5 Amazing Benefits Of Having a Pet

This post is in memory of a dear furry friend named Dope who is chasing butterflies and biting crap tons of shoes upstairs. RIP little one..

Ain’t nobody gonna find no reason why not to keep pets. Pets however big or small bring life back to the word life. They are the actual mirth for children and adults alike. I personally love animals. Maybe I have a tiny bit of the St. Francis gene (just kidding). But keeping the jokes aside, animals should all be respected and protected at the same time. For those of you who are keen on adopting a pet can take into consideration all these implausible benefits that any pet can give you. Be the pet owner you are destined to be.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Having a Pet

1. Get Some Love

Any new pet will take time to adjust. Of course, you too will take a tad bit of time to get to know your pet’s personality. But once your pet is comfy and feels safe around you, there is this eternal bond of love and friendship that’s totally unbreakable. This bond when you see your pet wag a tail as a yes or popcorn as a sign of happiness is joy something only you will experience as a pet owner.

If you have a pet with fins, wings, tails, or scales, the sheer amount of happiness and love you will receive is indescribable in words. You as a person will reflect all that passion that your pet’s love will fill you up with. According to a study, there are more pets than children, in an American household. 

Moreover, having a pet has the following benefits –

2. Pets Boost Your Mood

Pets are a good way to enhance your mood. Imagine your dog or cat (rarely) running up to you every time you come back home. You forget all your worries and get involved in their activities immediately. They can easily improve your temperament with their lovely play-way methods. Pets are a great cure for mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Research and doctors also suggest pets as a way out to lighten the atmosphere, which in turn will help to heal mentally and emotionally.

3. Partner in Times of Loneliness

Whether or not you live alone has nothing to do with the fact that pets can become your buddies in loneliness. A huge crowd of people around you can’t help the way in which a pet does. I myself talk to my Guinea pigs by sitting around their cage and I know they listen. Not only this, but my semi-pet stray dog Julie also passes as a good listener when I tell her all about my day around her dinner time. If you feel them as a part of your life, literally you can do without a flock of people anytime. Your pet can be your confidante.

4. Pets Erase Stress and Anxiety

Spend some time with your pet and you be needing any other stress buster for sure. Your pet’s playful activities are engrossing enough to make you forget all those immaterial worries. Only a cat owner for example will know the joy a cat gives by jumping on the keyboard when you working all stressed out.

There is Bodhi who is Davida’s Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and has certification for it too. Here she describes how Bodhi gets her as nobody can in times when she needs someone to break her anxiety bubble and feed food to her mental health. 

5. Responsibility at Its Peak

If irresponsible people like me can get a taste of responsibility in the very first week of adopting a week-old turtle, then anybody can become a tad bit more responsible when they house pets. Your pet is your responsibility. If you aren’t available, don’t have the time, or are too involved in your own pet, then it is a humble request to not spoil an animal’s life. Be responsible, be mindful of your pets’ needs and look for anything it is trying to convey through signs. There is a certain responsibility toward every pet. Cater to it and nurture a happy pet.

Other Health Benefits

Besides the above very obvious advantages of keeping a pet, there are some very visible physical health benefits like lower blood pressure. A study at the University of Buffalo concluded that having a dog or a cat as a pet can lower blood pressure.

On the whole, pets have the powerful effect to reduce the owner’s cholesterol level and triglyceride levels too, says the National Center for Infectious Diseases. Ever seen a fish tank in the waiting room at a doctor’s clinic? This has a scientific purpose behind it, as studies show that watching fish swim has a calming and positive effect on the brain and lowers blood pressure. 

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