Beauty Standards: Reality Or Perception?

Is there a standard for beauty in the world we live in? Or is it all an illusion? What is considered beautiful in one culture is not so attractive in the other. Then why keep the beauty standards? What should be the perception of beauty standards in this time and era? Beauty is a very subjective matter. What one person considers beautiful, another may not. Beauty standards are also different from culture to culture and even from person to person.

Subjective Beauty

It’s hard to say because we all have different tastes. Beauty is subjective, and you can’t force people to like what you like. But if you’re looking to improve your own self-esteem and confidence, then knowing what works and doesn’t work for you (and why) will help you do that. Just like the wise man once said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; it is the individual who actually sees the beauty in you. It’s a pipedream to attain all the beauty standards. It is insane, to say the least.


The best way to know if something’s “good” or not depends on your own taste. If you like something that isn’t thought of as beautiful in your culture, then it probably won’t work for you. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself what kind of things make YOU feel good about yourself—and only then will you be able to determine whether something makes YOU feel good or not. Having a clear idea of what makes YOU feel good is key to feeling confident about who YOU are!

The Truth

The question of beauty standards is one that has been floating around since the dawn of time. Is there a standardized form of beauty? When we say conventionally beautiful, what do we mean? It is but a mere comparison to the ancient conventions. It is in no way a real measure of beauty. The answer to these questions may not be as simple as you think. There are many factors that create a standard for what is considered beautiful, including culture, social norms, media influence, and even genetics.

These factors are all interconnected, influencing each other and creating a complex web that we cannot fully understand at any given moment in time. However, certain things remain constant throughout history: hair color has always been associated with health; men have always worn facial hair for protection against potential threats; women have always worn white because it reflects sunlight better than black clothing, and redheads are universally regarded as having more fun than their fair-haired peers.

Relevance In This Era

What does this mean for us today? Well, just because something may be perceived as beautiful doesn’t mean it’s actually beautiful (or vice versa). It’s only when you look beyond those superficial standards that yet make the teenager change themselves just to fit in the world of beauty. Some people believe that beauty is just an illusion and that there is no standard for beauty. They think that all looks are the same, and it doesn’t matter what you have on your face or how much money you spend on your clothes because there’s no way to measure whether they’re “beautiful.”

Others believe there should be a standard of beauty, and they think it’s important to have some kind of measurement system that can be used by everyone so they can understand what makes someone beautiful and what doesn’t. Some people think that there should be no standards at all because it would be too difficult for everyone to agree on one single ideal image of what makes someone beautiful, which would lead to conflict between countries about who gets to use the term “beautiful” first.

There is a perception of beauty in every culture. But is there really a standard for beauty? Is there really one way to achieve beauty? The answer is yes, in many aspects. There are certain things that make us beautiful, and these are the standards we follow. However, there are also other factors that play a part in our perception of beauty.

These are the things that make us feel confident and comfortable with ourselves. Every person has their own preferences when it comes to what they find beautiful. For some people, it might be having long hair, while others prefer short hairstyles or even no hair at all! This can be seen in every country across the globe because everyone has their own ideas on how they want their body to look.


I personally believe that we need to keep our standards high and try not to compare ourselves with others around us. If you do so, then you will only end up feeling inferior about yourself, which will eventually lead you down the wrong path toward self-destruction.

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