. Enhances The Regular Yoga Practice

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The asana and mindfulness combine it deepens your regular yoga practices. You start to find more meaning to your exercises instead of mere physical movement. A person can learn to awaken the conscious mind through Mindful Yoga and enhance their routine practice. As a result of Mindful yoga poses one finds a sustainable philosophy of meditation.

Mindful yoga aims to give your body a higher sense of consciousness and meaningful ways to find your inner self and these are some of its amazing benefits.

Mindful Yoga For Beginners: Easy Steps.

Source: Hindustan Times
  1. Find an isolated space for yourself. Take out at least 15 minutes of your day. Make dedicated time and space for this task without any disturbance.
  2. Practice any yoga posture, add meditation to it while closing your eyes. Observe each and every move you make.
  3. Concentrate on your body, breath, posture, muscles, and everything that you are. This process called a body scan. And observe how you feel.
  4. Notice the movement of your belly all the way through your neck and hands with each breath. Feel your body weight.
  5. Take two more deep breaths while following the same process and then open your eyes.


Source: Harvard Health

Mindful yoga is all about boosting up your consciousness and finding calmness and self-love from within. Through this practice, do not worry about Failure as you learn how to find peace with your mind and body, you will eventually find ways of accepting your body and its limitation.

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