9 Amazing Fashion Tips For Every Petite!

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8 Amazing Fashion Tips For Every Petite!

Being petite proves a hell of a challenge in keeping up with the crowd—the constant conundrum of fashion tips, judgment, and criticism. People remark on how kiddish and naive petite women look, how they do not look mature enough, and whatnot. All these things make us feel inferior, and confidence gets drained away.

Are you fed up with being tagged as petite or short? Having struggled with it since I am 5’2 and 20 years old, I know exactly how it feels- resenting yourself for not being up to the mark. It is not about how others see you, instead of how you view yourself due to this continuous judgment. You start underestimating yourself till the dislike becomes skin deep. Here you need to understand that fashion is not just about wearing something trendy, but something which makes you look appealing as well as influential. Do not let the illusion of your appearance blemish your potential.

Basic fashion mistakes can make people underestimate your potential in the workplace, college, or school. Here take some magical pixie dust fashion tips for every petite to fix all those fashion mistakes. Let us master the art of illusion in fashion.

Here Are a Few Fashion Tips For Every Petite

1. Understanding the Art of Illusion in Fashion

Understanding the Art of Illusion in Fashion
Image Source- Insider

The optical-illusion in fashion is about making the body look slimmer, taller, and more desirable in the dress; emphasis lies away from the dress’s prize or material and on how it complements your body type. To achieve this, one needs to be careful with how and what one is wearing.

With some simple tips and tricks, you can ace every outfit.

2. Low-waist bottoms to the dumpster!

Low-waist bottoms to the dumpster!
Source- Infinitely Loft

The longer your legs will look, the taller you will appear to people. Avoid low rising bottoms; always go for the high waisted bottom. High waist bottoms will create an illusion of added height. High-waist jeans, skirts, and shorts should be the heart of your wardrobe.

3. NO to Big Bags for Petite!

NO to Big Bags for Petite!
Source- Fashionbarn Shop

Always keep in mind that proportion plays a significant role in fashion. Never carry gigantic bags; they make you like a school kid, instead carry cute side packs, clutches, or saddlebags. Your accessories should complement your body proportion.

4. Tuck it in! 

Tuck it in!
Source- Dorothy Perkins

Tiny drops of water fill the oceans; similarly, little details play a vital role. Tuck your loose shirt in your high waist bottoms, creating an illusion of tall stature. Loose end t-shirt or tops cut off the illusion, making you look short. Bootcut high-waist jeans or flared high-waist jeans go well with a tucked-in t-shirt, making your daily casual more polished.

5. Monochromatic nude 

Always buy monochromatic nude shoes. It creates a visual illusion by blending with your skin tone, making you look taller. It makes your ankles look long and lean, adding emphasis and purpose to your appearance.

6. Crop tops

 Crop tops
Source- Missguided

Cute crop tops with high waist jeans or skirts will create a more polished and chic illusion making you look sexy and confident.

7. Adopt Slim-Fit!

Adopt Slim-Fit!
Source- Macy’s

Make friends with a good tailor and get your clothes fitted according to your body proportion. Your curves and edges are for flaunting. A beautifully tailored dress will do all the work.

8. Haircut 

Source- Outfit Trends

Long hair garners appreciation in our Indian culture, but long hair sometimes cuts that illusion, and you know that proportion matters very well. Short hair is the trend; explore new haircuts go for bob, pixie, or blunt haircuts.

9. Knee-high boots, not really!

Knee-high boots, not really!
Source- Stitch Fix

Everyone loves knee-high boots. They are not only beautiful but also classy; unfortunately, their magic doesn’t work for a petite girl. Instead, it makes your legs look short. Try ankle-length boots for a fancy and trendy look.

Try these fashion tips for every petite and be amazed by how amazing a little illusion can feel!

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