3 Exciting Activities to do in Shnongpdeng’s

Shnongpdeng is a mesmerizing place located in the Jaintia Hill district near Dawki, in the state of Meghalaya, India. This is a perfect destination for any traverse if you enjoy traveling long distances to beautiful destinations. This place has many attractions as already with some breathtaking views that no one should ever miss. In the present scenario, we all love traveling to those destinations which have the ability to couple us with nature where we can feel the fresh air, listen to its sounds and be amazed by some great views.


when to visit
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October to April is considered the best time to come to Shnongpdeng because in winter, the river water is clear and beryl-tinted.  Also, when water pairs with the weather, it sets a tranquil mood. Visitors can enjoy here any time of the year because nature is full of surprises, it never fails to astonish you.


Now, this is a very important element as we can explore once we reach. So for getting there, you can book a cab from Shillong to Dawki. Later, you can interact with a local as this trick always works; the people will help you out to get the taxi for Shnongpdeng. Most people prefer to go offseason as this is a popular picnic spot so there is no place during the season.


The whole shooting match of Shnongpdeng is amazing. There’s a lot that you can do along with that, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the things that you can do whenever you pay a visit to Shnongpdeng. 


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Get a tent yourself or book one from any camping site online. Here you can enjoy camping near the river bank along with a bonfire and maybe even ask one of your guitarist friends to play some music, just like the movies. The remarkable thing about camping is that you can have it your way; there are no norms, anyone can shake a leg or belt out notes, no stage or mic are required. Everybody gets to interact more with others and participate.


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Brace yourself to enjoy this adventure sport as there are a lot of moments that you can cherish, along with some great experiences which you can share with your loved ones. Bask in the surreal greenery and blissful environment while participating in scuba diving.


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Quite romantic, isn’t it? It’s perfect to take your partner in a boat and recreate any of the famous scenes from a Hollywood movie or even pop up the question. A proposal to remember for years, surely.

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