21 Beautiful Flowers And Their Meanings

Flowers are not only for decoration; they each have meanings attached to them. These meanings are what make them unique and elevate their existence as extraordinary. We often gift our loved ones flower bouquets without giving much thought to them. But if we know the beautiful meanings attached to them, it would make the whole experience more memorable.

The study of the meaning of the flowers is called Floriography. These meanings have been attached to flowers throughout the world and passed down from generation.

21 Beautiful Flowers And Their Meanings

1. Baby’s Breath

Source – Gardeningknowhow

These tiny flowers hold such a big meaning. Baby’s breath, as innocent as its name, means ‘pure and eternal love.’ This flower can be given to your partner or your parents to show your undying love for them.

2. Chrysanthemum

Source – Nippon

This flower can be given when confessing your love to your loved one because it means ‘my feelings are sincere for you.’ This will surely prove to be more worthy than just saying that you love your partner.

3. Cosmos

Source – Amazon

The Cosmos flower means ‘I love you deeply’ and can be given to someone you care for deeply. They express your sincere deepest feeling of love and longing.

Another beautiful meaning of this flower is when given on Valentine’s Day; it means ‘walk with me hand in hand.’ So, what are you waiting for? Next Valentines Day, give it to your loved one and walk hand in hand the whole day!

4. Cotton Flower

Source – Etsy

The cotton flower is undoubtedly one of the purest meanings a flower can have. The flower signifies ‘maternal love.’ Mothers play an essential part in our lives and give us their selfless love to see us grow well. We all love and cherish our mothers more than our lives, and giving them this flower will surely make them smile ear to ear. It can also be given to anyone who plays a mother figure in our lives, like our sisters, aunts, grandmothers.

5. Tulip

Source – Pinterest

A tulip is a flower whose meaning depends on the color of the flower. Red tulips mean ‘confession of love.’ This flower can be presented in a bouquet with similar meanings.

White tulips mean ‘lost love,’ ‘forgiveness,’ and ‘broken heart.’ When you are really sorry for something and just saying the word sorry isn’t enough, bring with yourself a bouquet of white tulips to truly ask for forgiveness.

Yellow tulip, the most famous among the tulips, stands for ‘unrequited love.’ This meaning owes its origin to Japanese Floriography in which means ‘one-sided love.’

6. China Pink

Source – Commons Wikimedia

It must be the saddest to receive the China Pink flower from anyone. This flower means ‘rejection,’ and it can be genuinely heartbreaking to receive this flower.

7. Edelweiss

Source – Blogs Transparent

The Edelweiss owes its meaning to the place of its farming. It means ‘courage’ and ‘power.’ The flower grows in high altitudes and extreme weather conditions. To pluck the flower is indeed a courageous task and needs a lot of power to withstand the process. This flower can be given to someone who is starting something new in their life to give them the courage and strength to succeed in their venture.

8. Trumpet Creeper

Source – Gardeningknowhow

The Trumpet Creeper is unique among the flowers because of its meaning. The shape of the flower resembles the trumpet, hence the name Trumpet Creeper. The flower means ‘wait,’ and this is such sincere emotion. Considering how feeble the human mind and emotion can be, waiting for someone and something is indeed challenging and weary. So, if someone receives this flower, that person shall be indeed lucky to have someone wait for them.

9. Anemone

Source – Proflowers

Anemone is another flower that is sad to receive. It means ‘betrayal’ and ‘helpless love.’ If this flower is received, then it could be a foreshadow that betrayal may happen, leading to eventual falling out of the relationship, be it a friendship or love.

10. Butterfly Flower

Source – Victoria Advocate

As beautiful as its name is, the Butterfly flower means ‘charm’ and ‘attraction.’ It can be given to someone to let them know that you find them charming and attractive. The shape of the flower resembles a butterfly. Hence it is named the Butterfly flower.

11. Dahlia

Source – Midwestliving

The cutest flower that can be given to your lover is the Dahlia. The Dahlia means ‘your love makes me happy.’ It makes for a meaningful gift during anniversaries to show that you are genuinely happy being with them and every moment spent together is a blessing.

12. Cherry Blossoms

Source – Realestate.com

Cherry blossoms are famous throughout the world because of their beautiful blooming season at the beginning of spring. The cherry blossoms of Japan are world famous and attract a considerable number of tourists from around the world.

The cherry blossoms represent the renewal of life and rebirth. The cherry blossoms bloom in spring, spring being the season where new branches and leaves grow in a tree after losing everything during the harsh winter.

13. Rose

Source – Indiamart

Rose is the most common flower known by almost everyone among all age groups. The meaning of roses depends and varies based on their color.

Red rose signifies ‘passionate love’ and is seen everywhere in every flower shops.

Pink rose means ‘happiness’ and can be given to anyone you wish happiness in their lives. It can also mean ‘lovers.’

Light pink rose is a rather confession flower meaning ‘only you know how I feel’.

Green rose is often rarely seen but has a deep meaning. The green rose signifies ‘a noble love that exists only in heaven’.

Yellow rose signifies ‘jealousy’.

White rose shows ‘respect’ and ‘purity’ towards the other person.

14. Bindweed Flower

Source – Brittanica

There are times when you don’t realize how attached you have become to a person. It happens over time and is not like “love at first sight.” The Bindweed flower represents this exact feeling, meaning ‘drawn in slowly and deeply.

15. Bridalwreath

Source – Thespruce

The bridal wreath is an uncommon flower. It can be given to someone with whom you have a sour relationship, but the willingness to put in the effort is there, as this flower means ‘I’ll work hard to make it work.’

16. Buckwheat Flower

Source – Guide.cmego

Perfect to be given to your beloved partner, this flower means ‘lover’ and is a special flower among lovers.

17. Christmas Rose

Source – Plantopedia

Christmas is a happy occasion around the world, and the rose also represents love. However, Christmas rose is not a happy flower. Meaning ‘I have nothing to give you,’ receive this flower in return for your confession can be really heartbreaking.

18. Evening Primrose

Source – Troymullens

Evening Primrose can be given to commemorate a memory that you would like to remember forever. The flower means ‘memory’ and is a significant flower in people’s lives.

19. Freesia

Source – Gardendesign

Freesia means ‘new beginning’ and is a beautiful flower to be given to someone who is taking a fresh start in their lives or venturing into a new phase.

20. Marigold

Source – Gardendesign

Marigold is also a common flower, but its meaning depends on its type. Marigold grows well in any place they are planted. They just need sunlight and fresh air to survive.

French Marigold, yellow in colour means ‘happiness that will definitely come’.

African Marigold on the other hand stands for ‘goodbye’.

21. Lavender

Source – Seedsnpots

Lavender is mostly used for its calming and soothing fragrance and is commonly used in our households. The meaning of the flower is also in line with its scent, meaning ‘calmness,’ ‘purity,’ and ‘devotion.’

Wasn’t it fun knowing about the different flowers and their meanings? We hope that when you are confused about what flowers to gift the next time, you will find your answer in no time!

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