20 Basement Design tips to Make a Dark Space Feel Bright

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Basement Design tips to make a Dark Space feel Bright

A remodeled basement adds value to a home, but it can be quite dark as it usually doesn’t have large windows. Luckily, there are easy ways to add some spice to a dark basement. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

20 Basement Design tips to make a Dark space feel Bright

1. White Walls

For an easy way to trick your eyes into making a room look bigger, there’s nothing better than a crisp white painted wall to brighten it up.

2. Glass door

Glossy surfaces make small rooms feel more spacious, so opt for glass doors to separate rooms in your basement apartment, like this gorgeous dark brown framed version. 

3. Bright wooden floors

When it comes to flooring, lighter is better. Bright blond wood goes a long way in making a room feel fresh and bright. 

4. Cut greens

Most basements have narrow windows that are little more than slits, and trees and various greenery growing in front of them block all the natural light you need. So it’s time to break those scissors and cut a little came. 

5. Add plants

Sprinkling a variety of houseplants around your living space will revitalize the space and make it feel bigger and brighter.

6. Use different light sources

A single light bulb in the middle of the ceiling is just depressing. Use different light sources instead. Well-placed pots, table lamps, and table lamps complement each other and illuminate every corner.

 7. Mirror

Mirrors reflect light. It also adds the illusion of windows to the basement, making it feel more spacious. If possible, create a collage of multiple mirrors to add more interest to your wall.

8. Trendy chandeliers and light fixtures

Add a crystal chandelier or decorative light fixture to West’s playful Vancouver home, like the one pictured above. The eye-catching details make it eye-catching and create a sense of space.

9. Shiny floors

A glossy floor is another way to reflect light, especially from ceiling lights. Choose from polished wood, concrete, or tile floors. Warm floors prevent hypothermia in winter. 

10. Colour the light

Brightly colored walls reflect light and make the room appear larger. White is the obvious choice, but bright yellow adds warmth and uplifts the spirit.

11. Choose Monochrome

A monochromatic color scheme, in which the floor and ceiling are the same color as the walls, will open up the space, while too much contrast will make the ceilings appear lower. The effect of space will be even greater if you choose light colors like white or grey. 

12. Accent wall

If a room doesn’t have windows, an accent wall can create light and dimension. Choose colors and patterns that are reflective and airy, like this kid’s bedroom. 

13. Painted brick

Many basements have exposed brick, but the color of the brick can darken the room. Solve the problem by painting the bricks in a lighter color. This way you get brightness without losing texture.

14. Backlit display

Place a large screen with cutouts against the wall and install lights behind it. This creates the illusion of a window or door leading outside, adding another light source and interest to the room.

15. Outdoor shooting

Looking at images of sunny landscapes can trick the brain into thinking that the basement is brighter. Zoom in on your favorite pictures of beautiful little Tuscan towns with beaches, green fields, or sunny squares, and transport yourself to an exotic location every time you enter the basement.

16. Colour Splash

Drive away the darkness with bright splashes of water. You can use furniture, pillows, paintings, vases, lamps, artwork, bouquets, anything. Strong colors like reds, bright blues, and yellows instantly transform a basement into a happy place. 

17. Libraries

Shelves make the basement cozy, but they can also brighten up the room. The trick is to choose books with stains and light colors on the spine rather than old leather-bound books you find in dusty old bookstores. 

18. Chimney

A fireplace adds warmth, but it also adds light. Instead of fiddling with installing a wood fireplace that requires a chimney, get a gas or electric fireplace. 

19. Carpet

Large area rugs help create the illusion of space by tying rooms together. Choose shag ones for texture and warmth, like this stunning basement apartment rug.

 20. Long curtain

Hang dramatic long curtains to simulate large windows and give the illusion of height. Hang it around a small window or be bold enough to have no windows at all.


If you make your basement attractive then read the above article. In this article, we’ll share with you the top 20 Basement design tips to make a dark space feel bright & inviting. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for everyone. Thank you!

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