Top 10 Beautiful Myths Around The World


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beautiful myths around the world

The world is full of beautiful myths. Some of them have been around for hundreds of years, while others are new and just starting to make their way into the world. There are so many myths that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but we’ve done our best! Here’s a list of the most beautiful myths in the world, along with some information about them so you can decide if they’re worth believing in. (spoiler: they are)

Top 10 Beautiful Myths Around The World

1. The Pomegranate Tree Of Immortality

This myth is popular in various parts of the world, including Greece, China, and India. In this myth, the pomegranate tree is said to grant immortality to its fruit-bearing branches. This myth is relevant today because many people still believe in it and its power!

2. Mistletoe

It is a cure for many diseases and even death itself! This myth originates from England and Scotland. Mistletoe is believed to be a cure for everything from cancer to arthritis and other diseases. This myth is relevant today because people still believe in it despite being proven wrong by science for years now. It is a herb and is known to have the ability to heal and rejuvenate like no other. Even death is no match for it.

3. Sirens

Sirens are considered to be mermaid-like creatures. They are known for their beautiful voice. The word siren originates from these mythical creatures. According to many myths, they are quite dangerous to humankind as they sing to mesmerize the listeners. Sirens are found in both Greek and Roman mythology. They are known to be adorned with jewelry and are known to be full of deceit. They sing and drown their listener and feed off of them.

4. The North Star

It signifies the center of the universe. This myth is relevant to date because we are all still trying to understand how the Earth works, and we want to believe that there is nothing more beyond our understanding. It is cute how even as a myth, our ancestors put so much trust in our thumbs.

5. Unicorn

The mythical creature we all love. It is a majestic horse with wings and a beautiful structure. They are known to live in heaven and work as a transport there. They have been found in myths around the world.

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6. Life After Death

When you pass away, your soul goes up to heaven, where God lives and waits for you with open arms until Jesus comes back down from heaven for his own personal reunion with us humans again someday in the future. Probably after we die again, then maybe God will let us go back up there too just so we can spend some more time with him since he hasn’t seen us yet, so I’m thinking right now our souls are stuck down here on Earth until then.

7. The Phoenix

The Phoenix is another mythical bird that lives in Arabia. It has a very long lifespan and will only die if it sets itself on fire as an act of self-sacrifice. The Firebird is a legendary creature that is said to live on top of a mountain in Russia. It has long been thought to be an omen for any event that will change the course of history.

8. The Fountain Of Youth

The Fountain Of Youth is an elixir that supposedly grants eternal life (and youth) when drunk from its waters. While there are many variations on how this mythical potion works, one version claims that it’s made from a dragon. It’s been used in different movies around the world as a reference, and some are looking for it still.

9. Dragon

Dragons are the most beautiful mythical creatures. Some of these mythical creatures have been around since ancient times when people first started telling stories about them. Others are newer additions to the world’s mythology that have only recently been discovered by researchers—but they’re still just as fascinating!

The myth of a long snake-like creature with wings that breathes fire remains immortal. Dragons are huge reptiles with fire-breathing abilities. It has been found in Chinese mythology and in Greek and Roman mythology as well. They have been adapted to popular culture as they are majestic and associated with alchemy and sorcery.

10. Red Strings

The myth of the red strings remains to be mysterious to date. It is a Japanese myth that before the birth of an individual, their soulmate is bound to them with a red string. Beautiful, isn’t it? All in all, myths are beautiful stories with fantastical elements. The red strings, already sorted out, live and flow with no interruptions until death.

It is to us whether we believe it or not. What’s the point of not believing in a majestic, eternal bird or a magical dragon that soars high in the sky? What is life without magic?

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